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  1. We use about 3 tea bags to make hot tea then pour over ice. So much better. So so happy to hear the coffee is no longer that swill we always got! Wonder if it is just the Sky or fleet wide?
  2. Thank you!! Just ordered my first pair Thanks for the discount code, hope it benefits you as well. Excited to try these for the first time.
  3. That's usually the case. Happened on our Alaskan cruise aboard the Star last year. The captain said as much and Princess did an excellent job keeping it contained. Wash wash wash!
  4. If you are Elite, you get the same toiletries as suites no matter what cabin you are in.
  5. Same here! Gets me more excited, plus I probably forget half of what I read by the time I go!. DH prefers to be in the dark!! Opposites really do attract, lol
  6. It is no longer the Horizon Court. Ii is now the Marketplace or something like that. It is on deck 16, aft
  7. I am unable to enter anything because as soon s I enter my login info, the app shuts down! Every single time. Did all the things to get my phone up to date, and still the app is shutting down. Have done a medallion 3 times already and not one issue till now. Help!!!! lol
  8. I was told that there are partial covering of the aft balcony cabins on the Dolphin and Baja decks. ( 9 and 11 ), and 10, 12, an d 14 were totally exposed. Not sure if that pertains to the suites as well or if it is even true, (looks like it is true), but we booked an aft balcony on Dolphin deck for that reason!
  9. Thanks everyone. Especially for the pictures! Booked Dolphin deck and I think we will be happy with that!
  10. Can someone tell me if the aft balconies on the new Sky, which I am thinking is the same as the Regal, are at least partially covered? I read that the Marin and Riviera (15 and 14) are totally exposed but the lower ones are partially covered. Hoping someone can answer this before my final payment is due! I do realize no one has sailed the Sky yet, but .... TIA, susan
  11. Caribbean Princess is one of our favorite ships! Our last 3 cruises were on her and we loved each one. It will feel Chrismasy as they really do a wonderful job decorating. All that I know has already been answered above, but personally speaking, I am sure you will have a great cruise! Enjoy😎
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