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  1. Does Princess have the transfer price in their cruise planner typically? I see transfers including tours but not a basic transfer.. Just curious - thnx
  2. I have a question about getting the bottles of wine. My parents have this promo for a July cruise, and they have no drink package, etc. It's a voucher, so how do they redeem it? In the MDR? Will they charge a corkage fee? Do they keep their bottle with them in their room for the next evening dinner if there is some left? Just curious how it works. They are not big drinkers but would probably drink a couple bottles during their cruise if it's spread out with their meals, etc.
  3. yes, that area was still the same as well - although I rarely went down through there
  4. We just got off Summit last week. The new decor is great - the MDR, staterooms, Rendevouz lounge are noticeably different and very lovely. We did not mind the high back chairs in the MDR at our table for 2 most nights. I love Cafe el Bacio, but I was very surprised to still see the same yellow chairs and decor. It didn't bother me, but it looked noticeably different than the rest lol. We had a sweet 16 balcony cabin with the nice, deeper balcony which was lovely. I did a cabin crawl showing 2 different oceanview rooms, and they looked the same as mine except the windows instead of the patio doors - all very nice.
  5. I am quite familiar with another cruiseline where there are sales once in a while; however, I am helping my parents out with a Europe Norwegian Cruise next fall. I am just wondering if there are occasionally discounts on the shore ex. prices in the cruise planner, or do they always stay the same price until departure? Thanks in advance.
  6. Yeah, it may work a time or two, but they catch on fast.
  7. We just did this on Summit last week. You cash in whatever amount you wish from your onboard credit at the desk for either slot machines or tables. With the slot machines, you insert your card and follow the prompts and designate how much you want to play with at that time in that machine. Always remember to log out when you leave that machine. For the tables, you play with promo chips, and then, as others have said, what you win above those amounts, you can pocket. So I kept playing with my promo chips and we kept the winnings aside to cash in. We came out about even with $250 OBC by the end of our cruise. I had pretty good luck with roulette. The first dealer didn't tell me I could break down my $5 promo chips to $1 ones and spread them out, but the 2nd dealer I got was more helpful, so we could spread it around a bit more. Roulette was minimum $5 bet and the outside choices were $5; inside single numbers were $1. I had fun with it. They would not let you bid on both red/green or odd/even, etc at the same time.
  8. agree on the almond croissants - delicious but getting pretty "thin" on the filling
  9. I love the cold breakfast items 😍at the main buffet. - And Pre-breakfast at the cafe ❤️☕️🍮
  10. It was not on mine when I put it in my checkout just this week for my Nov cruise which was booked months ago - I have the free Classic Pkg as well. With the sale in my cruise planner, it was $9 per day plus 20% Grat to upgrade. The sales vary though... I find even from day to day, you never know what some of the pricing will do - especially with excursions.
  11. There is all kinds of included food available - it's only for this first lunch that it gets hectic as the MDR isn't available to many that meal - and many people are just coming onboard and want to eat. Most of us "regular" class passengers don't even really realize about the other extra food sources/restaurants IMO - they are "hidden" quite well. (I mean the ones that aren't included for some) There are the specialty restaurants and Sushi on FIve with charges, but there are lots of choices in the main buffet and the main dining room that are included for everyone. The Spa Cafe, grill on pool deck, and bakery items at Cafe el Bacio are included as well. I always head up to the pool deck and start our cruise relaxing in the sunshine with a cold beverage, and we have a burger up there - for that first lunch.
  12. In my recent cruise planner, we had a sale as well - including a sale on the upgrade - it totalled $75US for the upgrade for 7 day cruise - only $9 per day plus gratuity. If you log on to your cruise in the cruise planner, you can see the pricing when you add it to the "cart". I think the price before the sale was around $85 when I had called a few months ago about it. And some on our cruise used some of their onboard credit to pay for it as well.
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