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  1. That's one of the reasons why I seldom book cruises in the UK. Take advantage of the open market were choice is king.
  2. Factually incorrect.......Either TUi or MSC operate under Italian Flags. Both operate under Flags of Convenience - Panama or Malta.
  3. The Covid-19 vaccines which probably will be available shortly are yet to be assessed for Infection transmission, even if they give protection from the disease. We all hope that it could eliminate transmission but we await the evidence patiently.
  4. Not too sure I understand your statement.....the sense is protecting your HEALTH.
  5. The need for chaperoned port visits only emphasises the fact that cruising is not ready too resume.
  6. To determine the TAXES, FEES and PORT EXPENSES for any cruise just goto Celebrity website and do a mock booking. On the final page the breakdown of the Cruise cost are shown with Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses itemised separately. These fees are the same whether you book an Inside Cabin or a Suite and depend on the itinerary, typically for a 10nt. cruise they are 4% to 6% of the total cost
  7. Another Free Phone number for Celebrity Cruises UK - 0800-240-4259
  8. and risking people’s health for the sake of their Bottom line. Thanks for your scientific advice but I would prefer to listen to an expert.
  9. Overall a futile read. Cruising is dead without an effective vaccine, the sooner people accept that the better.
  10. A note of caution....MSC have change the ship twice already for this itinerary. It was Splendida then Poesia now Seaview. Hold on they've changed again ........Seaside.
  11. My experience is totally to the contrary. MSC are a disgrace, we will never trust them ever again. Visa came to our rescue and refunded us in full - MSC Cruises still not paid.
  12. We learnt not to trust MSC a long time back. We registered a Section 75 dispute with our CC provider and received a Full Refund from VISA last month. MSC still have not paid up, CC company advised me to contact them if they ever issue a refund. MSC are a disgrace and untrustworthy.
  13. Yes Sidari, you maybe correct and if so that means delaying cruising for even longer. I am too old to expose my health to save the cruise industry, future holidays will be land based which I truly regret.
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