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  1. Thanks for the review. We will sail on the Summit in Nov. Did Celebrity do Covid testing prior to disembarkation? Thank you.
  2. I just finished the check in for my 11/3 Summit sailing. The only boarding time slot available was 3-3:30. I was concerned if that was too close to the 4pm sailing away time. I saw this post and now wonder if there is an issue with the Celebrity website.
  3. We will have a specialty dining package on our Nov NCL Escape cruise. We have never had a dining package before and would like to know how it work at an a la carte specialty restaurant. Are you allow to select one appetizer, an entree and a dessert or is there a maximum dollar amount you could spend for the meal? Thanks.
  4. So court time has to be reserved? Where do you go to make reservation?
  5. Has anyone played Pickleball on the tennis court on the Summit?
  6. Thank you very much. Very helpful.
  7. Thank you very much. This is so helpful. Is there space to store our luggage (carry on size) on the train? I assume the "Advance" tickets can be purchased online.
  8. Thank you for the clarification. So glad it was only a rumor
  9. It would be interesting to see what the difference represents? Januarysent - did you purchase the drink package rather than receiving it as a perk? I believe gratuities are charged for a purchased package.
  10. I read somewhere that Celebrity will start charging gratuities on a drink package received as a perk for bookings after Sept 1. Does everyone have any information on this? We just came back from an Equinox sailing and gratuities were not charged for our drink package perk.
  11. Great information!! Will do research on the ports and then back on this board for more questions
  12. Thank you everyone. DH does not want to repack for the second leg. We are considering the Millennium from Vancouver to Seward and then back to Vancouver.
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