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  1. Here's my trick for signing up that's worked consistently for the last yearl 1. Open an InPrivate or Incognito window in your browser of choice and go the Celebrity website 2. DO NOT SIGN IN!!!!! 3.Click the search icon in the upper right and type in Connections party. Click search 4.Click on the first result. 5.Type in your email, Reservation #, name, ship, sail date and click enter. You should receive an email confirmation almost immediately. 6. SHARE WITH YOUR ROLL CALL MEMBERS AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS😄
  2. Open an InPrivate or Incognito window in your browser and go to the Celebrity website. Don't log in. Click the menu icon on the upper left. Click online check in. Enter your Reservation number, name ship, sail date. You should find your documents there once your online check in is complete.
  3. If you're not sure, book something and then transfer it later when you figure it out, but NEVER buy a Future Cruise certificate! While they don't expire, it was our experience that in 5 years it was never combinable with the current promotion and they refused to even apply the money we spent to the booking even foregoing any additional benefit. I've read of many others with the same experience. They held our dollars for that 5 years and wouldn't let us use it every time we tried a new booking. We were fortunate to have used a large, online, high volume TA with enough influence to get X to refund the cost to us, but many folks I've spoken with have not been that lucky.
  4. I've been on 14 night cruises with only the 2, but in December on Silhouette for 12 nights we had three. I do think it's dependent on the ship's Master. I would bet on 3 for a 19 night transpacific.
  5. The friend with whom we often travel suffers from a serious and persistent asthma condition. There are various daily inhalers, rescue inhalers, allergy shots and allergy medications that are constantly with her as well as hand sanitizers and wipes and frequent hand washing.. Whenever possible, she removes herself when an attack occurs, which happens multiple times daily. However if she were to remain in private whenever they happen she would never be able to leave home. She is considerate of others, always carries wads of tissues to cover her cough in addition to her medications, both maintenance and rescue. Still, I give her credit for living her life, travelling, and putting up with the dirty looks and the misunderstanding of her condition as being contagious by people who don't understand and don't bother to ask. Instead they rush to judgement. Perhaps, because of her I consider possibilities before condemning. There is a definite difference between someone with asthma, or COPD and a person with a contagious respiratory infection, sinusitis or the flu.
  6. bx2boca, while what you're saying sounds logical, I've found that it's far from true. The price or extra perk differential between travel agencies has in some cases been hundreds of dollars apart, not $50 after 20 phone calls as you say. Also many of the large TA websites require not one second of the TA's time, but mine, and to save hundreds, (and sometimes more) I'll spend a bit of my time. Some TAs do a much larger volume of business with a particular cruise line and so can offer better value added opportunities to their clients than do others. If you've cruised enough, and shopped over the years a savvy shopper knows where to look, what to ask and if a phone call is necessary takes only a few short minutes.
  7. I miss the ice sculpture demos by the pool and the sorbet being served with the chilled towels. (They resurrected the iced towels in December of Silhouette, it was the first time I saw them by the pool in several years.) Also miss the live dinner music in the dining rooms and the white glove service....and the 5 course meals instead of the current 3.
  8. We had similar problems with a future cruise certificate that was never combinable with whatever promotion we selected. After 5 years of letting X hold our money and asking (read that pleading) that X just apply the dollar amount we spent for the certificate without any added benefit and being refused, our TA was finally able to convince X to refund the money we spent for the certificate to the original credit card we'd used to purchase it. I suspect the only reason this happened was that our TA was X's largest travel partner and it was done as a special accommodation to them. Needless to say, we'll never purchase another one of those. If we book on board it's a specific sailing to be held by X until we transfer it. We make sure to sign the form to preclude them from transferring to the current agent or anyone else until we direct the transfer and keep a copy of all transactions. We often feel when visiting the Future Cruises onboard that we are better informed than the agents working there.
  9. OP, if you could simply redact the identifying information on the form you were given perhaps it would shed light on what actually happened without including name or account numbers. Maybe someone here could help you understand the actual events which still are a mystery here. It really feels like there's important information that is missing.
  10. Yes. You can bring a case onboard. Attach a luggage tag, or have the porters tag it at embarkation and it'll be delivered to your stateroom.
  11. I understand that she served with and learned from our favorite Master, Captain Leo. He is everywhere on the ship, hs a wickedly funny,dry sense of humor, and is wonderfully personable. One night while DH was browsing sunglasses in one of the Deck 4 shops someone handed him a pair saying "try these." It was none other than Captain Leo grinning back at him. If you have the opportunity to be on one of his sailings, don't mill Liars Club. It was one of the best cruise shows we've seen over many years!
  12. So true! We booked a cruise about a month ago during a one week promotion (on Reflection, not Edge). At the time of booking, it included PBP, grats, OBC, and unlimited WIFI and our TA gave another 10% of the cruise fare in OBC. One month later there is another sale. The same cabin is $250 pp more, and includes choice of 2 perks (CBP, grats, OBC, WIFI). The banner above the sale says save $300 on the cruise fare! I sharpened my pencil, took out my calculator and even dusted off my old slide rule (for those of you old enough to remember them) but I can't for the life of me figure the math on that one!
  13. Her name is Lisa Lutof-Perlo. I'm sure the level of service is raised for her and her entourage. If you want to attend the special events, there will be an extra fee that you will be privileged to pay. If the cruise is on Edge, you'll be charged exorbitantly for the privilege.
  14. If you do book on board, you then have 60 days to shop around with various TAs and see what additional perks they will give you, then have the booking switched the TA that give you the best added value. If you booked the cruise you're currently on with a TA, when making the on board booking, be sure to tell them not to automatically transfer to that TA, but keep the booking with X until you decide. Also make sure you sign a form to that effect.
  15. Perhaps LLP should pay attention to the uproar the current pricing structures, flim-flam "sales" and "catch the free perks" games are getting and not spend so much time aboard ship being out of touch.
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