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  1. ABQrobin

    Looking for information

    the beach at Mahogany Bay (Carnival owns it) is nice, but not as nice as some down on the West end of island. It will be more crowded with people because it is free, but there won't be vendors selling stuff while you sit there either. It just depends what you want in a "beach".
  2. ABQrobin

    Is there any town after you get off the tender?

    Take an excursion, to cave tube, or Mayan ruins, or outer island snorkeling, or zoo... the city is just a working city. Belize is a gigantic national park of nature, jungles, and islands. Don't waste time in the one and only city.
  3. ABQrobin

    Snorkeling Favorite

    Roatan is by far the best of that group. Reefs come right up to surface in many areas, so you are able to see everything while floating on the surface. Grand Cayman would be next, depending on where you go. Jamaica doesn't have reefs or fish, don't waste your money there. Costa Maya - haven't been there. Cozumel - reefs are too deep to really enjoy them, IMHO. Great scuba, mediocre snorkeling.
  4. ABQrobin

    Snorkel masks always leak.

    I have the same issue and I found the black-skirted masks fit better as the latex is softer than the clear stuff. Also, make sure you are not tightening it TOO much as that will break the seal. That is the problem I see with most people - they think if the masks leak, they should crank the straps down tighter. Wrong. Go to a dive shop, and ask about a black skirt mask. See if that fits better.
  5. ABQrobin

    Best fort to visit?

    We walked to both forts and had a beautiful day. They don't open until 9am, so we got there too early and had to wait. We loved San Cristobal, went there first, and there were less than a dozen people inside so we could walk around and go inside every room, up and down, take photos of the ship from the top, etc. Then we walked down towards El Moro which was much busier with people. We weren't there very long due to the crowds and heat, and we were hungry for lunch. We left there and walked towards the ship and found a restaurant for lunch. We had a leasurely lunch, then shopped a bit on our way back to the ship. It was a fantastic day, loved it, never felt rushed, and got back to the ship long before sailing time. if you are in decent shape the only hard part is that first hill up to the first fort, going counter-clockwise. Take your time, as I said it doesn't open doors until 9am. We spent over an hour inside, lots and lots to see. some photos walk down the road towards El Moro, there is a huge graveyard in between then into that fort Love Old San Juan. We have been there on another cruise since this one, didn't do the forts just walked around and found the wonderful huge cathedral, the lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Can't wait to go back!
  6. ABQrobin

    Best activities to do in Cozumel with 14 year old?

    Since this is your first cruise, I think you will be surprised how quickly he makes friends on the ship. He will probably be open to any excursion/activities at that point. Go ahead and book something and see how it goes on the cruise. You have until the day before each port to change any ship excursion, if that happens to fit better or he meets people on the ship doing something he suddenly wants to do with you.
  7. ABQrobin

    Carnival Website

    I just tried it, it worked but very SLOW.
  8. ABQrobin

    Maya Key or Pristine Bay Resort ?

    THAT was my point.
  9. ABQrobin

    Rooms not ready for Priority on Glory

    Some itineraries it seems to be a constant problem.. go on any cruise out of Galveston headed for Bahamas and over half the ship will be Platinum and Diamond. Its crazy. We did this last Feb, and honestly, we were in Group 1 to board, but there were so many getting on in that first group, that by the time they called FTTF and Group 1-3, there was less than half the ship left in the lobby holding area! It literally took over an hour to board just Platinum and Diamond alone. It was a great cruise, don't get me wrong, but embark and debark days where horrendous.
  10. ABQrobin

    Eastern or western???

    We love WESTERN by far more than Eastern although we love San Juan, etc. Belize, Roatan, and Cozumel.... been multiple times, going again in April... we like adventure and activities, we are not beach sitters! We will continue to do both Eastern and Western, plan to do a southern at some point when it works with our schedules.
  11. ABQrobin

    Is Cave Tubing really that good?

    If you get the excursion listed as "cave tubing with lunch included" then you get a full hot meal of baked chicken, rice and beans, salad. That is what we got and it was delicious. There is also a food stand right there by all the picnic tables where everyone eats with food for sale as well as drinks and adult beverages for sale. There is no reason to eat cereal boxes from ship.
  12. ABQrobin

    Maya Key or Pristine Bay Resort ?

    I never said it was a big deal about it not being a resort. I just wanted the OP to know it isn't a resort and the other one is a resort.
  13. ABQrobin


    Coffee Chocolate Wood carvings
  14. ABQrobin

    Maya Key or Pristine Bay Resort ?

    Maya Key is just an island, not a resort. It has all types of things around the island, lots of zoo animals (huge jaguars, all rescues) and a small Mayan museum, a pool, and a food area. There is a fenced off area with nurse sharks, and a sea lion feeding show (we didn't do either). Its just an island though if you are looking for a "resort". It does have a long pier by the beach area, walk to end and get in water to snorkel the reef.
  15. ABQrobin

    Is Cave Tubing really that good?

    I don't remember it being any longer than 15-20 minutes. On the walk the guide is talking also, and stopping at various plants and trees to talk about them. Very interesting and a time to rest a bit if needed. There are a couple of gravel areas and some tree roots but I didn't think it was hard at all. Then you get in the water and it is so refreshing! The guide ties all the tubes together, you sit down, and go... And when you come out of the cave, you are right where they pick up the tubes, right back at the starting spot so you don't carry it anymore.