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  1. My parents have a FCC and have been considering alaska next fall, so I've been watching for them. I'm torn between a one direction on Majestic possibly; or the 2 direction on Discovery, which will be pretty well brand new....The Discovery itinerary goes out around into the ocean more, so I'm wondering about that not being ideal for them.
  2. Yes, I've been looking at the partially obstructed balcony and deluxe....like E407/408 and 424/425 etc... that have larger angled balconies....the deck plans make them look the same as the older ships. - thanks
  3. Same....hence I held out for double Pfizer......
  4. Just looking ahead at a possible Alaska Itinerary on Discovery Princess, and I see the deck plans for many cabins look the same as the other Royal Class Ships. I am just wondering if anyone knows if the obstructions, etc....should be the same? Thanks
  5. Agreed - if they are still going to make travellers get tested, most still will not travel.... Can't wait to be able to travel freely again :( And the cruise opening announcement won't affect much until later in 2022, but at least it's a positive step in that direction.
  6. Hank - are all your flights the refundable one booked through Princess? My parents are in a similar predicament for a late July cruise. They have the non refundable air booked through Princess. I am going to soon be inquiring with the TA before the final payment is due about a possible transfer to the same cruise in Sept or a complete cancellation. I'm just wondering about the value of the air - if it would be transferable even or just lost to them. They haven't paid any other amount to Princess at this point.
  7. I didn't notice magnetic hooks or clothesline in your purchases? I've heard many people mention they are invaluable as many cruise cabin walls are magnetic, and you can hang clothing to dry. (or to hang you hats/coats, etc) I plan on taking some of these on my next cruise to try it out.
  8. they have deeper balconies although they do not cost any more than the other cabins in their category. They are on the front both sides on deck 6. They are back to 6030 on starboard side and back to 6035 on port side on Constellation, Millenium, Summit and Infinity. They are double depth. This pic is 6028 on Summit.
  9. I have been invited to the helipad sailaway twice in just regular balcony cabins. I have always suspected it was maybe because of our cruisecritic meet and greet group? I didn't even realize the first time that it was such an honour - but have read since that it is not all that common - very nice :)
  10. This is a very good question as it has been a question in our experiences as well. The non refundable OBC we have had shows in the cruise planner and has been spent ahead of time to book excursions. There is still $200 left that will be available once onboard (I assume this is the refundable amount?) . We want to book a transfer or two but if we book them ahead of time, we will have to pay for them currently out of pocket. So, once on the cruise, would we be able to refund and then rebook the transfers to use the remaining OBC? Or, as others have mentioned, is that remaining amount refund
  11. this is interesting - thanks for the input. We are used to all inclusive resorts more so than cruising, so I've never been really sure about what's kind of "normal" with cruising. We haven't been over the top tippers, but we do like to tip extra to those who have been extra helpful and kind - often with some smaller tips every day or two or midweek and a larger one at the end of our trip. I've always wondered about the person who assigns your dinner table in the MDR. When I've had good service after a week, I often give them a few dollars tip when we are leaving. I wondered if this was ki
  12. Just returned from a couple of those ports. In Bridgetown, Barbados, we actually walked into town along the lovely waterfront boardwalk and walked right to Carlisle Bay and enjoyed a few hours at one of the Beach Clubs there. We liked Pirate's Cove because it was much less busy than some of the others - and was the first one we came to. The beach was phenomenal. Pirate's Cove may be a bit rustic but for $8US PP for loungers and shared umbrella, we thought it was a great day! We taxied back for $10USD. In St Maarten, we did one of the Bernard's Tours (half day). We enjoyed it and got an o
  13. I'm curious - what is your favourite restaurant there?
  14. I posted the menus, and I actually didn't order any of the ones with Bailey's, so I'm not sure about that. My ship was Summit.
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