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  1. Anyone experienced problems with Holland’s website today? I am trying to check some itineraries and the site is not giving me any results....
  2. There must be a mistake somewhere because according to schedule, Rotterdam is sailing out of FLL on Dec. 06, 2019 for a 15 nights Panama canal cruise, ending in San Diego... i do not see anywhere that the cruise is cancelled.
  3. Glad to hear that I am not alone. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
  4. Thanks.. yes, logging in is something I had not thought of. I will try that... but that website is not very user friendly!
  5. Recently I have found that each time I log in to Holland’s website, I get different pricing currency. Sometimes, I get CAN$ pricing, sometimes I get USA$ pricing.... I am located in Canada... this gets very confusing. Anyone else has experienced this? When I log in from Canada, I used to always automatically get Can$ pricing.
  6. We have had guarantee cabins on 2 sailings... the first time we were assigned the day before the cruise, the second time we were assigned approx. 2 weeks out. Both times we were assigned cabins within the category that we had booked.
  7. We travelled on the last Rotterdam itinerary Tampa to Rotterdam and we found that there were plenty of loungers available on the Promenade deck. Each lanai cabin has 2 dedicated loungers, but plenty more are available to other passengers. The Promenade deck remains my favorite deck. Also most of the loungers had new cushions.
  8. i will let you know if my experience with left over OBC is different than yours, Krazy Kruzers and Quartzsite Cruiser.
  9. I just went ahead and booked the back to back that we were interested in. I received 2 booking numbers and I was able to cancel the cruise that I had booked onboard and apply the $100/each deposit plus the double shipboard credits received to the first segment, and I paid the deposit for the second segment. All other matters such as wine allowance , key card and onboard account, we will find out when on the cruise(s)... i will keep you posted... this board is always great for info. My next question is: will any shipboard credit not used at the end of the first segment be transferred to the second segment (different booking number)?
  10. Here is a tricky one: if you have a future cruise deposit, I assume that you can use that on one of the segments and if you book within 60 days of your return from your last cruise, do you think that you could apply the ZPM code on the second segment? If that was possible, you would double your OBC.
  11. Thank you very much. Your answers are very helpful.
  12. If you book a back to back cruise, do you get 2 booking numbers? Do you have to pay 2 deposits? Do you get the benefits listed on each segment? Do you get to bring your 1 bottle of wine each on each segment? Do they close your onboard account after each segment. I am curious to hear how it works as we are looking at possibly booking our first back to back itinerary. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  13. We will be in a grade F cabin on Westerdam... looking forward to more comments...
  14. In all European countries that all use the £, it is simple. However, in Asia, like during our Japan’s visit last year, vendors still prefer cash.. Japan would have been very difficult to visit without cash, or one of their preferred cash cards such as the prepaid Suisa card. This is why I will not rely on credit card in Vietnam, Thailand or Cambodia. Thank you all for your comments.. it helps to be well informed
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