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  1. TMaine, Thanks for advance posting. Would you be able to find similar schedules for Apex ports of call? Thanks
  2. Does anybody know or have past experience with Celebrity moving the flights to a new itinerary? I wonder if they can keep same dates and class of services. Thanks!
  3. It no longer appears on Epic's description at NCL, even though still visible on the deck plan. It is difficult to believe NCL decided to retire this venue. Any idea why it is absent?
  4. You can have the same level of privacy on a balcony in almost any haven family villa on Epic. If it sails
  5. Did you look at 2BR Grand Suite? It is usually less expensive than CLS or WS, but offers much more for a large family.
  6. Would very much like to see the Priscilla gone in this drydock and replaced with smth less progressive...
  7. It looks like yesterday Epic moved to Marseille from La Seyne-sur-Mer where it was docked for a while. Is it a sign that she is going to be refurbished according to the original schedule?
  8. @Dr65: I had exactly the same problem, had an agent from Flight by Celebrity investigate as he himself observed exactly the same discrepancy, was on hold for ~15 min while the agent was talking to his supervisor. The end result - is actually no result. It looks like when quoting, their system is looking for the cheapest fare given relatively non-stringent inputs, say a roundtrip during August-September 2021 but does not look for specifically your days of travel. When you enter your reservation ID it does. In all good days when the choice air worked for all three lines (RCCL, Azamara and X
  9. Yeah, for cruises going out of Florida. But where exactly will they be calling? I am afraid the calling options would be limited to the private islands
  10. You can still use the choiceair with any RCCL itinerary over a similar time frame to get flight quotes for your X cruise, just manually override the pre populated start and end airports. Then you can select a particular flight and call flights by celebrity to actually purchase it. From my past experience, the RCCL-based flights were "almost" the same as X's on choiceair. "Almost" means there was $15 or $25 systematic difference.
  11. Why don't you guys initiate a dispute with a credit card. This is what I did when they changed the equipment to the worse.
  12. Can you instead get a PH on the Alaska cruise? That would be a much better use of PH in my opinion
  13. I think cruise companies must come up with innovative ideas that also should be supported by general public, otherwise it is hard to believe the situation will remedy itself by the summer. What those innovative ideas could be? Have them test 100% for the virus at embarkation? Require everyone on board to wear a face mask? Who knows
  14. What is your air situation? When contemplating the cancel and wait option, do you want to keep air intact?
  15. Back in time those wealthy people who could afford a Penthouse, often had classic education. Think about Jeeves and Wooster
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