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  1. We sailed the magic 2 years ago and will be sailing her again in July! GREAT ship! We had a blast!
  2. I was able to use my cheers for coffee and a water on the Liberty in Dec on the last morning. Had no issues!
  3. OMG that was the BEST one!! Sadly they only had it the 1st day! I had cake everyday that trip lol!!!
  4. We had them on the Liberty in December and they taste as good as they look!!!
  5. We were on the Liberty on Dec 20th. We brought our own extension cord, but when we boarded out cabin had an extension cord in our mailbox waiting for us.
  6. We were on the Liberty 12/20-12/23 for a quick birthday cruise. We booked the steakhouse many months before the increase from $35-$38 and was informed that if we booked before the increase the old price of $35 would be honored. The confirmation that was in the mailbox of our cabin even said $35. When the bill came and it was $38pp I questioned it and was told they sent the wrong confirmation paper out. I said yes, but I was told if I booked before the increase It would be $35. After a lot of looking at me like I was dumb getting the manager and second guessing me they gave it to me for $35 a person. It was not the extra $6.00 a person that I cared about it was the principal. If you are told something it should be honored with no question.
  7. We just came off the liberty on Sunday. The 1st show was full but they did not turn anyone away. There were TONS of people just standing around inside by the door and where ever there was space. I had not intention on standing! We came back for the later show about 30 min early and had a great seat! Saw the same thing for this show of people standing, but again no one was turned away
  8. Just got off the ship this am. There was a medical emergency Friday night. Woke up in the AM In Miami. Was there for about 2 hrs until 10:20 ish then off to continue on to a beautiful sea day and back to Port Canaveral this am. Rumor was a lady had a heat attack at dinner and coded. They brought her back. I am assuming they could not helicopter her out due to some very high winds and choppy waters.
  9. Well...its finally going to happen. Out of all the cruises I have taken I have NEVER had a rainy day until NOW! We leave to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday on the Liberty for a quick 3 night out of Port Canaveral this Thursday to the Bahamas. I was hoping the forecast would change, but its only getting worse. I mean 100% chance of rain you cant get worse than that! Its suppose to rain in the Bahamas too! There is a cold front coming in bringing in all the rain. Being from Florida I know it can rain for 10 minutes and not rain again but I have a feeling looking at the hourly this is different! I am not able to see it the sea day on Sat will be rain, but at this rate I am sure it will lol!! We are not inside people! We love to lounge in the sun all day and was looking forward on doing that :( Not into cooking demos, bingo or activities like that. Looks like we will have good use of cheers lol! I am also concerned with the weather that they will delay boarding! Being such a short trip i want all the time i can get!! As you can see, I am a worry wort!! If you have had a rainy day on a cruise please let me know what you did!! I keep telling myself a rainy day on a cruise ship is better that a rainy day at work!!! Does not make me feel any better lol!!
  10. Hello! Have not cruised since they started leaving your sign and sail cards in your mailbox. Question please! We have FTTF and Cheers. When we get on board and go directly to our cabin to drop off our bags, will our card be in the mailbox before 1:30? Also since this is our 1st time getting cheers will there be something on our card showing that?? We leave out of Port Canaveral if that matters. Thanks!
  11. Just posted on Johns Facebook page and he said that yes I will still be allowed to use my cheers for coffee soda and water the day we disembark
  12. 2 fast cheers questions!! 1st will my cheers work on the day we disembark for a latte at rye coffee shop? 2nd can I get a water or soda at the same time I get a alcoholic beverage?? Thanks
  13. Thats the exact reason I check to make sure they are in my bag 100's of times before we even leave the house and another 100 when getting bags in the car! My family thinks I am crazy but I would rather be paronid and sitting on a cruise ship than not check and sitting home.
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