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  1. Don't know if this is considered an excursion, but I cancelled Dragon's Breath on Labadee at the very last minute. I even had all the gear on, ready to go, got a full refund.
  2. We generally like the buffet but my Wife and I stay out of it, now. Got sick (literally) and tired of watching sick passengers cough and sneeze all over everything, and in their hands, and then touch all of the serving spoons. If you get sick on a cruise, that's where it comes from, the buffet.
  3. I'm just letting everyone know what our experience has been. We've never had a "cooler" in our cabin, they've all been refrigerators. They've always kept our water ice cold. In fact, they've kept our drinks as cold or colder than our refrigerator in our kitchen, at home. Also, we've only cruised in OVB staterooms, maybe that makes a difference, I don't know.
  4. I keep hearing this and it has not been our experience with 11 cruises with RCI. I've been on Viking Serenade, Monarch, Majesty, Navigator, Voyager, Adventure, Oasis and Allure. All of them (don't remember Viking Serenade, it was too long ago) had actual working refrigerators. They kept our bottled water ice cold, not just "cool". I'll be bringing a thermometer on our next cruise to document.
  5. Keep in mind, as long as you let your head waiter know ahead of time, like the night before, you can request almost anything, without limits, and they'll accommodate you. Remember, I said "almost".
  6. Wild Turkey is a mixing bourbon, I would not drink it neat.
  7. They had it on Harmony when we were on it last. I never saw it displayed, though, I had to ask for it. With the drink package they poured me like a half a finger. 🙄
  8. The reason blends were invented is not interesting to me. All I know is I like blends better. For obvious reasons, their flavor profile is much more complex than single malts. Also, generally speaking, JW Black is the gold standard to which almost all blends are compared. It’s blend is also based on Talisker, an excellent single malt. It’s also a great value. Its funny because a lot of my whisk/e/y tasting has been on a cruise. I also drink my bourbon and scotch, neat, but for some odd reason, I drink Crown Royal and Jameson, on the rocks. I started out drinking bourbon, and for the longest time I searched for my favorite. Then someone turned me on to scotch. I asked myself why I was looking for a good bourbon when scotch literally turned me around. I still drink bourbon, and I do have my favorites. bulleit is one of my favorites. I also like Knob Creek and Woodford Reserve. I’ve also discovered a great inexpensive bourbon that compare favorably with Knob Creek; Evan Williams. I always have scotch on hand, not always bourbon. I don’t buy single malts, because like I said, they’re a horrible value and i’ve Yet to find what all the fuss is about.
  9. Thank you, yes, I've had Double Black several times and although I like the peatiness of it, it leaves me with dry mouth, something fierce. I like a somewhat peaty scotch but I also prefer the blends because, well, blends are better. 🙂 I'm not big on single malts simply because I think blends are better, at least that's been my experience. I've had a lot of of single malts and I just don't get the excitement. Maybe that's what they mean by "single malt snob", LOL. Shiva's is not bad but the 12 year is way more than JWB, which I think is better, anyway.
  10. I'm a big JW fan, always loved their blends. I'm not a fan of Shiva's, Dewer's or J&B but I'm always on the lookout for some good scotch. Not too much into single malts, only one I really liked was Balvenie 12 year Doublewood. I like JW Black because of its price point, and to me, and many others, it's a very fine scotch. Can you recommends some blends I might try that you think are better than JW? I'd be willing to try them.
  11. JW Blue doesn't have an age statement. The only thing Diageo will tell you about the scotch is that it contains over 20 rare single malts in its blend. There is a rumor floating around that it's youngest spirit is 28 years aged.
  12. That's because folks living in trailers are cruising, now. 😁
  13. Yea, if you just sit and watch, take a look at how many (sick) people are coughing and sneezing right into their hand and then grabbing the serving spoons. The most vile, bacteria ridden spot on the entire ship is right there on the handle of that serving spoon. We don't go into the Windjammer, anymore.
  14. I love her Majesty. I don't know why but her sister ship, Monarch of the Seas, remains one of the most memorable ships I've ever been on.
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