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  1. Where them everywhere if you want. Rules have changed. Of course some people say you have to dress up but to each their own. I could care less if you are wearing a tank top in main dining room.
  2. No ryme or reason. They change prices sometimes in just a few hours,up and down. But the closer you get the more you will pay.
  3. Weve been on 6 cruises on oasis class ships and honestly there hardly ever is a large crowd. The key is just another way for royal to make a ton of more money and is 100% not needed. There is no busiest time of year on oasis class. Every ship is sold out year round. Or very close to it.
  4. Yeah have somebody paid to just stare and time everyones chair? Are you kidding me? Theres how many 100s of chairs. Lets time each person when they get up to pee. Thattll work
  5. Omg really? Do you understand how many people just urinate in the pools? Life is too short,worry about important things. Do you followevery rule there is/ ever go over the speed limit? Jay walked? List goes on. Lame post.
  6. Haha but in san juan walking that distance will be faster then a taxi with the bumper to bumper traffic.
  7. Just bring a 10 ft extention plug with you. I bring 3 with us every cruise. That way no matter what,if an outlet doesnt work or is in a bad spot you got it covered.
  8. Yup so you have a toddler. Its subjective and a personal preferance as to what is and how loud noise is. Having a toddler I wouldnt book a boardwalk balcony. Me having a 11 and 15 yr old it doesnt matter. Ive not seen any movies played past 11pm myself.
  9. Ive done 9am flights off allure and oasis
  10. Its not new. It may be a first fir certain ships but its been in use for over 2 years. We used it and uploaded pics for anthem dec 2015. Royals website is always buggy. Some days its ok.
  11. Deck 8,easy to get quick coffee in morning or evening at central park. Really its a preferance. Depends on you
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