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  1. Got our flights at 20 days out. Very happy with ours. We leave this Saturday. New Orleans to LAX to Seattle return flight is nonstop Seattle to New Orleans GoodLuck!
  2. Really enjoy seeing all the pics. Since we are sailing next Sunday, would you mind giving us a sense of the weather in ports? I’m seeing 60’s for our week. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. We are flying to Seattle on the 3rd and sailing on the Encore on the 4th. We are doing our Covid test next Friday through Inspire. Have been in my house since Saturday to make sure I’m not exposed in any way. The test really has me freaking out. We are really looking forward to our cruise. Can’t wait to read your review.
  4. We leave in 2 weeks on the Encore. Received an email from NCL with the change to ISP. We had a train excursion booked and our money was refunded. The email was sent on 8/9.
  5. Our flight leaves at 11:10 in the morning so we can’t use the service. It would have been perfect to have our luggage already at the airport and not be looking for it in the hall. NCL booked our flights so hopefully we will be off the ship early
  6. 2 of my friends just returned from Alaska and they came home sick and tested positive. They were vaccinated and boosted and tested negative prior to their cruise. One of them said halfway through the cruise everyone was coughing. We sail September 4th which is after the new rules. We sail from Seattle which testing is not required but we stop in Victoria so we are going through with our testing date and will have results in hand just in case we need it.
  7. We are in Ketchikan 7-1:15. I think we will have to be off the ship early as possible. I watched a you tube video going from ward cove to downtown and it seems like quite a ride to get to Berth 4.
  8. Reading the reviews about this port. Went there in 2010 and loved it. I’m very concerned about this shuttle to town and back. We don’t have an excursion planned. We just wanted to go to Creek Street and do some shopping. We are contemplating doing the trolley excursion with NCL since it starts at 8 hoping to get extra time. I read the last shuttle to the ship is 11? Any alternatives such as getting a cab back to the ship? I don’t know what time is all aboard.
  9. It’s on my schedule for Wednesday, September 7th as well, 8 a.m. until 11 p.m.
  10. Sailing on the Encore 9/4 and we got the email today of the change. The hours in Icy Straight Point are 8 a.m. until 11 p.m.
  11. We got switched to Icy Straight Point this morning. Really bummed now. We sail September 4th
  12. Just received the email from NCL that Skagway stop has changed to Icy Straight Point instead. Hours are 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. We are not wanting to hike or zip line so not much else to do from what I have been reading. So bummed about this change. Sail date is September 4th
  13. Tooncamp

    NCL Flights

    We just received our flight information. They booked economy seats for us. As soon as I got the information I got on Delta and picked our seats. Our return flight is on Alaskan air and they assigned our seats. I’m in a window seat and my husband is across the aisle in a window seat. We will just ask the person in the middle seat if they would like a window seat or check available seats when we get back to Seattle. The times we received were great. We arrive in Seattle at 12:30 and we have a nonstop flight back leaving at 11 so we were very happy with that. We are flying in the day before our cruise.
  14. I received an email today saying 20 days before day of cruise. Going to Seattle
  15. We are down to 45 days left. Will our flight information be on my NCL app under air, hotel info? I read someone saw the record locators before they received an email. NCL sent me an email stating they couldn’t guarantee my sister and her husband would be on the same flight as us. We are leaving on the same day out of the same airport (New Orleans).
  16. Anyone tried this luggage service to their hotel pre cruise? I’m wondering what happens if my luggage gets there a day before we arrive?
  17. We are 53 days out and check my app daily for any info. We are flying to Seattle from New Orleans. We got an email from NCL stating they couldn’t guarantee that my sister and her husband would be on the same flight as us. We took the 1 day deviation. Now I wish we would have done 2 day. We are contemplating using shipgo to send our big luggage ahead because we are scared of lost luggage.
  18. Anyone ever used these services? It would cost $75.00 to ship a large suitcase not over 50 lbs. With all the stories of lost luggage and issues with the airlines we would prefer to send our 1 big suitcase ahead to our hotel and bring 1 carryon bag with us. We are flying to Seattle from Louisiana one day prior to boarding and it is Labor Day weekend
  19. Staying 1 block from Pike place market. How can we get to the waterfront to go to Pier 66 without a tremendous amount of steps. Will have 1 large suitcase and backpack. Is this doable or should we just Uber over?
  20. I got the email. My sister did not get it. We had paid to travel with. We are all departing from the same airport so we will just see what flight information we get. NCL did say they would credit my card $50 for the change. We are 58 days out
  21. We will be using NCL air for the first time. Flying out of NOLA to Seattle. Will fly in a day early so I’m not concerned about flight times on this one but I am concerned about our return flight. Hoping we don’t get a midnight return home. Our flight return is same day we disembark the ship
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