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  1. Yes I am... and I am very proud of it... apart from acquired experience through many cruises, 4* Mariner shows dedication and loyalty to Holland America... it means appreciation for all the great people who make the Holland America family. It means feeling very grateful on the day that the ship’s captain and ship’s general manager presented me with my pin and medal, it means being part of an exclusive group of people who appreciate the same things I do... so yes I am a 4*Mariner and You bet I am proud of it...
  2. Being a 4* Mariner means that I have probably taken enough cruises and experienced situations that I can relate to ... that is what being a 4* Mariner means.... i would have thought that this was pretty self explanatory...
  3. You are very fortunate to be physically able to use stairs. But unfortunately, for many who always loved cruising because it enabled them to travel and experience the world regardless of their mobility issue, this will be an added challenge they will have to take into account, and should be addressed by the cruiselines.. as a 4* Mariner, I have sometimes experienced long elevator wait, it concerns me to think how much longer it may be under COVID protocole....
  4. Cruiselines have given a lot of information about enhanced hygiene measures onboard, one of them being practicing social distancing.... however, I have not yet heard anything being said about how they will operate the elevators onboard ships. From my many experiences as a 4* Mariner, elevators can get very crowded at peak times (meals/showtimes), so how will the ship handle this? Will they enforce safe distancing? I am interested in hearing your comments.
  5. Yes, tips make a big part of crews’ wages... wine stewarts’ pay comes from a % of the bottles that they open... so wages will be greatly reduced.
  6. My thought also! I hope this is true but it will be very costly for the Cruise Lines to support all their crew plus fuel the ships, etc.... without any revenue.
  7. This is indeed an unprecedented situation. My heart goes out to all the wonderful staff who look after us and make our cruises so special. What happens to them now? Do they receive paid leave, compensation, etc.... any thoughts?
  8. All we need is to stay in touch with kids and family... that aside, I am quite happy to disconnect from the rest...... so the social package will work just fine for us... and yes, the 25 days may be sufficient. Thanks everybody....
  9. This is what we will do... thanks for the tip. No need to sign on first day anyway.... we will be too busy unpacking and enjoying the ship 😉
  10. Thank you very much. Your info is very helpful.
  11. Anyone knows what we can expect to pay for the basic package (social medias) for a 32 days voyage? Thank you in advance for any information.
  12. I am also very sad to have seen all the beautiful fresh flowers arrangements disappear. The Lido is not the same without those delicate, exotic orchids on each table... and throughout the ships, there are fewer and fewer fresh flowers..... I remember the days when there was a florist on each ship.
  13. As Alberta Quilter explained, we, Canadians, lose 30% with this change; plus for me, I look at ways to discount the price of the cruise I wish to book. I can take care of my toilet paper at home. Other large agencies still offer incentives such as OBC and paid tips.... i will look at them for future bookings.
  14. I thought that as well but I made many dummy bookings and they all came with shop cards. ☹️
  15. Yes, it is the big C box... I saw this change for the first time today! I look for incentives to use during the cruise: shipboard credits, tips, specialty dinners, etc.... shop cards (especially in Canadian $) does not interest me.
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