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  1. Ho Dodgerdoug, although we live in France, we are not French. I am English and my husband is Canadian. I have basic French but my husband doesn't speak it much at all so, there's not much chance of us speaking anything but English! I'm looking forward to actually understanding what's going on around me for a change! I hope we get to meet you on board, we are in suite 807. I'm off to check out the roll call. Bon soir.
  2. What a performance! We live in France and after having 4 Regent cruises cancelled we were determined to book something! So, as I wanted to be away over Christmas we booked the December 20 cruise out of Miami. I must admit that at the time, the ban on EU / Brits entering the States escaped me but I got more worried as time passed. As the time to pay drew closer I chickened out and yesterday morning I cancelled the cruise - just a few hours later the ban was lifted. I could have spit feathers! So, this afternoon I spoke to the long-suffering agent at Regent and rebooked it. Fingers crossed there are no more pit-falls.
  3. We are considering doing a part of the 2022 WC from Cape Town to Singapore and we have a hold on a suite. However, I just now checked the requirements for an Indian visa and discovered that at the moment ,visitors to India are not allowed and they don't know when this will change. They said we can apply for a visa online now but they can't say how long it will be before India allows tourists again. I've asked to be informed when this changes but for now, we cannot book this cruise.😥
  4. We may be allowed on the ship but will we be allowed into the USA!
  5. We are Brits living in France. We're booked on the Explorer cruise out of Miami on December 20. Like you I hope that we are allowed into the USA but today I have read that the States have not yet approved the AZ vaccine so may not accept travellers who have had it. That will be bad news for me although my OH had the Pfizer vacc.
  6. Thank you for your replies. We decided to take the Explorer cruise largely because I really want to be cruising over Christmas and New Year but we will be sailing on Navigator in November 2022 so after reading your comments, I will look forward to being on board.
  7. We have an option on a 30 day Navigator cruise. I have read various reviews about Navigator from which I gather she is old and has fewer amenities - restaurants etc. We also have an alternative option on Explorer but for a much shorter cruise. I have sailed on Explorer and loved it and would want the same kind of luxury experience again although I realise she's newer and bigger. I would love to hear from people who have sailed on Navigator - what is the opinion - is the Regent experience the same despite lack of amenities? After being cooped up for so long I need to get out and dress up!!
  8. Like many others who have posted we have had 4 cruises with Regent cancelled. The 3 most recent were all on Explorer which is now being re-routed to the Caribbean via the Med. One cruise was to OZ /NZ over Christmas and New year so because we want to be away over that period we found another cruise in the Caribbean but it is wait listed as are all cruises until early 2022. So I called my usual agent at Regent to discuss what this means. He said that this cruise is in fact empty but they are not releasing bookings until June 2. I feel that those of us who have been cancelled should be given priority over the general public. Likewise, I pointed out that when we booked our cruises we had had the protection of Regent Reassurance including onboard credit, lower deposit etc . His response was that Regent did that because of Covid but it seems they no longer think that covid is an issue. I think they are dreaming about that. Am I the only one who thinks that Regent could do more to recompense their loyal customers by giving them priority and some incentives to rebook?
  9. They have just cancelled our April 6 2022 cruise on Explorer too . They have today also cancelled 2 other cruises on Explorer later this year.
  10. This afternoon we have had 3 out of 4 cruises cancelled by Regent. The first was on Explorer to Japan in October, the second was on Explorer in December to Australia and New Zealand , the third is Explorer in April Singapore to Dubai. I am not surprised about the first two being cancelled at this point but I did not expect the April cruise to be cancelled yet. Very disappointed .😪
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