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  1. HAHA, I was thinking the same...isnt that what bacon is...its just a strip of fat really....I mean I love it, but there isnt avoiding grease. If its too greasy then just pat down with a napkin?
  2. this makes me so nervous because our 2pm flight got moved up to 12:30....we are gonna walk off and get on the first shuttle.
  3. Yep, possibly. But all the reservations are linked, our hope is to switch from my time dinning to the early seating. Not sure how we got into my time, but the original Booker said it was supposed to be early seating....we want 2 large tables next to one another. And she did the main booking super early so I find it hard to believe that the early seating was full at that point.
  4. Yeah sure everyone can book their families flights but it would be nice if someone could do it all at once y know. Oh well it doesnt matter now I guess.
  5. Oh really...well then that sucks cause we booked it more than 60 days ago....we just keep adding people to the booking. We need to get our group out of my time dinning and in the early seating....trying to book flights for 21 people and such....
  6. Anyone know if you lose on board credit if you transfer bookings to a TA? Our group has grown quite large and we are thinking about moving our bookings to a TA to help manage the reservations, flights, and such....
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