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  1. Hope you didn’t pay the inflated prices they cost now. We had this cabana a year ago that cost $1,299 then. Could not eat at the dining table provided due to so many insects. Had to go to the restaurant instead.
  2. We currently have and fully paid for the Villa Suite on Liberty of the Seas for our September cruise. We’re traveling with two other families, one of which is in another cabin. On their reservation page online, they are being offered the ability to place a bid on our cabin. There is only one Villa Suite on the ship. Why does RCCL offer cabins for bid if they know they’re already sold? Doesn’t seem very fair (or responsible) to place false hopes upon unknowing customers.
  3. The quick answer is "No". The Diamond Lounge Concierge sits by the door and may stop & question you why you're taking a large plate of food out of the club. These snacks are not worth this kind of effort in my opinion. Besides, with the 4 drink voucher you'll receive, why even go there to begin with if your friends can't enter.
  4. As non-drinking Diamond + members, we didn't use any of our vouchers. Too bad you can't select ahead of time whether or not you want these vouchers, or receive a lowered value onboard credit instead.
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