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  1. Have an $18 packaged booked for Oct, 2020. Not looking good.
  2. To all service members out there, men and women, past and present. Thank you! I can't say it loud enough, or proud enough. THANK YOU!! Our nation's flag flies high and proud because of you. If I haven't said it already, thank you.
  3. My best memory was our cruise on Monarch of the Seas. I don't even know why, really. It was just a special ship, our most memorable cruise. Things were just done right, back then. The windjammer had this magnificent waterfall from that deck to the deck below, it was amazing. I also loved the alfresco Windjammer dining. I'll never forget that cruise, or that ship.
  4. Generous, yes, but I wouldn't go as far as saying "unprecedented". Lift and Shift could be better. It's disappointing that you lose all your pre-cruise purchases and then have to repurchase them at prevailing rates. "Lift and Shift" should bring those purchases with you. I was lucky enough to get in on the $18 drink package, but if I lift and shifted my cruise, I lose that benefit. I know, wa wa, poor me. But all your pre-cruise purchases should be lifted, as well.
  5. Wow!! I mean WOW!!. I cant tell you how many times I've checked cruise prices since turning 55, probably in the thousands. I always click on "senior", "state of residence" and enter my C&A number. I've never, ever seen a senior discount. This is all I get.
  6. Source of the interview, please, or he never said it. Seriously, though, anybody can say anything they want on the internet and people just run with it. I'm sorry, but if it comes from the internet, I have to see ironclad proof, or it's just nonsense.
  7. Don't panic when you board and see long lines at the specialty restaurants. You can make all your reservations for any specialty restaurant, virtually anywhere on the ship. 1. Pick up any phone on the ship and press customer service. 2. Main dining room podium. 3. Any specialty restaurant. 4. Customer service desk. 5. If you are Diamond, the DLC can book your reservations. 6. The specialty restaurant podium in the promenade. 7. Heck, I think even a bartender at any bar can make your reservations. 8. This might be a stretch, but I think even your room ste
  8. If I were to think of a non-essential business, I couldn't think of anything more non-essential than cruising. That's why my answer is a resounding "no".
  9. Don't know where you get your info but corporate America pays more taxes than you could possibly imagine.
  10. There will be no criminal trial, he already plead guilty to a lesser charge and will serve no time. The criminal aspect of this case is behind him now.
  11. I agree. We're sailing in Oct, 2020, and we're not expecting a full ship.
  12. Too funny. July 4th isn't "never", now, is it?
  13. No argument, there! By all means, action must be taken. But that's not what were discussing, is it? You made a prediction based on what has happened in the past. A fools game. "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future" -Yogi Berra
  14. Trying to predict the future based on previous events is a fools game. The past is not prologue, you would still need a crystal ball.
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