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  1. We made sure we saved enough money for "many other things while aboard the ship."
  2. We don’t have to be Mr or Mrs Slippery Slope here. We all know what a good hand washing amounts to. Soap and hot water. If you’re not sure how long to scrub sing your ABC’s in your head 3 times. But by the time we’re 20 we usually have it down.
  3. Ok the day we decide as a society that personal hygiene with disease prevention in mind is “living in a bubble” will be the day I’ll want to buy property on Galapagos. There is no acceptable such thing as “to each his own” when we’re talking about preventing the spread of communicable diseases. It was “to each his own” in 14th Century Europe when 200 million people dropped dead of the Black Plague. Hopefully the adults in the room can band together to make sure the people whose minds are still in the dark ages don’t kill us all. again.
  4. And anyone who has ever dreamed of seeing this splendid city should do so soon before it comes prohibitive, particularly for those of us across the pond.
  5. Yeah. Well, people had their chance when the ships were built with convenient wash basins at the front of every buffet and still people acted like they couldn't be bothered. Even on this message board I hear constantly from users who talk about this issue like they have some kind of constitutional right to show up to the dinner table with crap all over their hands if that's what they choose to do. It's everybody else's problem to wear the proper haz mat outfits. So take the option away from people and force them to keep their germs to themselves. I say bully for the cruiseline.
  6. I feel like the industry is anxious that if they bragged about these procedures, which are great and frankly obvious measures that every cruiseline should take, that it would somehow leave a negative image to their brand because they're the only ship on TV talking about bacteria. If that's the case, I think they're talking to the wrong focus group. People care about this stuff. Kudos for being brave if that's what this represents.
  7. If you're using a mac or iPhone do this: Select Print (CTRL+P) When the print preview window appears, select on the dropdown menu "SAVE AS PDF FILE". Open the PDF file and print it from your computer, rather than attempting to print it from a live server on the web that may be throttled for too much bandwidth. On an iPhone instead of the above step, pinch out the photo until the document opens as a PDF file, then save it to your files.
  8. A nice black jacket that fits perfectly, with (perhaps) a silk lapel, a pair of black creased pants and shiny black shoes. It's the shirt and the tie you choose that will make or break a "tuxedo look." Spend a little extra for the fancy, tuxedo front shirt, and don't cheap up on the tie. Learn to tie the damned thing. You should be able to stay under $400 and have a black suit that you can use in formal settings, weddings where you can't wait to leave and funerals. You'll have those to attend for the rest of your life. Why rent over and over something that wasn't even made to fit you? I think I built this for my husband from scratch for $480 or something like that at Macy's.
  9. Adored our balcony room in the Palazzo Sant'Angelo on the Grand Canal. You could lean out over the limestone with your coffee and see from the Rialto all the way to the cathedral at the other end of the canal. https://www.sinahotels.com/en/h/sina-palazzo-santangelo-venice/
  10. You know, I get that people quietly, secretly try to skip out on their taxes, avoid tipping a good service staffer, keep an extra 20 that fell out of an ATM machine or try to scam an insurance company because they were too lazy to read the instructions on their cruise form ... But publishing their dark thought processes in writing on the world wide web in front o' the gods and everybody. THAT I don't get.
  11. An airplane has to. ...... Wait for it........ Land.
  12. lol Accessing an available port on a TV in a room you've paid $5000 for is not "hacking." It's "using". As to the OP's question: If you can get someone who's currently on a ship to post the model and maybe even the model NUMBER of a TV you could easily search that model and locate the manual, most of which are readily available on the internet for free. From there scroll down to the section that shows you where all the buttons and functions are on the TV. Somewhere there's a button, or a setting within a button's functions, that gets you to "SOURCE". NCL would have to get TVs specially made to not be able to perform almost every function you can access on a remote, without one.
  13. Guess where the safest place to be on earth is in the event of the worst earthquake imaginable. Go on, guess.
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