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  1. Norweigian and Princess have some intineraies out already for 2023
  2. I think that portion of the front of the ship is ALWAYS CLOSED OFF(Safety Concerns) because of copycats trying to take pictures and not wanting to see an accident.
  3. I think the 1800 drones forming the earth though stole the show above the stadium in the dark night with all the lights on the drones. Amazing on how they can do that.
  4. Joseph2017China the post before yours says the test can be for travel, don't need to lie about what state you are from.
  5. Cruise Directors are shifted around, no telling right now who the cruise director will be 11 months from now.
  6. Chef's Table usually done in the Dining Room? or is it done in one of the Speciality Restaurant's? Are you sitting with just your party or with other passengers you don't know?
  7. I thought the house you bought was in Florida but when I saw that snow picture I got super confused !! Thanks for clearing that up.
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