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  1. When you make a post, there is a drop box. I keep mine set on friends. If you click it, you can select Public for the 1 post. When you make your next post, make sure to set it back to Friends so it doesn't default to your last choice. Alternatively you can post it without changing, then go back and edit the post and change the privacy settings for the one post. Either way, make sure to double check your privacy settings after you're done.
  2. I will pass as well. They lost me at making my page public. No thank you!
  3. Actually, yes. Most places honor these offers. Call it savvy shopping.
  4. I prefer either the M or S class. The features of the new E class leaves me cold. I don't care for the virtual balconies (sitting by an open window...not for me) or the uncomfortable furniture. That being said, if the price was right for a cruise that sailed where and when I wanted to sail, I'd hold my nose and go.
  5. Before posting this I confess to not reading the previous 43 pages of posts. If this is redundant, please forgive and ignore. Yesterday I received an email offering double points for cruises booked between now and December that sailed in 2021 up to May 2022 where balcony or higher accommodations are chosen. Since we recently booked a cruise sailing within that time frame and meeting the criteria for room selection, I called to see if the Captains Club would honor the reservation with double points. They wouldn't, even though, they do acknowledge that I could, without penalty, cancel and rebook and get the double points. It seems to me that X is missing an opportunity for good will with an existing customer in a time that good will is all they have to keep loyal customers. The double points actually costs them nothing. Not giving them might. Feelings?
  6. I hope that I can revisit this in November 2021. Scheduled for a cruise that goes back to Grenada. Hopefully we'll be able to visit on our own again. (Yes, I am wearing my rose colored glasses today!)
  7. We received our settlement check today for a whopping $25.02. We had 3 telephone numbers affected by the calls. It'll pay for a pizza during quarantine. At least those calls have stopped. Now if they could just stop the other robo calls from car warranties, "card services," time shares, power company nonsense, carpet cleaners, back pain remedies, fake IRS, etc.,etc., etc.....
  8. Your point is well taken, but just for clarity's sake, I think that OP had more than a deposit involved and the cruise in question was after final payment and a matter of days until the sailing when they cancelled (or didn't show...I'm still not clear on that).
  9. I was told by an upper level person at X that if we were unable to use the FCC by the expiration date we could request an extension. The cash refund wasn't mentioned as an option. We are content with that. We were on the sailing in question. At that time we received almost daily communications from X, the last one on March 12 very late the night before embarkation with the latest offers and boarding protocols. X was trying to navigate the changing landscape due to the pandemic and balance keeping passengers and crew safe and keeping their business running. They, as well as the rest of the globe couldn't know then what we would be dealing with now. Each day brought about unbelievable news. We all made choices based on our judgement, health risks, and information available at the time. I remember getting the 100% refund offer and thinking it was VERY fair. Yes, after cruises were cancelled a better deal was available than was offered to OP at the time, but OP has to deal with the choices available to them at the time. I could have purchased many stocks before they rose in value, but if I didn't, I can't demand, or request, to do so after the fact. We were and still are caught up in this pandemic. OP is alive and healthy, and has been made whole with 100% FCC. I would venture to guess that even if the expiration date of the FCC issued proved to before the development of a safe effective vaccine X would be willing to make a one time extension. Stay well and healthy and happy sails.
  10. I was told by an upper level person at X that if we were unable to use the FCC by the expiration date we could request an extension. The cash refund wasn't mentioned as an option. We are content with that.
  11. Funny you should ask. Many years ago DH and I went to London, England to the foundry where the Liberty Bell was cast with the Procrastinators club to try to collect on the warranty. We were told they would honour (note the spelling) the warranty if we returned it in its original packaging. We couldn't, so they didn't!🤣...Now back to originally scheduled programming.
  12. I and my DH did board the X Reflection on March 13 (that's Friday the 13th BTW) in Ft. Lauderdale along with 1100 other crazy souls. The other 1900+ cancelled. On Sunday morning we received a letter at our door stating that we would not be visiting any of the scheduled port stops. Instead we would visit Nassau, Bahamas (not on the original itinerary) on Monday and return to Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday, March 17th. We were to receive 100% refund and a 50% FCC. There were also provisions made on board to allow for all privately scheduled arrangements to be cancelled and to allow return flights not scheduled through X to be organized. Packages purchased on board would be pro-rated and refunded. We received the FCC emails within a few weeks of our return. After multiple contacts with X we finally received our refund in early June. We used our OBC-N while still on board and received our OBC-R in cash. While it was frustrating to wait so long for our actual dollars to come back, and it did require action on my part to accomplish the refund, all in all I'd have to say that X treated us fairly. I couldn't tell whether you actually cancelled before or whether you were a no show, but am sorry for your experience. If you did book through a TA, I know that it was particularly difficult (if not impossible) to get through to them during the time frame in question (we tried to contact ours only to find that their phone system melted down due to the unprecedented call volume). In fact, they are still working partly from home even now and my last call to them (last week) took a week and a day to get a return call. Perhaps it would be helpful to write a letter to higher ups at X that calmly states your case and asks for a fair resolution. The volume of cancellations, re-scheduled cruises, Lift and Shifts is unprecedented and many cruisers fall into categories that are unique unto themselves and need to be handled individually. It is easy to fall through the cracks. While it is cleansing to rant about frustrations on CC, it can't solve the problem. Good luck.
  13. We booked with and made all arrangements and payments through our TA. Our cruise was cancelled in March while we were on board and returned to port. All refunds and FCC was issued directly from X and we dealt directly with X without contacting the TA at all. It did take quite a long time (refund not received until June), but the TA wasn't involved at all. Additionally, our booking was part of a group booking by the TA. That did hold up the refund, but we received the correct amount in one sum onto our CC.
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