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  1. Looking forward to your review. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I'm sure I'll enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying Miaminice's! Have a great cruise.
  2. So, glad you made it onboard. The ship definitely reminds me of Celebrity, both Solstice class and Edge. Have a great time! Looking forward to your review. You always do such a great job and the live report is very much appreciated for us folks in the USA just waiting and wishing we can be onboard with you.
  3. Had an aft balcony on a Panama Canal cruise and it was the best! You will really enjoy it. Having sailed to Alaska and the Baltics and been to Iceland - Yes, the scenery is fantastic. The IV cabin would make it easier to enjoy the views, and not have to be out in the cold. And if you choose to lower the IV window, at least the cabin will stay cooler (the AC shuts off automatically when you lower the window, although I think there is a way to bypass that feature). If I was doing a "cold weather cruise" I might give the IV another try, but not for the Caribbean.
  4. Tried the IV on Edge. It's just not the same as a balcony for many reasons which I'm sure you have read about. I like my balcony and not having a real balcony, I think impacted my satisfaction with the Edge cruise. So, now that I'm booked on the APEX in a Sunset Veranda cabin which has a real balcony. Of course, since I did a Lift & Shift, I'll have to wait till Dec 2021 before I can say how having a real balcony impacts my opinion of the Edge class ships. I think the IV cabin would be much more enjoyable on a cold weather itinerary where you are not wanting to sit and relax in the warm weather on a balcony, and would enjoy more of a sunroom effect - perhaps Alaska, the Baltics or Iceland.
  5. Thanks. I guess I gotta go back and see if I can find my record of how many points I had before the Power Up Points started.
  6. Where and how do you see when the Power Up Points hit your account? Does it has it in your points history? I haven't been able to find any record of the power up points actually be awarded to my account.
  7. Sailing into Hamilton & St George is really nice and just walking off the ship to explore beats the hassle of getting there, so, yes, I'm hoping the Empress stays around. Plus while other cruise lines with small ships have St George & Hamilton on their itineraries, I'd prefer to stay with RC and my Diamond perks!
  8. First cruise was on the original Pacific Princess, aka The Love Boat, round trip from NY to all 3 ports in Bermuda.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I'm really hoping for the Amsterdam to Boston TA on the Brilliance to be back in 2022 as that was my biggest cruise cancellation disappointment on 2020. And thanks to Biker19 for starting this thread.
  10. Glad to see the transporter working again. Thanks for the great virtual zipline ride, especially since I don't have the courage to do it for real.😀
  11. Oh no! Have a Bermuda cruise booked on her for June 2021 and was really looking forward to sailing into the smaller ports again. Wonder what will happen as they can't just substitute another ship as they are too big to get into Hamilton and St George. Time will tell.
  12. After trying the infinite balcony on Edge, and then seeing your great pics of the Sunset, we decided to go with the Sunset Veranda on the APEX. Of course, at this point, we lift&shifted to Dec 2021 as I do not see cruising resuming in 2020, nor do I want to be a cruise guinea pig this December.
  13. I'm Elite Plus and just completed the survey offer. But I'm far away from Zenith, so I doubt I will get there in my cruising lifetime! Maybe that's why I got it.😀
  14. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering if someone else was going to do a study on Blood Type, after the early on Chinese study.
  15. Would have liked to read the article but unfortunately, the link brings me to a page which seems to be subscription only, and I can't get past that even if I look up the article from the Miami Herald home page. Well I found a link on which was posted on FB. So I could read the article
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