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  1. I think they mean this one. And I always use my IPad and have no problems with linking.
  2. My friends booked. I have done a Northern TA ( 16 night) that included Iceland and Greenland on another cruise cruise line, and as a solo cruiser, quite a bit less than this one. Of course, the big draw may be this is a RT from a US port (and Greenland). I thought the price was crazy, considering I ,just booked a 14 night TA on a brand new ship for $1500 less. 😳
  3. I will say I have an extension cord in my Cpap bag (non surge protected), that is there for hotel stays prior to cruise, if needed. I have contacted special needs prior and have received a cord from them, but have never had the one in my Cpap bag taken.
  4. Correct. New booking. I lost 3 sailings out of Sydney next year, so making up for some lost points 😉
  5. I’m all booked in my lowly interior, on the Fall TA, but a reminder to those still thinking about booking. You have until Sept 30 to book and get the double points (unless extended again).
  6. No thanks! Over $300 per night in an interior for this solo. I will pass. Will wait and see what the Fall TA looks like. Edit: TA comes in at about $188 per night. That I can handle 😉
  7. I just added a link to an already existing thread about the same subject.
  8. As others have said, food is subjective, and I am no foodie. I will say that RCI has mashed potatoes in their buffet and Carnival does not. Enough said 😂
  9. I get wifi, because I like to stay in touch with kids and grandkids, since sometimes I may be gone for several weeks, and I really like to keep email cleaned up. I don’t spend hours on it, unless I’m listening to an audiobook or watching movie on my IPad, and probably a lot less time than some people spend sitting in the casino.
  10. They only had Early traditional when I booked, and I thought about changing to MTD once onboard, but I heard it doesn’t open until 6:45, and that’s to late for me. I will stick with Early traditional at 5:30, and make sure I have a solo table. Thanks for the info.
  11. Glad you had a great cruise! Question. Did you eat in the MDR for dinner at all? I normally don’t eat in there, being solo, but since Windjammer is closed for dinner I may a few nights. Will they sit me at a table alone? I prefer not to eat with others. I do have Solarium Bistro booked a few nights on my B2B. Can’t wait to get on Ovation. Thanks, Debbie
  12. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I board on Oct. 1, for the last 2 sailings to Alaska. I’m local, so it will be nice not having to fly. Good to know about doing the safety briefing the day before on the app. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Some people got way to serious and did not understand the whole sarcasm of this thread... My 2 cents....you can’t eavesdrop on the multiple conversations you really didn’t want to hear anyway on other balconies, or the balcony guests that play their unwanted music really low so other balcony guests aren’t bothered by it.
  14. Did something change? Everybody keeps calling them boarding times. I thought they were check in times. I know in the past I have had early check ins, but still had to wait a while to board. Maybe it’s different now with less capacity.
  15. I’m normally a Dirty Gin Martini drinker in the evening, so even during the old happy hour, I wasn’t gulping down martini after martini. That would not have been a pretty sight, and as I’ve gotten older, I know my limits. There were occasions, I could possibly do 3, if I was doing a Cosmo or Lemon Drop. The vouchers will work perfect for me, and being a solo, I can take 2 bottles of wine. I’m on a B2B to Alaska in Oct. and I’m not really a day drinker, especially in colder temps. However, I might be up for a spiked coffee drink or Hot Toddy (showing my age).
  16. Sorry, no can do that B2B because it starts and ends in a different US port, with no distant foreign port stop. There are no distant foreign ports on West Coast, so not allowed under PVSA. They can, however, change ships, and then it’s fine. If above was a RT from Vancouver, no problem. But back to original question… The Pacific can be a bit rougher, but not crazy. Normally the first sea day leaving may be cooler, depending on time of year. The Mexican ports are fun, but you won’t get the same crystal blue water like Caribbean. If you have never been, it’s worth trying it once, and see if you like it.
  17. Got it. 5 Pacific Coastal’s it is then…LOL Since I’m on the last Alaska sailing, hopefully they will know by then where she is going. I sure wish they would have done a TP to Singapore.
  18. I was on the Explorer for a Pac Coastal in 2017, and I think they did 3 cruises. I know about the shore power thing, but are ships allowed a certain number of trips, and not fall under those rules?
  19. Maybe you got a different email than I did from Optum, because my email had a Track Your Package bubble to click. I could see the full tracking on it until it reached my door. In fact, I saw it sitting at a FedEx facility about 10 miles away for 4 days (over Labor Day weekend).
  20. Here’s a good board to ask. That way, you will get answers from all cruise lines. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/107-cruise-fashions-amp-beauty/ Personally, a wig in hot/humid weather would drive me crazy. I have curly hair, but it’s short, so manageable.
  21. On most ships, because of lower capacity, you can’t reserve until you are on board. I’m 20 days until I sail and still no documents or luggage tags to print.
  22. Do some RT Pacific Coastal trips and hit Victoria, like they have with other ships, until she can go to Sydney.
  23. For the Ovation on Oct 1 and 8, it’s been sitting at $47 pp a day, plus 18% gratuity, for a while now.
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