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  1. The 8pm update looks like All FL ports are in danger now.... no?
  2. When do you think the cruise lines will make calls on cruises scheduled to leave south Florida this weekend? I’m worried I won’t even be able to fly there if I wanted to.... and if my cruise is getting cancelled, I’d like to go book another cruise leaving elsewhere cause I realllllllly need a cruise next week, lol.
  3. Im supposed to leave Miami on Sept 1... I don’t really care if they change our ports but I’m a little concerned we might not even be able to get on the ship.... if the cruise gets cancelled, when do you foresee the cruise lines making announcements?
  4. Im Sept 1 on Breakaway... so if yours was just ticketed a week ago, I probably have another week or two...
  5. I had mine... never had any flight info on it though.... then they disappeared. I called NCL and they said I should have never had them and they’ll be back when my flights are ticked which should be 40-45 days out for the cruise.
  6. How did it go? I’ve been nervous about being near Splash Academy but my TA said not to worry... we have a connecting room and I personally wouldn’t hesitate to go tell some parents their kids are being too loud next door... but what about the hallways?
  7. Good to know. Basic Economy sometimes means you can’t bring a bag on board without paying and also get less airline points. Glad it’s Economy instead.
  8. What all do you get exactly if you do the thermal spa pass or a spa room? Just access to the spa pool and loungers by it?
  9. I’m wondering this too... I havent seen it, but are they all booked?
  10. Thanks so much for your review! Any chance you saved the Dailies?
  11. My TA told me the shortest he’s seen is 3-weeks. So, we knew what we were getting into when we took this deal... that we’d find out our flights at the last minute.... but NCL says 40-45 days...
  12. I don’t think this show is only for old people.... just adults. Personally, as a couple in our 30s, I’m ok with this. Kids can go do the kids stuff and parents can go enjoy this. Having some night time escapes for parents is great imho.
  13. Did the prices only go up in Carney’s and Le Bistro, or the other restaurants too?
  14. I'm 66 days out.... I really hope the flights don't totally stink... we certainly took a risk in doing this instead of just booking our own flights...
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