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  1. Sounds like a perfect day! And you got to see the "real" people of Cozumel - all very friendly, generous, and love their island. Thanks for posting.
  2. Why not do the Caye Caulker island trip with Coral Breeze tours? Go to the island there, walk around, eat lunch, and chill for several islands, boat ride back to port.
  3. The water is the same temperature year round. It is a bit chilly, but since you are in the jungle, with 90% humidity, the water feels refreshing. And FYI - the river runs thru the caves, so its the same temp inside and outside.
  4. ABQrobin

    Punta sur

    You can also tell the greeter at the Taxi station that you have a group of 8 and want a van and driver for day to Punta Sur. They will give you a flat price per hour you book. That way he stays with you and you don't have to call for a taxi return. Its probably 45 min drive each way, so maybe 4 hours down there max? Either way, just dont' expect to get a return taxi unless you have already scheduled one. They don't cruise the road all the way down there to tip of island. Don't get stranded and miss the ship.
  5. Schwartz is my hubby's favorite CD. We talked with him several times on the Breeze. He is from Georgia, real southern charm, a little wacky at times like Dr E but not quite as over the top all day long.
  6. You don't say which cruise line you are on... Carnival has a snorkel tour there: Snorkeling at Wonderful Hol Chan Marine Reserve (12 Reviews) Starting At: $89.99 / Person *Prices may vary by sailing and Sharks, Rays, Barrier Reef Snorkel & Island Escape (291 Reviews) Starting At: $94.99 / Adult (ages 13 and over) $84.99 / Child (ages 5 - 12) *Prices may vary by sailing Snorkel over the Barrier reef and enjoy an up close encounter with nurse sharks and stingrays in their natural environment on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Read more and I know the Independent operator https://www.coralbreezetours.com/ also goes there.
  7. Okay, I understand why now.... however, all those lists for snorkeling spots just mean the general areas around Ambergris that the tourists who stay ON that island visit. There isn't shore snorkeling there, it is all by boat, and they are going to visit many of the same places that the cruise ships take people... like the shark/ray alley, etc. It is approx half way between the two destinations (Ambergris and cruise ship anchor site) and it would be silly of you to travel to Ambergris and then take a boat right back out where you came from. Does that help? I am not trying to insult you, just trying to help you get the visual and understanding of where things are located.
  8. ABQrobin

    Bar Hop

    Start time varies according to when ships are in... I think our meet time was 10am. And yes, you can get drunk on the tour. We had 12 people on our tour and about half were buzzed with 3 of those downright drunk. No one barfed on the bus, luckily. No kidding, you are at each beach club 20-30 minutes, plenty of time to get multiple drinks and some people had them put in plastic cups to take back on bus. I think we were the only 2 people who did not order multiple drinks, as I drank sodas after my shot and DH drank a beer at each stop or a soda. We also ate food at 2 stops, which some people did not eat at all.
  9. ABQrobin


    Just tell your taxi driver to take you to Tropicante. He/She will stop right at the street, you get out of taxi and someone from there will walk you to the beach club, explain how it works, and let you pick out your chairs. It is really easy, no reservations needed.
  10. Did the kayak excursion, absolutely LOVED it.
  11. We did not do it, but we met some people onboard last time to Roatan who did it... they LOVED it, couldn't quit talking about it (adult male and son). Neither of them had done anything like that before and were amazed at the fishlife. They enjoyed it so much they decided to do Discover Scuba at Cozumel to see if they both wanted to get certified. They were both hooked. If you go on TripAdvisor you will see rave reviews. The only negatives I have read are regarding bad weather, which is no fault of the excursion.
  12. We did it just a few years ago, here's my video. It is UP a hill, so take your time and wear a hat!
  13. What is wrong with the water onboard the ship? We always take our nice waterbottles from home, and filll at the cooler on Lido a few times a day.
  14. Motor City is all the biggest Motown hits. 88 Keys is all piano man songs - Billy Joel, Elton John, etc. Country Roads is sort of a story with songs used to tell it, least favorite of any of the shows for me, and I like Country music. Flick is very different, kind of a fantasy and telling of movie magic by songs with a narrator who acts the magic out. VERY good. just my 2 cents.
  15. Sharks have a keen sense of smell, and honestly we humans probably smell like toxic waste from the chemical infused crap we eat. Occasionally sharks will go in for a 'taste' but it is because we look like a seal (favorite food) or there are fishermen nearby throwing fish guts in the water, forming a bloody oily chum that the sharks smell. It is horrible that this woman was bitten and bled to death, horrible. The Bahamas is known for all its sharks (many oceanfront restaurants actually throw food in water to attract them for the tourists) as well as all the sport fishermen there... so the sharks hang out there in bigger numbers than most other islands...free food, that is what sharks like. So the Bahamas do have more shark attacks, for sure, but the numbers are really quite low overall. I think NC and Fla coasts have more.
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