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  1. Just like any other Hertz, a line with no agent in sight? Go figure? lol
  2. No problem your welcome glad you enjoyed it. Brings back good memories.
  3. I know you changed lines but when went the priced lowered alot closer to the sail date and was a no brainer to take this cruise. So you never know the RCCL cruise price might come way down. Maybe book both cruiselines refundable and see where prices go before deciding. Well anyway here is my wife and I review when we went. Not sure but some things in it might give you some ideas for your cruise. We went west to east though. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=7522 It is still one of our most favorite cruises ever. Would still like to go through the Panal Canal again in the future. Jimbo😁
  4. Why not drive to Bayonne, NJ and go on Anthem of the Seas
  5. I would assume the guy in the blue shirt is from the Port of Miami which came aboard as you enter the Miami area?
  6. Contact this company with date and times you are in St. Thomas and see if it's doable................Allow time to get from your ship to Red Hook for the pickup and time for returning from Red Hook back your ship for sail-away. http://www.foxyscharters.com/water-taxi/ ..
  7. I think it can be done, but I really don't think you would have enough time, what are your port times in St. Thomas https://www.bestofbvi.com/info/bviferry_stt_jost.htm ..
  8. Can the OP cancel the original booking and rebook for 2, if second person doesn't go, just show up at pier as a no-show...........was original booking non-refundable or refundable? Call whoever you booked through and let them give you your best options?
  9. Since you are going to be on the ship for 21 days, not so sure I would book a cabin so far forward. The ship can really feel the rough seas if you sail into to some really bad weather, I think you would be much better off not chancing it and book something more toward the latter part of mid toward the aft.
  10. Have never sailed Crystal, or Cunard, aren't those lines many steps above RCCL? Food , Service etc. ?
  11. Jimbo

    hubbard glacier

    Is there a way to know what ships are scheduled for Hubbard Glacier each day? is there schedule listed somewhere? Trying to see whether or not we have a 50/50 chance or 100% chance of taking the tour. We already booked for August 2020. at a lower price then what they are charging now on RCCL.
  12. His camera and attachments(lens, etc.) cost ALOT of money. He isn't using a 2 or $300 camera like you or I might buy.
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