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  1. Complait department is 1-800-Cruise-Critic............... that 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee. Maybe !!
  2. Been on Cruise Critic over 20 years and I have NEVER reported any posts to the hosts. So it wasn't me.
  3. If I ever Captained a boat like that I would probably end up like the movie "Adrift" 😞
  4. That's crazy, now I hear he is doing something with traveling around in Rv's. Life is tough, guess he needed a second job.
  5. Watched a few shows of Below Deck, lot's of bitching and crying, Think I rather be the Captain on Sailing Doodles on Youtube. Looks like a dream job. 🙂
  6. Same here, went from Explorer to Harmony to Allure and now to Wonder..........After all this getting less excited about going to Europe after all this. Who really knows what a year from now will look like. Getting less excited about cruising as every day goes by. Doesn't even matter anymore what a great price we got. Cruising just doesn't seem to get us super excited like it used too. Shouldn't be this hard to spend thousands and thousands of dollars...............
  7. Last week's project was putting up this swing on the front porch. Just had to have a swing because we have the chairs on the other end of the front porch.
  8. Wow, Customer Service at it's finest. Kind of left you with a bad taste in your mouth huh? We are all just a number, doesn't matter one bit how much money you have spent prior does it?
  9. When I search the show, what season and what number show should I be looking for? I have only watched the show a few times.
  10. @Sunshine3601 You were right one thing led to another. Put this together in the last couple of days. Supplies bought at Lowes.
  11. Got to love it...........NOT !! My date from Rome, September 22nd and September 29th not even showing up on Royal's web site currently.
  12. Just as I predicted last night, all suites are sold out and not for sale. I have another question , why is there a gap between September 15th and October 6th for sailings from Rome in 2022.........................That is when my sailing on Allure was, September 22nd? Now what is going on?
  13. Oh Yeah, what a tangled web we weave............... People with B2B's are screwed..........$$$$ usually trumps everything !!! Moving people to the new ship isn't going to be easy.... Almost thinking when booking start tonight, nothing higher then JS's will be available to book until all the switches are made from Allure to Wonder for the higher suites.
  14. To put those suite cabins on hold does the agency have to put down a non refundable deposit to hold them?
  15. Will a Spacious Aqua Theater Suite 1 Bedroom and Star Loft Suite trump us?
  16. Actually each ship has 10.,,,,,,,,,,,,Where we might lose it is some of those higher suites that they don't have like suite on Wonder, they may give them some of the owners suites to make them happy. Time will tell how they handle it.
  17. So pretty much anyone who under paid for their cabin and got a great price will hear soon after October 13th, sorry no like cabin to move you too, because they sold all those like cabins for a higher price between September 22nd and October 13th.......................So we all are going to be SOL ! Only option going to be offered :Full Refund
  18. Are there any other cabins in the same category available, if so call Royal or your travel agent and have them switch you to the new cabin.
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