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  1. Has anyone heard of Kevin's Classic Transportation? I thought I saw that name somewhere on the boards but can't seem to find it now. We're arriving at Heathrow on July 7th for a cruise leaving the next day. We have been advised to spend the night in Southampton instead of London so I'm trying to find transfer options. Thanks, in advance, for any advice or suggestions.
  2. Thanks so much, Lovetravel63-65, I agree that it's probably better to go straight to Southampton and not have to worry about arriving there the day of the cruise. I have been looking at the hotels that you mentioned so I appreciate your insight on those as well. Thanks, again. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. Perfect. Thanks, again.
  4. Thanks so much. Will look into this bus service. That sounds exactly like what we are looking for.
  5. Thanks is very much. This information will help us in deciding where to stay upon arrival. Is there a specific bus that will take us to Southampton? Where would we catch the bus?
  6. Thanks so very much. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  7. Hello lovetravel63-65,Southampton, I am booked on a cruise next July. Since you live near Southampton, I was wondering if you would provide information that will help me make a few decisions. We will arrive at Heathrow on July 7 around 4 pm for a July 8th cruise out of Southampton. Do you think it best to stay overnight in a hotel near Heathrow or go directly to Southampton and stay overnight there? Are you aware of any transfer companies that will take me from Heathrow to Southampton? Thank you in advance for any information you may provide.
  8. The answer to your question is yes; howver, it might depend on the cruise company. We were in Maputo in Dec. 2019 on Oceania. We paid for the visa through Oceania and they obtained it for us.
  9. Totally agree with DrHemlock and Alaskaca. We've stayed in both B 1 and A 2 cabins and enjoyed each one. Other than location, there's no difference between the B level and A level concierge cabins and verandas. The extra perks are nice but ,to us, not essential. If you're on a long cruise, the laundry is a good perk. Whatever you decide, enjoy your cruise.
  10. We did a cruise on NAUTICA from Dec. 5, 2019 to Jan. 6, 2020 from Dubai to Cape Town. We enjoyed Nautica but we loved Marina because of the variety of specialty restaurants and the beautiful stateroom bathrooms. The Nautical only has two specialty and the food on the Nautica, in general, was not as good as on the Marina.n. Obviously, food is subjective, but this is our opinion. In Richards Bay, we used Wild Routes Safaris and they were great to work with. It was about a 90 minute ride from the ship to the HlueHluewe Game Reserve so we arrived around 11:30 am. We saw 4 of the big 5 plus many more animals. We were perfectly satisfied with our experience on and off the ship.
  11. Hi Ellie, I'm really enjoying every bit of the trip so far. I've never flown on Singapore but it sounds nice. The snacks look good too. Looking forward to Singapore, it's one of my favorite places to visit. Iris
  12. Will be following along. We were on a 12 day leg of the Majestic's maiden voyage (from Dubai to Singapore). We're currently booked on the Majestic for Nov. 28, 2020 (Sydney to Auckland) but I think we're going to cancel and not cruise this year. Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your experience. Have always wanted to go to Fiji.
  13. We took the Princess shuttle and paid $50 USD pp to go from LAX to San Pedro; however, you could save a significant amount of $$$ by taking a UBER, Lyft, a private shuttle service or even a taxi.
  14. The Nautica is a "R" class ship and we were on it prior to it being renovated; however, we found it very comfortable for the 30 days that we sailed her. The Marina's stateroom and bathroom were lovely and larger than on the Nautica (even though we had a concierge level cabin on the NAUTICA)..
  15. We were on the Nautica this past holiday season and Oceania had beautiful decorations throughout the ship. Many Christmas trees, a fabulous gingerbread house and carolers on Christmas day. On NYE there was a wonderful brunch and after the evening show we were given hats and there was a midnight celebration.
  16. Thanks atone, lyndara, and chiliburn. Your responses have provided valuable information. Sounds like the Mantra on Bond is in a good location for the things that we plan to do. Thanks, again, for taking the time to respond.
  17. Hi datone, Thanks for responding. We are staying in Sydney for 2 days prior to our cruise. I was wondering about your overall impression of the hotel, room comfort, general location (near restaurants, walkability or near transportation?). Would you stay there again? Are there other hotels you would recommend? Thank you, in advance, for any information you can provide. Iris
  18. We were on a 30 day Nautica cruise in Dec. and there were 2 nights designated as Red Ginger Nights. It was held in Terrace Cafe on 2 consecutive nights so if you miss it one night you can have it on the next night. We loved Red Ginger on Marina but didn't think much of the offerings on Nautical. That's just my opinion. I'm sure there are those who enjoyed it.
  19. Is anyone familiar with the Mantra Hotel on Bond Street? Any information would be appreciated.
  20. Hello Teacherman and BSR, My husband and I stayed at the Pepper Club this past January. It was not far from the port or the airport and they had a free shuttle that took you to V and A Waterfront. It was one block away from Long Street with many restaurants. it was also a 5 minute walk to the HOHO main office. We loved the hotel and felt very safe walking around in the daytime and early evening. You have to keep in mind that it is a big city so use caution. We did not walk around at night. The hotel staff were friendly, helpful, and very professional.
  21. Hello, Like Ruth, our flight does not leave until 7:30 p.m. (on Dec. 10). We would love to see Auckland. Does anyone know of a tour company that will drop us off at the airport after a 4-5 hr. tour? Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.
  22. We went to Egypt last March (15 days) with Vantage Tours and didn’t get shots for that trip.
  23. I am currently on Oceania Nautica and I’m very disappointed with the food. Unlike the Marina, where we loved the food, now it is hit or miss even in the two speciality restaurants. No seasoning just blah tasting. While food is certainly subjective, this is just my humble opinion.
  24. Terry, based on your experience and recommendation, we have booked a tour with Valentina for our Nautica cruise in Dec. She was very prompt in answering my emails and am looking forward to our tour. Thanks for your beautiful pictures and detailed review of Muscat.
  25. Anna, again, I thank you for sharing your knowledge. I will look into these other suggestions before making final hotel decision.
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