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  1. ABQrobin

    Cozumel - September & October

    It rains almost every day in Cozumel, from Jan-Dec. Usually only a passing shower, never all day unless it is a hurricane. Aug-Sept is so HOT that when the shower comes by it refreshes the air, and is a welcome respite from the heat. To me, the worst months to go to Coz are Dec-Jan-Feb just because it can be windy, and then all boat activities are cancelled. Otherwise, the island is perfect 365 days a year.
  2. ABQrobin

    must book scuba through cruise line now?

    Cozumel is different than most ports regarding scuba. Most places have a handful of large scuba operations, all attached to a hotel business. Cozumel, on the other hand, has 90% as independent dive operations where each owns maybe 1 boat, not attached to any company. So there are literally 60-80 dive shops on the island. As I said, most only have 1 small 6-pack boat, some have 2 boats. This means that MOST dive ops on the island cannot accomodate the cruise ships as any one day they may have 4-40 divers, no way to know until the last minute. These small dive ops cannot afford to hold a dive boat aside just for cruise divers. Its just not good $$$ to let a boat sit. So... the other factor is that the dive sites are far out and south on the island from the port piers. So it is 30-45-even 60 minute boat ride each way. Dive boats usually pick up divers, then head out around 7:30-8:30am. This is too early for most cruise ship passengers, hence my remark above about holding a boat back to accomodate the cruisers. So... this means that a dive op, in order to get the contract with Cruise Lines must: #1 - have enough boats to accomodate divers, as well as enough rental gear, and must hold the boats for arrival times. I only know of a few dive ops on Cozumel who can do this... SandDollar was one but lost the contract last year after one of their boats sank (no one was injured). I have no idea who the "new" cruise ship operator is, but I am guessing it is a separate business. If your cruise ship arrives on Cozumel at 7am, you may be able to book with an independent operator, but only if they have room on their boat and if you have enough people. Due to cost of gas to get down south to reefs, they need at least 4 divers, its just a dollars and cents issue. Any dive op will love your business, if it is financially a good fit. I hope this helps, you and others going to Cozumel. Cozumel has so many dive ops as it is the BEST diving for the Best price in this hemisphere, IMHO. We've been going there for week vacations to dive for almost 20 years. Love the place, it is like a second home to us. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. robin
  3. ABQrobin

    Water temperature in December

    Rainy season in Roatan is Oct-Nov-Dec-Jan. It can be clear and sunny or rain all day, no guarantees.
  4. ABQrobin

    1-Mile Drift Snorkel vs. Snorkel Hopping Tour?

    Snorkeling in Roatan is like a swimming pool, very little wave action unless there is a storm. The only reason they would call it a drift snorkel is the boat is probably not anchored, it follows the group along and picks up anyone who wants to get back onboard. The current at Roatan is minimal (nothing like Cozumel which is true drift).
  5. ABQrobin

    Carnival Cruise - Day in Mahogany Bay with 2 year old!?

    Stay in port. Mahogany Bay has a nice beach area with free chairs, then a nice shopping area to walk around. You don't need to do an excursion, and you can go back on the ship anytime you want, as many times as you want all day. Its an easy port. google Mahogany Bay Roatan and you can get a nice map of the port on their website.
  6. ABQrobin

    Carnival Cruise - Day in Belize with 2 year old!?

    I think there is a minimum age for most actiivities that require a boat, like the beach clubs. You might want to look at the excursion to the zoo. It isn't like an American zoo, it is a preserve, so more rustic but only local animals which is nice. Not sure there is much else other than just shopping in the port area (after taking the 20 min tender to shore).
  7. ABQrobin

    Belize City- Zipline and snorkel private tour?

    Nope...too far apart. Snorkeling is only done on the outer islands, where the coral is at. Must take a boat out, usually an hour or so ride each way. Ziplining is done in the mountains inland and at least 1.5 hour drive from port the opposite direction.
  8. ABQrobin

    Just Want The Beach

    Here is a map to help..... the island actually runs East-West, but the map here shows you the layout of the island. There are very few paved roads, basically just the one that runs the length of the island, then a few off shoots. Other roads are dirt and bumpy! It is a long way on windy hilly roads from one end to other, so that determines a part of the cost of excursions...gas is not cheap.
  9. ABQrobin

    Just the 2 of us, want quiet beach for the day

    Carnival owns the port, Mahogany Bay...and you walk right off the ship into the shopping area, take a right to walk right to the beach. Free beach chairs, pay extra for a clamshell cover if you want. Easy peasy. Waiters for food and beverages, cash only. Really nice area.
  10. ABQrobin

    Sell me on Amber Cove

    Amber Cove does have a specific childrens pool area, which your son will love. It is all free. Food is very limited at port, which is sad. That is something I would like to see improved. But the pool area is very nice and huge, tons of chairs, umbrellas are $20 per day and cover 2 chairs.
  11. ABQrobin

    Punta Sur?

    If you want to go to Punta Sur, I highly recommend you do an excursion. That way all transportation is supplied and you can just sit back and enjoy. It is a LONG way down to the farthest point south on island (that's what Punta Sur means). Taxis to and from are expensive.
  12. ABQrobin

    Excursions + Self Exploration?

    Cozumel is the perfect destination for exploring on your own for several reasons. #1.... everyone is friendly and helpful, most speak perfect English. #2... taxis are available on the westside of island, anywhere anytime. (this is the side of all cruise ports) #3.... hundreds of restaurants, all reasonably priced. #4... cheap beach clubs #5.... water sports, snorkeling, diving, etc available and the list goes on....
  13. ABQrobin

    Coral Breeze Tours - awesome trip!

    Sounds like a perfect day. Thanks for posting.
  14. ABQrobin

    Belize City Tours and Guides

    Belize City is a working city, it is not a tourist city. Really not much to see other than businesses and schools. Belize is a beatiful country with the focus on "Natural" beauty = massive jungles and historic mayan ruins, or outer tropical islands with beach vibe. Not much else to see or do in whole country. Do yourself a favor and see that part of the country - do an excursion.
  15. We did Coba as a land tour when vacationing in Cozumel, not a cruise.