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  1. When I booked the excursions for our May 2020 cruise out of Athens, Princess applied all our onboard credit to the total cost of the excursions and then charge my credit card for the balance.
  2. Only Mini Suite with covered decks are on the Emerald deck. All Minis on Dolphin are uncovered.
  3. No experience with to be assigned. This is the first time without getting an assigned cabin when making the original reservation.
  4. Sky night, thank you for your response. I was a little worried but your explanation makes prefect sense.
  5. As stated above, yes the doors can be opened. Mini on Emerald Deck is always our first choice. Have been on Caribbean Princess about 10 times with another couple in the cabin next to us. Always had the cabin stewards open the door between our cabins.
  6. Several months ago I booked a cruise for May 2020. Wanted a Mini Suite. None available at that time so I had to select “Stateroom to be assigned”. I noticed earlier today the the cruise is listed as Sold Out. What happens now with me not having an assigned stateroom?
  7. Anyone worried about the Caribbean Princess going into dry dock as scheduled after the accident at the docks. We docked at Ft. Lauderdale on schedule this morning and on the dock are 2 large cranes and hundreds of skids of materials to go on the ship for the work to be preformed. The ship will leave this afternoon as originally scheduled.
  8. Currently on the Caribbean Princess and the 1st round of the Masters is showing on ESPN2. Don’t know about Sunday but the last 2 rounds of the NCAA Basketball were show on live tv.
  9. I got some bad news for the Coke Zero lovers. I got some bad information yesterday. After trying to find out if Coke Zero was in cans or fountain, 2 different bartenders told me this morning that they DO NO carry Coke Zero, only Diet Coke. Sorry for the bad information yesterday.
  10. Floridacruiser14, according to the waiter I spoke to tonight at dinner, Coke Zero is available with the beverage package.
  11. AF-1, best meal was the surf and turf. Filet and shrimp. Steak was very good, shrimp was ok. Going to Planks tonight for the BBQ. Medallion is ok. My iPad keeps loosing WiFi connection. Ocean Now does not work all over the ship and Ocean Compass can not always find my wife. Internet is a lot faster than in the past. I upgraded from my free 150 to unlimited access for $35. Don’t have to worry about signing off.
  12. This is our 9th cruise on the Caribbean Princess. We still love her today as much as we did on our first cruise. Everyone has a different opinion regarding the food. We have found it to be very good, in the buffet and main dining room. Is it as good as 10 years ago? No, but it is still pretty good to us. Have had great service from both the room steward and the wait staff in the main dining room.
  13. Yes, both games on Saturday were on the inroom TV. Last night’s championship game was also on the inroom TV and was also shown on the outside screen used for Movies under the Stars.
  14. Mapu, show times so far have been 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm.
  15. Cool Cruiser, here are the activities for ages 8-12 and 13-17.
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