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  1. ABQrobin

    Sell me on Amber Cove

    Amber Cove does have a specific childrens pool area, which your son will love. It is all free. Food is very limited at port, which is sad. That is something I would like to see improved. But the pool area is very nice and huge, tons of chairs, umbrellas are $20 per day and cover 2 chairs.
  2. ABQrobin

    Punta Sur?

    If you want to go to Punta Sur, I highly recommend you do an excursion. That way all transportation is supplied and you can just sit back and enjoy. It is a LONG way down to the farthest point south on island (that's what Punta Sur means). Taxis to and from are expensive.
  3. ABQrobin

    Excursions + Self Exploration?

    Cozumel is the perfect destination for exploring on your own for several reasons. #1.... everyone is friendly and helpful, most speak perfect English. #2... taxis are available on the westside of island, anywhere anytime. (this is the side of all cruise ports) #3.... hundreds of restaurants, all reasonably priced. #4... cheap beach clubs #5.... water sports, snorkeling, diving, etc available and the list goes on....
  4. ABQrobin

    Coral Breeze Tours - awesome trip!

    Sounds like a perfect day. Thanks for posting.
  5. ABQrobin

    Belize City Tours and Guides

    Belize City is a working city, it is not a tourist city. Really not much to see other than businesses and schools. Belize is a beatiful country with the focus on "Natural" beauty = massive jungles and historic mayan ruins, or outer tropical islands with beach vibe. Not much else to see or do in whole country. Do yourself a favor and see that part of the country - do an excursion.
  6. We did Coba as a land tour when vacationing in Cozumel, not a cruise.
  7. ABQrobin

    Tour Company To Build Your Own Tour

    Uxmal is 2 hour drive each way from the port. Keep that in mind. You will want at least an hour if not 2 hours to really enjoy it, also. That leaves you very little time to do other activities. Just my opinion as I have been there. Incredible place, but not lots of time for adding on.
  8. ABQrobin

    Montego bay outside excursions

    Montego Bay I would look at doing the rafting Martha Brae river, or tour of Rose Hall, then lunch afterwards at Pork Pit. Post the questions on the Grand Cayman and Cozumel forums for those.... tons of things to do at each.
  9. ABQrobin

    Snorkel Decision - Help Appreciated

    Bonaire is like being in a gigantic aquarium full of fish. No kidding. You cannot go wrong with snorkeling or scuba there. Easiest and most fish of anywhere. Coral reefs come right up to shore, so fish and colorful coral easily seen in shallow water. Only place that comes close in the whole Caribbean is Roatan, but Bonaire is still better.
  10. ABQrobin

    Best Excursions Cozumel

    Taxi to Money Bar.... nice relaxing atmosphere, just buy drinks or lunch and sit and enjoy the view. Afterwards have taxi drop you off downtown for walking around, shopping, people watching.
  11. you are welcome and have a great time!
  12. ABQrobin


    unfortunately, I never got around to it. They don't fit on my scanner/printer, so I was trying to photograph and wasn't having any luck. I gave up.
  13. ABQrobin

    First visit to Cozumel, suggestions?

    Cozumel is one of the easiest and safest ports anywhere. Do not be afraid to hop in a taxi and go somewhere. Just be aware - the "wild side" or east side of island has ZERO electricity and therefore is deserted except for a few tiny bars set up daily run by generators. If you go over there, you need to pay your taxi to stay, otherwise you won't have a ride back. Its better to do the CozumelBarHop if you want to see that side. On the west side of the island there are hundreds of restaurants, beaches and beach clubs, shops downtown by the hundreds... no kidding. You want it, you can find it. People are warm and friendly. All-inclusives - I don't really see a need for them. Food is very cheap, and very good, about anywhere you stop. Chankanaab is a state park, it has sorta the feel of that, too. For a first visit to Cozumel it might work for you. But don't be afraid, just enjoy this paradise.
  14. ABQrobin

    Best snorkeling.. Chank or Money Bar?

    Here's the deal with snorkeling in Cozumel. I am a scuba diver and have been going to Cozumel almost every year for 18+ years for a week land based vacation. I can tell you that most of the coral reefs in Cozumel are fabulous, but too deep to snorkel. There are only a couple close to shore. Your best bet to see lots of fishlife is to take a boat out on a snorkel tour. ALL the snorkel tours will visit those same shallow reefs, Dzul Ha (right in front of Money Bar), Paradise reef (just south of the cruise ship piers) and a place waaaaaaay down south Columbia Shallows. If you really want to see fish and coral, take a boat trip. If you don't, then Chankanaab park and Money Bar have okay shore snorkeling. robin
  15. ABQrobin


    Do a search under GLORY. I have a huge trip report posted with hundreds of photos.