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  1. Thanks. Didn't know that. To those on the cruise, thanks for taking us along. Hope it goes smoothly. Enjoy.
  2. Would love to know at what capacity the ship is sailing at? Have a great cruise!
  3. Must be. I also spent time reading through a whole slew of Celebrity emails and couldn't find anything.
  4. Welcome back to the boards. Can't wait for another one of your live reports.
  5. Germancruiser - Thanks for your live report and pictures. Always enjoy them.
  6. Having been on the Edge, and having eaten in the Tuscan on the other X class ships, I can tell you that the Tuscan on the Edge class ships is not the same. Tuscan on The Edge class is the name given to one of the 4 MDR's. Each of the 4 MDR's on the Edge class have what they call "Exclusives" so you will have some starters and entrees that are only offered in that MDR. Click on the link in the prior post and you will see the exclusives to each of the MDR's. If this is your first time on an Edge class ship, my suggestion would be to rotate through the 4 MDR's so you get a chance
  7. Thanks for taking us along and sharing all this great information. Hope you have a wonderful and safe cruise!
  8. The 240 free internet minutes are still there, thankfully! You can apply the 35% discount to a package if you need more minutes.
  9. Same here - 41 points, no social media ones and no booking another cruise (since I have too many that were lift & shifted). Since I keep track on a spreadsheet of cruises, it was easy to figure out.
  10. 3112 is a great cabin. Stayed in 3114 but got to see inside 3112 which has a slightly different entrance and bathroom/closet layout which I thought made it seem even bigger. Love the windows in these cabins and also the location. Very quiet when I stayed in 3114.
  11. I apologize in advance if this has been covered before, but I only started to follow this thread since booking a cruise on the Odyssey. So I am wondering since this is a new build, does anyone know if the medical facilities have been expanded, updated, revised, etc. to include isolation rooms in case of COVID, etc.? I am curious as there are so many new requirements the CDC is putting out there for the ships.
  12. I'm not likely it at all. It took a long time to get to Elite + and now I feel like benefits are being taken away. Usually do not get the beverage package nor unlimited internet, as whatever was included was more than sufficient for me. Also as a single, who usually cruises with a friend, but has cruised solo also, it's not fair to the solo cruiser. The cruises I have booked on Celebrity now have all been lift&shift or booked before All Inclusive came to be, so I'm not sure what I will do in the future. At this point, I don't see booking another cruise till the cruise line
  13. I am in NJ and also in the 1C group for 65 to 75. I just got an email alert that indicated NJ estimates the 1C group to be March/April timeline. Let's see as time progresses if that timeline holds true.
  14. I filled out the form online to have my deposit of my cancelled Empress cruise refunded a day or two after they announced the sale of the Empress and cancellations. It took a few days, but the cruise is no longer showing in my RC account online. The cancellation confirmation form did say 30-45 days for the refund to process.
  15. Mine is still listed, even though I already filled out the form to receive my deposit refunded.
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