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  1. Thank you all for your replies on the Opal card. Unfortunately, visitors cannot purchase senior opal card. I read that you can go into the negative balance. Is this true? I calculated the fares, and we will be 8 cents in the negative after purchasing a $10 Opal card. We are starting at a train station that only accepts Opal or contactless payment. Don't want to take a chance of our USA credit card not working.
  2. We will be in Sydney before our Ruby Princess cruise. Our Costco Citibank credit cards in the USA is a contactless credit card. Has anyone had success using the credit card to pay for train and bus fares? We are only using the train/bus roundtrip to Featherdale Wildlife. We wanted to avoid purchasing Opal cards for the four of us. All four of us each have our own credit cards.
  3. Thank you all for your responses on taxi. If you are near the fires, please keep safe.
  4. Thank you By the Bay, MicCanberra and lyndarra. Appreciate your replies. I'm also checking with private shuttles. One has a price of $56.00 for 4 passengers. It sounds cheaper than using a taxi.
  5. Does Sydney have taxi at the airport that will hold 4 passengers and 4 medium size suitcases going to Meriton Suites on Pitt St.?
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