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  1. Yeah let’s not get hung up on that. My point still stands.
  2. Good luck. Let us know how it goes when you go on to Deck 7 and hear those bells dinging in the distance whether it's just ambient noise to you, or the voices of sirens of the sea.
  3. Although I cannot speak with authority, because I haven't been with MSC yet ... I've seen the answer be "yes, that's correct" several times with multiple MSC veterans. The basis being that the wifi equipment records your IP and MAC address and from that moment foreward will not allow any other address to connect without an override from IT.
  4. If you book a cruise on a ship that is filled with helium, and has to dock at a mooring mast 300 feet in the air in the middle of a lightning storm ... ...then I'd suggest you consider options.
  5. When exactly was "the last time" you went? This is such a typical drive-by bad review. The kind I tend to ignore except to scoff at. You have all your bases covered. Too covered. "I got poisoned. Oh, and so did tons of other people. Oh, and NOT people on my cruise. Other MSC Cruises. Oh and Travel Agents will even say I'm right." What food? Did you complain to MSC? Show us their response! What other people? Do you have evidence and verifiable quotes with names and other itineraries? Which Travel Agents say MSC has terrible food? This post is nothing but grudge porn.
  6. This is good to know. Although it would be the longest 45 minutes of my life, for sure.
  7. Yeah. If I can’t select my excursions 2 months out, I’ll be annoyed too.
  8. If the come in from the north, port side will be facing land. It’s just 6th grade physics. What they do once they enter your little “basin” is what’s irrelevant.
  9. Your full itinerary is not going to be visible until you get closer to embarkation day. Just keep checking back. How far out is your cruise?
  10. Can’t you just tell by the location of the previous port which would dictate from which direction you would approach? For example it looks like most itineraries put Ocean Cay right after Nassau which would have you approaching from the North, meaning port side would have the view, even if the Captain decided to spin it around before she docked.
  11. Yes. Completely. Everything you’ve said has been concocted conjecture.
  12. Great now EVERYONE ON CRUISE CRITIC will be calling when I’m trying to call at 9:30 Monday and I’ll be on hold for TWO HOURS AGAIN!!! (heh just kidding, I don’t need to call them) 😛
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