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  1. I’m pretty sure the entire point of the post Was to express displeasure with Carnival for the way they handled the cruise. Of course it was sour grapes! They didn’t book a cruise to Nassau. I’d be disappointed too. That’s human... Sorry OP. Here’s to better cruises ahead!!
  2. We just got back from the Sun. I did a live review with nightly pics of food. Food was great! Surprisingly so given some of the reviews. Had been a couple of years since we cruised NCL and I expected the quality to have fallen off greatly. It defiantly had not!!
  3. Oh my goodness yes! Lots of R and R time! Great food and service. Happy staff. Nice clientele. Totally jealous!!! Enjoy.
  4. Thank you for your review. Very nicely done and informative. We just returned today from our first NCL cruise in few years. The entertainment and spaces to be together seem to fit our family better than the RCCL Mega ships. Different vibe somehow. Glad you didn’t let the things you didn’t enjoy ruin your vacation! Sounds like you have a fun family!
  5. Thanks for your review of the lovely Sun! Just disembarked today. Sitting in the Atlanta airport on the way home. Enjoyed your remarks very much!!
  6. The Silverado is no longer on the list. Well not on the Sun. It was available by the glass but only in dining rooms. No bars.
  7. Just disembarked the Sun today. Bottle service was quite limited and Veuve was not included. Wine was very frustrating because nice wine by the glass was ONLY available in the dining rooms. And good luck trying different wines in the MDR. The wait staff is already stretched too thin. Champagne bar needed to include high end wines!!
  8. Here’s the menu from the Sun. Disembarked today. Did a live review if you are interested including PPBP and dining plan.
  9. That is such a great tip!!! I would have never booked these rooms had I viewed a pic! Thank you. So worth it!!!
  10. and Dessert. You are thinking no way! But we plaited through. You know, for the blog! The girls shared the 7 layer chocolate cake. It is a really moist almost flourless style with ganache frosting. Amazing!! The DH makes excellent creme brûlée and we almost never order it out. We tried it and it too was incredible. Our server also brought a cheesecake. That was our least fav, but really good.
  11. I have to finish Cagney’s review. Hands down the family favorite. I may have voted Le Bisteo but they thought the food and service at Cagney’s were better. For entrees, the three Carnivores has the 8oz filet, each with a different sauce. I had the grilled seafood platter. the seafood Platter was good overall. The grilled fish was inedible. So dry snd tough! But, there was much more. The “crab cake nugget” was outstanding. It was very small but very good. Scallops small and a bit fishy. Jumbo grilled shrimp were excellent! I didn’t eat the calamari. All three thought the
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