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  1. I booked the free air (for only $99 pp) to Orlando next January. We’ve NEVER flown in day of cruise. Was on a Saturday flight to Ft Lauderdale that was four hours delayed and watched about half the plane miss their cruise! We departed Sunday... But, We’re trying to keep our vacay days to a minimum due to our girls’ short School breaks. I repeatedly asked “what if our flight is delayed and we are late?” And the NCL rep response was “they will wait for you”. “NCL will not leave you if you are using NCL air and transfers”, which you are required to purchase when you purchase free air. Still considering paying the surcharge to come in a day early. They have us connecting through Charlotte to get to Orlando versus a direct flight. Don’t see the times yet. Just don’t want to risk it...
  2. It tends to be more the experience of the MRD that we don't like - feels like banquet dining. Just trying to decide between al la carte dining or purchasing the dining package. Just not sure my girls will order $40 worth off the menu. I guess I need to see the new menu prices! I may be thinking of prices two years ago...
  3. Catchum, you sound like a good time waiting to happen! Attitude tends to make a cruise great and I'm sure you know how to have a good time!! We may try the MRD this time. We've done lunch in Taste and Savor and that was nice - dinner feels like "banquet dinning" to me and I've run events/communications for some very large brands - not my favorite vibe...
  4. Our girls love Mexican and the menu looked like we'd never spend the $160 to cover the cost of the package - definitely a al la carte night! Thanks -
  5. Then definitely give Le Bistro a try! Cannot go wrong with the experience or the meal. Enjoy!!
  6. We're planning our next NCL cruise - it has been a couple of years since we've sailed them. We've only done specialty dining in our prior three cruises - we have young adult daughters who love getting dressed up and going out to dinner with us and specialty dining seems to really make the evening, well, special! We love the smaller venues, better service and have found the food typically very good. But, at $40 PP now, it seems difficult to justify buying a package. My daughters are not big eaters and I just can't see my family of four finding a way to say spend $160 at Los Lobos and of course, Tepanyaki is only $39pp any way - again, no reason to have a dining package. So, I guess we'll use the "free at sea" package then purchase al la carte for the remaining nights. Others making that choice too? Anyone finding value in the dining packages any longer? Thanks!
  7. This was super helpful! Booked today and choose the app plan but wasn't sure what that bought. Thanks!!
  8. Thank you for your reply. Sounds fun!
  9. I just booked with reduced air and took the day of cruise option. That’s scary! They “guarantee” we will make the cruise by using their air and transfers. Hmmm. Hard to control weather, etc. you may have made the better decision!
  10. Hi all, Weve been on a cruise hiatus for a couple years but our college aged girls want to squeeze one in post New Years. Found a nice 5 day out of PC on the Sun and the add on reduced airfare makes the deal pretty spectacular! The pics post dry dock look great. My question is really around nighttime entertainment. We’re a meet for cocktails, speciality dining for dinner family (and that seems to be covered nicely), off to an outside themed deck party - the girls LOVE 80’s night, white hot, Glow, etc. Then it is usually off to Howl at the Moon to close the place down singing along. My daughters will be friends with the entire entertainment staff by day two! Maybe end the night with a chicken wing or two at O’Sheehan’s then very late to bed. Do you know if the Sun has outdoors deck parties? What might compare to Howl? Any piano bar at all? Our last cruise was on a RCL mega ship and we thought evenings were a total bore. Bars all closed by 11 or 12 and dance floors were full of toddlers and young children - at bars... We know we love the Away class ships but we don’t want to do a week long cruise. One daughter reports back early for college sports so her breaks are short and precious. Would appreciate any input from Sun veterans. Thanks CC family!
  11. I’m reading that NCL announced an end date of the Open Bar concept on the Sun this fall. No one at NCL knows of this... using a perk to upgrade to the new Premium Plus package. Not sure what will be by January? Any insight?
  12. If I’m understanding you guys, the initial price was shown lowest PP rate and when I clicked on that I got a cabin rate with taxes, etc? I thought they were apples to apples pricing. Makes more sense now! Thank you.
  13. Working on a post New Years family cruise. Not sure about MSC based on reviews but thought I should at least check out pricing. How’s this for misleading? Search for dates and ports then click on the box that reads “starting at $449pp” for my selected cruise dates and port only to see that interior cabins start actually at $1262? That may be a great price so why offer it in the search results at 1/3 the actual price? I’m not sure I’d sail in a suite for the initial offer if $449 on MSC based on reviews but must admit, the search results are quite misleading.
  14. Cancer is not a result of one’s own actions... talk about “all about ME!” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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