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  1. My husband just did the scuba excursion thru our ship (Carnival Conquest) a few weeks ago. They picked up directly from our ship, and went straight out to the reefs, all gear onboard with everyone's names on them. Worked very well. Not sure if it was sea sport but I am guessing it was. He really enjoyed it, and saving the tender time back and forth was worth the $$.
  2. THis happened to us last year.... it took about 2 weeks for the excursions to start showing up, and then it was almost a month before everything was up. Just hang in there.
  3. We just got back from the Conquest and had the wonderful Kyndall Fire as our CD. (she was our CD on Vista last Sept, so we knew she would be great). She was like Matt... all over the ship, stopping to talk to everyone, very much a people person. My video of her:
  4. Unfortunately it is TWO things.... it is cold and flu season...AND... because of that, people stuck on airplanes for hours with coughing and sneezing people end up sick. I asked my doc a few years ago why I always come home from a cruise and days later I am sick with coughing and runny nose. She said it is probably not the ship.... it is that airports and airplanes are filthy with germs. She advised me to take wet wipes with me on every plane and wipe down every surface near me. Ditto sitting in the airport waiting. Not much you can do sitting on the plane with the air being recirculated
  5. We were on the Carnival Conquest the week of Feb 8th with port stops in Belize, Grand Cayman, Roatan, and Cozumel. I did a few videos to share and thought I would do a short review of this excursion and answer any questions you have. We booked the excursion "Altun Ha Mayan Ruins with lunch" which was listed as 4 hours. It was actually more like 4 1/2 hours not counting the shuttle from the ship each way. If you have a little interest in Mayan ruins and want to only do a short tour, this is the one for you. If you are very interested in seeing Mayan ruins and learning about the civiliz
  6. Magic vs Freedom during Spring Break? Magic - hands down.
  7. Having sailed on all the ships you mention... I would recommend Vista, Magic, or Breeze. My reasoning is the kids have much more to do, so there will be more of them onboard the ship. Freedom is a fantastic ship, but its more for adults, no huge kid area with ropes, waterworks, etc. Vista has the skyride which is awesome. Vista and Breeze have the Thrill theater movies. Vista has the IMAX movie theatre. Just lots more to do for anyone who likes to "play".
  8. Showtimes totally depend on the Ship. We just got off the Conquest and shows were about 15-30 minutes later than other ships we have been on the past few years. We always do YourTimeDining... we eat as soon as they open, and we can get done around 7-7:15pm and hit first show that way. Going to dining room that early we stand in line for 5-10 minutes then get a table as soon as doors open (Conquest does not have the HUB app table request option yet like the Vista). And regarding the other dining room, set EArly or Late dining... if you show up late for your appoin
  9. Its okay, I have been cutting way back in past few years knowing that I would eventually be stopping. Its hardest on Ron as he no longer has a buddy, and we have been diving together since we both got certified back 20 yrs ago. We have 500+ dives together and so now he has to dive with strangers and its totally different. We always made a great buddy team. So he is still diving for now... just without me. He took my GoPro underwater on his dives, shot stills with his TG-5 and video with GoPro5, so I will have some underwater video to edit. Hope your health is better, too. Take car
  10. Nope, no diving for me anymore. Health issues.
  11. We just got back this past weekend from cruise on the Carnival Conquest. At Roatan, my DH went diving and I just hung out at port. One thing I did was finally ride the Flying Chairs! It was actually much more fun than I thought, really beautiful views and smooth ride. Unfortunately it was windy that day. my video:
  12. Taxis in Cozumel are controlled by a union, so to speak. They are required to charge the prices posted everywhere on the island. If they get caught overcharging, they can lose their license. So it is very very important to them to follow the rules. As far as time to get downtown... the past few years, with so many ships in port, and so many taxis, traffic can be horrible. So what used to take 10 minutes can now take 20-30 minutes depending what time of day. So depending on how many ships are in port the day you are there, keep this in mind.
  13. I wouldn't. Most of these massage places are independent contractors so you will need to pay cash. I always always pay cash in Cozumel. Its not that I don't trust people, but you have to understand they don't have the type of security to protect you in most regards, plus all vendors have to pay a fee at the bank to get their pesos in return. Its just easier for you and them if you deal in cash.
  14. we just got off the Conquest yesterday too! It was a fantastic cruise...... ... highlight was..... Kyndall Fire, boom boom boom! That is what she says her name is.... best cruise director EVER. Anyhow.... I shot lots of video and will be posting it sometime later this week, once I finish laundry and stuff. Wow, what fun she is.
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