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  1. I'm sure I saw it then, as I usually watch all the daily updates. My doctor passed away about a month ago from COVID. He was only 67. That really hit home.
  2. Can you please update your profile and list your state in it. I keep forgetting also. South Carolina is among one of those 14 states seeing increase in cases though per the news yesterday. So, don't go crazy with all your "new" activities. Still going very slowly here in NJ with re-opening.
  3. The governor in NJ just finished his daily briefing...I'll let the following graphs speak for themselves.
  4. I'll be in the same situation as I moved a cruise to a June 2021 Empress sailing. If that is the case, I'm sure it will be handled in a similar manner as other cancelled sailings have been in the past. However, while many feel the Empress may be one of the first to go, I hope not. This ship has a smaller passenger capacity which might make it more attractive to ports that may try to limit tourist capacity going forward. The ship can also get into the smaller ports in Bermuda, and depending on what happens with the election in November, perhaps cruises to Cuba will be back and Empress will resume those itineraries. It may also be easier to Royal to clean and sanitize, since it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the mega ships. At this point, I'd prefer to be on a smaller ship, rather than one with 5000 guests. Guess we will all have to wait and see what happens in the coming months.
  5. Some parks and golf courses in NJ will open at limited capacity, with monitoring and with social distancing in force. Not all will open. The beach town boardwalks are closed because if they open, people from all over will pack the boardwalks. It's going to take a long time for NJ to open. The numbers in my county continue to grow. NJ as a whole now stands at over 116,000 and almost 7,000 deaths.
  6. Still waiting for a FCC for a March Anthem cruise too. I was told to give it another 1-2 weeks. That was this past week when my TA checked with RC about it. Trying to be patient too.
  7. In NJ, the further north towards NYC you are the worse it is. Here is the NJ website I follow each day of the cases separated by county. It will give anyone interested, a look at where the most cases in NJ are. https://covid19.nj.gov/#live-updates I am in Central NJ, but it has hit home as I personally know people with the virus, including my primary care doctor in the ICU, and my lawn guy (you can imagine what my lawn looks like without mowing). I also had an uncle, in his 90's and in an assisted living facility, pass away that tested positive.
  8. I just spent two hours on the phone with Air Canada. Had a return flight home from Montreal to EWR at the end of May. I was able to get about a 50% refund to my credit card. Not really sure why only 50% but it had something to do with the fees. My other choice was to take the voucher as someone else mentioned above to be used within 24 months. See, I don't foresee using that, I took the refund. At least it wasn't an expensive flight, and the partial refund is better than nothing.
  9. Here is the post from RC. They have cancelled all cruises through May 11, and Canada/NE till July 1. Hoping HAL follows soon as I have a Canada/NE booked for May.
  10. Yep, Love my Sleep Number. Actually mine is quite old and still going strong.
  11. Looking forward to your review. When I saw your posted pic from a couple of years ago, I remembered reading your reviews. It was helpful putting the name to the face, so to speak. Glad you are home and healthy. The Silhouette is my favorite S class ship.
  12. They must be reaching out to everyone. I have done 35 cruises, but only 3 with Princess, and the last one was 10 years ago adn still got the email.
  13. May be it's time to avoid the airport and rent a car and do a cross country trip back to California. Then, we can all follow your adventure along, since we won't have any live threads to follow for a while now.😀
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