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  1. My wife won a bottle of champagne shooting skeet on the Sunward II.
  2. X canceled our cruise last Sunday. We have another cruise in August. We could have applied the 125% FCC credit to the Aug cruise. Seems like a good deal but once you spend it on a future cruise it's spent and you don't get it back. It's a one time thing. If the Aug cruise gets canceled we would be out the FCC. So, we took the refund instead.
  3. I'm a fan of Manhattans on the rocks. I like Bulliet and Woodford Reserve but heck, just about any bourbon or rye will do. Some are better than others but it's all good.
  4. Ah, the good old Majesty. We sailed on her for our second* RC cruise and first 7 night cruise way back in Aug of 99. Been on about 20 cruises since but that one was a favorite. Always interesting to hear about her. *Our first RC cruise was on the Empress.
  5. The odds are pretty slim of contracting the Wu Flu if you don't go to places where people are infected. We have three cruises booked for this year and two for next year. Not considering canceling unless things get a lot worse.
  6. FYI, whenever they say buy one get one 50% off on anything what they are really saying is a 25% discount. But with RC, it's 25% off of what? As there is no real set price for the drink package. It is a nebulous number based on a marketing ploy. The best way to get the best price is to go on your cruise planner everyday and check the price. It may go up, it may go down. Having said that $51 is probably as low as it's going to go.
  7. Will you cancel your cruise if they don't have it?
  8. The party starts on Saturday and runs through Tuesday. Plenty of parades and stuff to do on Sunday and Monday. The French quarter and Bourbon street are very, very busy the whole time. The big party is on Tuesday night however. I'm not sure you need to do Fat Tuesday other than to say you did it.
  9. There is a cruising ducks FB page (a bunch actually). The one called Cruising Ducks-Original group has lots of tag templates on it. Left column-Files
  10. I used Dive Adventures through Aqua Mania on St. Maarten and everything went smoothly. Their shop was a short 10 min walk from the port. Aqua Mania is Dive Adventures booking agent. https://www.stmaarten-activities.com/en/scubadiving They are what the ships use. When I went I booked directly with them which was cheaper. The boat I was on had only 5 divers, the ship's excursion had 10 or 12.
  11. tap water is very good on board. We don't buy water, we bring a water bottle and fill it up.
  12. You're always going to find the Walmart shoppers no matter where you go.😁 It's classy to dress up however.
  13. On the other hand....doing your class/confined water part at home and check out dives in the Caribbean allows you experience a number of different instructors. Every instructor does things a little differently and emphasizes different things. What's relevant in a murky inland lakes may not be relevant in the ocean and vice verses so I guess it depends on where you intend to dive. I did my open water dives on a cruise with two different instructors on two islands on different days. Each instructor one went back through the basics to ensure I knew my stuff. It was interesting to see
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