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  1. Wait....are you me? Oh, no I don't live in Canada!
  2. I believe they are quite advanced now...two glasses and a string?
  3. I called Captains Club this morning about this and they were unaware of the problem and thanked me for letting them know. I read them the above post from Cruise Critic. Those on our Roll Call for March 2020 are re-registering. Shaking my head once again at the abilities of the X IT staff.😵
  4. I hope you remembered to also ask for your Captains Club 1 category upgrade and only are paying the C3 price. Since we reached our current level in Captains Club we're either only doing Aqua (if it's a cost differential that's worth it to us) or Verandah. The two extra Captains Club points per night are no longer of importance to us since we'll probably never get to the next level and the other Concierge Class benefits aren't worth much more than what you're paying. It's weird how the cost differential of categories varies so widely from one cruise to the next and booking dates. There never used to be such a wide variance.
  5. You'll also get 90 free WIFI minutes (each Elite) or a 30%discount on the unlimited package. The minutes don't have to be used consecutively, so be sure to log out when you're finished or the minutes will continue to run. If you want to purchase the package before you go, call Captains Club at 800-760-0654 and ask them to apply your discount. We haven't sailed on Royal in the past five years, so it may have changed, but on X you can use any OBC you may have received from X before the cruise for in cruise purchases (not OBC from a TA). If you want to make a pre-cruise purchase using OBC, it's best to do it by calling Captains Club and have them apply it rather than depending on the mostly wonky X website.
  6. If you tell your waiter that it's a birthday, they'll bring a nice cake gratis. If you want something more elaborate they have packages for purchase.
  7. I love the Persian Gardens on the S-class ships with the heated loungers and floor to ceiling windows for beautiful sea views. We don't even use it on the M-class ships though, no heated loungers or sea views on those ships.
  8. On Celebrity ships there is no smoking anywhere indoors including the casino!😃 That's a biggie for us since I'm extremely sensitive to smoke and can't even walk through the casinos in Royal let alone use them. We find the service a step up from our experiences on Royal ships and the food a bit better, and there tend to be fewer families with children due to the lack of rock walls, wave pools, carousels, etc. It's a more laid back relaxing kind of vibe. As said above there are no more "formal" nights on X, just Evening Chic which offers everyone a wide range of choice. Although I've read posts on this forum about people seeing folks wearing shorts allowed in the MDR I've seen it only once in 20 years. That was on night 1 of the cruise and the gentleman in question had the airline lose his luggage.
  9. OMG! That will require at least a half hour to get the shampoo rinsed out of my long thick mop of hair! Glad our next cruise is on the Reflection pre revolution. Why do they mess with a good thing? Shaking my head.😲
  10. The Concierge embarkation luncheon is held in the MDR. Seating is between 11:30AM and 1:00PM. It is for Concierge class and sometimes (read that almost always) B2B guests. Luminae is open for lunch to suite guests. For everyone else, you can dine in the buffet, spa café in the solarium, Mast Grill as included no cost options. Sometimes The Porch is open on Silhouette and Reflection and also Sushi on 5.
  11. That's one rule to which they strictly adhere. You must complete the cruise to be awarded the next level, even if you're only one point short. No exceptions.
  12. I haven't yet sailed on a ship that has undergone the Revolution, but I think the body jet shower system is being removed 😢 If Milly's been revolutionized, it's probably gone.
  13. You get everything in Aqua class that you do in Concierge with the exception of the embarkation luncheon in the MDR. However Aqua give you Blu as your dining venue which is much smaller and much better service that the MDR. It's open for breakfast and dinner. You also get unlimited access to Persian Gardens. If the two are about the same in price I'd take Aqua in a heartbeat, especially on an M-class ship. Since they've gotten rid of the Ocean Liners (think Murano) specialty restaurants, we'd rather eat in Blu than and of the specialties on board, and prefer the ambience of Blu to the MDR.
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