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  1. Anyone have an idea which ships will be based in Puerto Rico for the Southern Caribbean sailings (Freedom/Enchantment again???} and likewise which ship will be sailing the southern Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale. for Dec/Jan sailings
  2. I always use Coastal at the port never had a problem with them. if you book online ahead of time you may need to pay a small deposit.
  3. I would say its about a 25 minute walk to the heart of the town centre, a lot of people share taxis.
  4. Every time I have been to Barbados there has been shuttles provided from ship to the terminal only.
  5. Always pay on line never had any issues, email with new invoice is sent immediately.
  6. Looking forward to following your review will be sailing on her in January.
  7. Its simple I'm not flying half way round the world to go on just a 7 night cruise my, next B2B = 19 nights now that's a decent break :D
  8. I have flown direct with Norwegian Air from Gatwick once not sure if they are still flying that route. All other times I have flown to Miami and then on to PR with American Airlines. As others have stated all you need is an Esta to enter the US.
  9. I was able to checkin using the Royal App when I was having problems with their actual website.
  10. Hi it works fine from my iPad have you updated to iOS 12.0
  11. Wouldn’t skip any of those islands each are beautiful with their own unique charm Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. I always get off at every port and where possible I rent a vehicle and go exploring, the few hours spent at many of these ports in my view will never be enough when finding new things to experience. I cruise for the destinations and the ship for me is just a hotel room at sea.
  13. I have 9256 and 1104 booked on Serenade B2B in January, although I booked last year July I still couldn't get the same cabins but I definitely wont complain about these 2
  14. I will always try and book an Aft, all of my current booked cruises are in Aft cabins I have to agree with a previous poster that when doing the Panama Canal Aft is definitely the way to go, when I did it back in 2014 on Legend of the Seas the views and experience was just an amazing experience.
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