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  1. Paris wasn't until my 3rd cruise. heh!
  2. If you can't figure out how to sit and just be ... on a lounger in the middle of the Atlantic or the Mediterranean, for an entire day you're doing it wrong. But I will say, those one hour massages are amazing if completely over priced.
  3. It's like the first time you smoke a cigarette. That buzz is incredible for a 12 year old. The serotonin coursing through your body makes you feel like everything you worried about your whole life wasn't even important anymore. I took a 14 day Grand Princess in 2006 from Rome, up to the French Riviera, down through the Bay of Naples, with Vesuvious towering in the background, gazed up at Etna passing through the Straight of Sicily, sat on my state room bed and watched the tiny Greek islands in the distance passing by like planets drifting past a space ship porthole, took my shoes off to feel the clay tile sidewalks in Mykonos and Corfu under my feet, and sat in my 3rd floor room of the Palazzo Santangelo overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice and cried my eyes out at how beautiful the view was toward the Rialto. I've been chasing that monkey every since.
  4. Guess what! They can be 5 minutes out from a port and change their minds and take you somewhere else not even IN your brochure, and there's not a thing you can do about it once you're on board. Read your passenger contract. You realize you can relax and save your energy being upset about real problems.
  5. Just stop at the kiosk, type in your confirmation number, and it will print you a boarding pass right in the airport lobby. Remember to "check in" anytime within 24 hours of your return flight. Most airlines will let you double check (and in some cases even change) your seat.
  6. How 'bout I pay for your Welbutrin so you can start your cessation program like the rest of us had to do.
  7. What airline, do you know yet? Because I can tell you "business" on American Airlines doesn't mean what it used to mean. Depending on the flight's itinerary you can be sitting in a coach style seat but getting your first two cocktails and they're calling that business class. The only true business class environment I've been able to book for less than 3 or 4 thousand dollar pp has been British Air. Some airlines are talking about phasing out the whole first class/business class terminology all together.
  8. lol In Rome he may look to see if it's US currency and not Euro, and then look up you like, "great. thanks. I'll use this then next time I see a 7-11."
  9. Yeah he's gonna take 5 bucks from as many people as he can, and then take an exorbitant 6 month trip around the world laced with drink and ladies. That's what that 65 year old, shabbily dressed grandfather of 12 is going to do with your precious tip. (good god.)
  10. Cafetiere. Add hot water, allow coffee grounds to steep for a couple minutes, plunge the grounds to the bottom. 5-Star Restaurant grade coffee instead of the "coffee in the wall" garbage you get from the mini pot and keurig setups. In order to truly extract the best cup, bring your own beans from a local roaster who roasted your beans a week or two before you left on your cruise. Even better, bring the beans whole and bring a little grinder to make it fresh. https://www.amazon.com/Utopia-Kitchen-Espresso-Stainless-Resistant/dp/B01N78X92P/ref=sxin_4_ac_d_pm?ac_md=1-0-VW5kZXIgJDIw-ac_d_pm&keywords=french+press&pd_rd_i=B01N78X92P&pd_rd_r=98cf4486-286b-4ebb-9d7d-428715c65ac2&pd_rd_w=91Alo&pd_rd_wg=KDZFs&pf_rd_p=aed08533-d0f3-456a-bfcd-3ec60fc417c9&pf_rd_r=7YJ9TMJRA1YZEXERE6K0&psc=1&qid=1568828174&s=gateway
  11. Clearly you're involved somehow. And you are typical of why people roll their eyes at stuff like this, rather than you just trying to be friendly and compassionate and gently lead people in to your camp. You're not a very good ambassador for your cause. You just repel people.
  12. Your first point ignores what I just said about the need to better educate the public as to the importance of this circus, as opposed to just expecting us all to "get it." Your second point is completely irrelevant. Ponies on a plane are less disruptive than a bomb, too. Why didn't you include that in your silly comparison?
  13. They're not ideal for airplanes and cruise ships. Also, the real benefits of support animals beyond just leader dogs need to be disseminated to the public a little better. If the public is slow to understand this moving target of farm and circus animals appearing in the darndest of places, it's because we don't fully understand why this animal is favored over that animals, and the varied disorders, disabilities and diseases each are best suited to. And that's on the medical community. Not the public at large.
  14. Yeah. This has gotten out of hand. https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/02/woman-pictured-sitting-service-horse-plane-10670918/
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