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  1. You can still use the choiceair with any RCCL itinerary over a similar time frame to get flight quotes for your X cruise, just manually override the pre populated start and end airports. Then you can select a particular flight and call flights by celebrity to actually purchase it. From my past experience, the RCCL-based flights were "almost" the same as X's on choiceair. "Almost" means there was $15 or $25 systematic difference.
  2. voyager1964

    Tap Air

    Why don't you guys initiate a dispute with a credit card. This is what I did when they changed the equipment to the worse.
  3. Can you instead get a PH on the Alaska cruise? That would be a much better use of PH in my opinion
  4. I think cruise companies must come up with innovative ideas that also should be supported by general public, otherwise it is hard to believe the situation will remedy itself by the summer. What those innovative ideas could be? Have them test 100% for the virus at embarkation? Require everyone on board to wear a face mask? Who knows
  5. What is your air situation? When contemplating the cancel and wait option, do you want to keep air intact?
  6. Back in time those wealthy people who could afford a Penthouse, often had classic education. Think about Jeeves and Wooster
  7. Something that I do not get: I purchased a classic Aria full face, size L/XL. My wife tried it and loved it. Well, almost - she felt like it was too large. When I looked for a smaller size (M/L), the classic was mostly out of stock but then the newer model, Aria QR just came in and I ordered the QR. The QR seems to be a more sophisticated model as it has Go pro and also you can quickly un-buckle the belts. BUT, it somehow is harder to breath😢 Even if you do not attach the snorkel, the QR requires more effort to breath than the classic. Does anybody knows why? Is it possible to mitigate? The QR fits ideally to her face.. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello LauraS, I wonder where the Q&A topic is now? The link does not work any longer. I am curious because my particular question, unlike all the others was not answered by Lisa. Yet, I believe Celebrity decided to pick my idea and implement it on three ships (and get a lot of additional revenue). Thanks, voyager
  9. You are considering the refundable fare option, correct? Then you can make the no-risk reservation with air2sea, obtain the booking code and then attempt to check your actual flights on Delta. If you don't like what you find, you can cancel the reservation.
  10. Goofysmom99, This is in line with my observations. But, even the choiseair web (aka CruisingPower) is not consistent. I mean, if I use generic choice (no preferred time and no preferred air carrier), I get prices that are reasonable to choiceair (~25% of official fare for oneway business). But, if I specify the time window that covers one of these reasonable flights, the price jumps ~150%, but still below the official fare! And if I specify the carrier, the price becomes exactly the official fare, and the same you can get with FlightsbyCelebrity. Very close to your $1500-> $3500 --> $5000 example.
  11. I agree that something strange is going on with Flights by Celebrity and also with other RCCL-branded flights. While last year, there were aplenty of flights (one-way business Europe-US) at very reasonable prices (<$1,000, i.e., ~20% of the published fare), nothing like that appears to be available for practically entire 2020. The flights available right now for 2020 (May-October) are practically the same as the published fare, the only advantage of X's flights would be the delayed payment. Perhaps we all need to start annoying Flights by X and have them strike a better deal with the air? Flights by Princess, for example, still show very attractive fares for 2020.
  12. The Cyber Monday sale may not include Fall 2021: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/CEL_The_BIG_Deal_Offer_Nov.pdf
  13. You get a better room service menu for breakfast in C*
  14. It looks like the public is more tolerable these days than eight years ago:
  15. Very informative review! May I ask, why did not you use room service for early breakfast? Thanks
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