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  1. Here is a DIY pre Land tour we were going to do this July, followed by boarding Radiance of the Seas in Seward. This will give you an idea what can be done time wise and how far things are in miles apart. This would be by flying into Anchorage on Friday night one week before cruise start date and flying home from Vancouver or Seattle after cruise. Always best to do land tour first before cruise. So you can relax on the cruises and makes for an easier shorter flight home. Friday Night.... Girdwood. AK (Alyeska Resort-1 night) (Wildlife Conservation Center, Williwaw viewing platforms) Saturday Night.. Palmer, AK ( Half Day Knik Glacier Tour) (Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge - 1 night) Sunday Night.. Denali National Park (Denali Park Hotel - 2 nights) Monday Night.. Denali National Park (Kantishna Air Taxi Excursion) (Fly-in at 12 noon from Denali Entrance to Kantishna and then Bus back from Mile 92 to Denali Park Entrance) Air and Bus tickets all included. Tuesday Night... Anchorage, AK (Anchorage Grand Hotel 1-night ) Wednesday Night.. Seward, AK (Train from Anchorage to Seward) (Shuttle to Exit Glacier. Visit the SeaLife Center) (Breeze Inn Motel - 2 nights) Thursday Night...Seward, AK (6-Hour-Major Marines Kenai Fjords) Friday Night (Radiance of the Seas) Rental Car from ANC airport, Pick-up..... Friday Afternoon 3pm.--------- Drop off Tuesday Night 7pm Timewise and mileswise I think this is just about what we are looking at besides adding additional time to the below times for stops. Friday Day 1 Anchorage Airport to Alyeska Resort,Girdwood, AK (41 miles 1 hour) Saturday Day 2 Girdwood, AK to Knit Glacier Tours, Palmer, Ak (88 miles 1 hour 45 minutes) Palmer, AK to Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, Trapper Creek, AK (121 miles 2 hours 15 minutes) Sunday Day 3 Trapper Creek , AK to Denali Park Hotel, Healy, AK (115 miles 1 hour and 55 minutes) Monday Day 4 Denali Park Hotel to Denali Vistors Center (11 miles 15 minutes) Tuesday Day 5 Denali Park Hotel to Anchorage ( 250 miles 4 hours 30 minutes) Turn Rental Car back in at Anchorage Airport at 7pm Wednesday Day 6 Anchorage Train to Seward, AK ( ? miles 4 hours) Edited January 16 by Jimbo Quote
  2. No issue at all we picked up a car in Vancouver and drove across border to Portland, Oregon and flew home from there after our our Alaska Cruise. Spent 5 days in the Portland area post cruise.
  3. I got decks mixed up, it's the one corner cabin on deck 7 that seems you can only book with 3 or 4 people? Cabin 7652, Is that correct? I believe it's a 3B, while the other corner is a 4B , is that correct?
  4. Any idea what category you booked?Think I just found out , It's a J3 How much different to the Corner aft balconies on deck 7 and 8? Can you really see a difference in Balcony size?
  5. Are the corner afts on deck 8 , J3's or J4's? Can the corners only be booked with 3 or 4 passengers, not 2 / If they can be booked by 2 persons, what category do you ask for?
  6. So my agent got nothing then........ I moved a September 2020 sailing to a March 2022 sailing. The September sailing was not canceled by RCCL, I just moved because we knew we didn't want to take a sailing from Bayonne, NJ that soon, even if the chances it wouldn't never happen anyway, just didn't want to chance it.
  7. Wasn't an actual ship.....but it was from on a cruise forum...........Not this one though. We lived 2 states away from each other, so it was alot of traveling back and forth to each other's houses, weekend's and such. Honeymoon on Freedom of the Seas back in 2006 , Engaged on Carnival Ship Triumph
  8. 5 weeks ago that move would have cost you $100 per person change fee. and you keep same reservation when you make a move like that..........now if you did it last week, they were waiving that change fee, thus is why your $500 deposit went to a FCC, which I understand that can't be used as a deposit on any cruise. Can only be used toward the final pay off total of a cruise you book.
  9. okay, that sounds better, you had me worried there..... 12 months from issue date sounds more like it
  10. Well that's a problem then, what if I was to pay the final payment and cancel 48 hours before the September 23rd, 2021 sailing............surely the FCC has to be longer then December 2021? If not instead of losing $500 deposit, would be best to pay to pay the $200 change fee and move it to a 2022 sailing right?
  11. If someone would receive a FCC in July of 2021, would it be good until Dec, 30, 2022 ?
  12. I have never had a FCC before ever. That's why I'm asking all these dumb questions.
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