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  1. In the UK we always lose our deposit, that's the norm no matter what cruise line we choose. ......... but surprise, surprise Celebrity issued us with a full deposit refund for our Nov 2021 cruise. Don't ask how, as I was astonished .... pleasant surprise in these peculiar times.
  2. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/photos/ships/celebrity-reflection-621/murano-132131/murano--v7545511
  3. Remember the Lobster is the Warm Water variety, vastly inferior to Maine Lobster. It’s pot luck, as many are poor quality although I believe for an extra $20 you can order the Cold Water lobster. I would highly recommend the New Zealand Venison, it is usually exceptional.
  4. Celebrity cruise with confidence is a joke. Take a FCC and pay twice as much next year, fair deal, think not. Ask the question, why does FCDO advise against cruise travel at the moment. Just listen to the news, this pandemic is far from over. I wouldn’t trust Insurance companies that offer wavers, they seldom paid up, always loopholes - read their small print. Cruising is a big, big risk for the foreseeable future.
  5. http://www.captaingreybeard.com/2014/02/dream-has-these-guys-on-the-run.html
  6. On P&O it is still 2 evenings per 7 day cruise that are formal nights which prohibit many venues on board for those that choose otherwise. Living in bygone days but a money maker for the photo shop onboard. I believe they are the only cruiseline where it’s mandatory and it’s definitely a 3 star experience, not to the standard of Celebrity for sure.
  7. YC Inside cabin on the newer ships is a good choice as a trial. Check out Youtube for info on these Inside cabins - they are extremely small with very little wardrobe space and a very small bathroom / shower. They were designed for accompanying children so don’t be surprised by their size. Still you can use the Spa facilities / showers if you are uncomfortable and pack lightly, definitely use their laundry services which are very reasonably priced. The handicapped Inside cabins are a real bargain if can get one of them, check the deck plan.
  8. Quite a few have mentioned MSC Yacht Club. Be careful it’s far from a typical cruise line like Celebrity, HAL or Princess. The best part is their Top Sail Lounge which is excellent, superb service with a good choice of drinks. Elsewhere is a real letdown with poor quality food and entertainment. Outside the YC is seriously overcrowded and definitely comparable to the worst of Carnival.
  9. As Neil Armstrong once said “It’s one GIANT step “ much too big for us.
  10. ALAYS CRUISING.....Not correct. We booked a Yacht Club cabin and they switched the reservation to a ship without a Yacht Club. That is a substantial variation which according to their T&C the customer has the right to cancel. Maybe you think that is acceptable.....?
  11. Our booking was changed to a different ship with a different itinerary without any consultation and to top it all, never even informed us. We found out via Facebook 3 weeks after they made the change. Then they refused to refund the deposit. Fortunately I recovered my money from the credit card company. MSC are a disgrace with no honour, don’t trust them as their Terms & Conditions are meaningless as far as the customer is concerned.
  12. Its all relative, yes agree cruising is not the same as it was many years ago but MSC are still near the bottom of all current ratings. If you enjoy fast food, large crowds, poor entertainment and terrible customer service then MSC Cruises may suit you, but we will never cruise with them again, for sure.
  13. MSC Cruises are cheap by comparison to most others and you get what you pay for without doubt. Check out Cruise critic Reviews of the ship, most are 3star rated whilst Princess, HAL and Celebrity are 4+star rated. MSC Yacht Club is double / treble the standard cabin prices and the difference is incomparable as other have said. Is YC worth it, Not anymore. The important question to ask, is MSC trustworthy? Answer - definitely NOT.
  14. Missed that post, thanks. Maybe OP will be able to enjoy Murano on another occasion.
  15. No mention which ship OP is sailing. Murano is still open on our sailing in November. We will be enjoying Murano every night of our cruise but unlike you advocate we will have respect and enjoy quality rather than QUANTITY. ............urrr !!!
  16. Murano is exceptional whilst Tuscan Grille is mediocre, highly recommend you change your reservation to Murano. As previously mentioned the gratuity is included in the fee. At the end of the meal you will be given a cheque to sign which has a space for gratuity, leave it blank. Give your waiter CASH, otherwise monies added to the cheque it is put in the ship wide pool of the catering section not the just the restaurant in which you dine which equates to peanuts. Unlike many other cruise lines Celebrity allows your waiter a great degree of discretion in what you can order. I have seen some people really go to town and order every starters, then two mains and multiple deserts, really disgusting attitude not to be bragged about. Please don’t Kill the Golden Goose as Celebrity’s tolerance has its limits.
  17. mickey89

    New to MSC

    Suggest you read - https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2403513-msc-changed-room-after-booking/
  18. mickey89

    New to MSC

    Exactly, we are the same. We always choose a cabin with cabins above and below and avoid proximity to entertainment decks. The point I was making is once you choose your cabin, MSC just before you sail change the location, normally without even telling you, and you end up on the deck above the Disco. Suggest you talk to MSC before you give a deposit and get your cabin choice in writing or at least an assurance that you will be consulted before an enforced change. Believe me it happens quite a lot with MSC, they aren't the same as normal cruiselines.......!
  19. mickey89

    New to MSC

    Don't be surprised when MSC change your cabin prior to sail, they are reknown for it as they don't care a damn for their passenger's choices...!
  20. The absolute worse cruiseline must be MSC. We loved their Yacht club but you just can't trust MSC to keep their promises, they are an absolute disgrace. P&O are also near the bottom of the heap, you definitely get what you pay for with them. Still think Britain rules the Waves with their misguided patriotism.
  21. My wife and I are considering choosing either of these suite on a NZ cruise in 2023. Any negative / positive comments would be appreciated, thanks all.
  22. Wow, saw the madness in Miami spring break on the news today. We will stay clear of Florida until people realise we are still fighting the war..........looked like many youngers don't care less.
  23. I contacted MSC prior to our YC booking a few years ago about their right to change cabin without consultation. They responded saying they never change a Yacht Club cabin without the customers agreement, so we booked. Alas true to form they change our sailing to another ship which didn't even have a yacht club and didn't tell us, we found out on Facebook. When approached, not even an apology then refused to give a refund. Our credit card company came to our rescue with the refund. More people should realise what a disgraceful company MSC have become and avoid like the plague.
  24. Take a look at their reviews on Cruisecritics - they definitely deserve their 3 star rating. They don't compare to either Princess or HAL that's why they are significantly cheaper. In this life you definitely get what you pay for, we tried them never to be repeated.
  25. Being isolated at sea it would be common sense that all onboard are vaccinated and that includes all staff. Even if that becomes the rule cruising to nowhere will also be the norm until the world opens up. I will sit on the fence and observe the effect of their policy and stay wary and cautious for a long while yet.
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