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  1. Love these posts. Come on with one intent,to bad mouth company. We have only your side to gauge with. Guaranteed there is some missing information or something you easily couldve done to avoid this. Posting here with this intent does no good for you at all. we had a horrible time getting our refund from last march. But I never came on here a crapped all over royal. Sh%$ happens especially now.
  2. Anytime thursday but get ready for 10 more different answers. call royal. We did
  3. They are moving many on our cruise this sunday too. Social distancing I believe is the reason/excuse. Im on a facebook group for our cruise on the allure this sunday. Several have gotten emails telling them their cabin is moved and they dont know where except to know its same category you wont be the only one on your cruise
  4. Antigen test is an antigen test. Idnow is molecular
  5. Yeah idnow is a molecular test. I would verify with rccl like 10 times b4 getting that test.
  6. Welp welcome to our world now. I sail royal … You guys had to know this was coming? Cant really be a surprise.
  7. Allure met the CSO of cdc. Flag is updated green now on cdc site which means passed. No doubt they would. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html
  8. Not a chance. You will get refunded. This is how misinformation starts and rumors. Do yourself a favor and call back You will get another answer.
  9. I understand and am informed on the governors/cruise line fued. In the end you have thousands of cruisers coming into florida spending money in the local economy. Its a finite line
  10. Thats how it started with ours and then the port was dropped 2 days later.
  11. I believe he embarked out of st marteen if im reading right? Thats the email we got. You will be unable to board allure at port canaveral if you are not vax and over 12. Under 12 unvax is ok
  12. Yeah its never enforced anymore. Its a recommendation even if it doesnt say that.
  13. Yes,still excited. I truly believe we will set sail. It will just be a long week getting to that point. We will though
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