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  1. Thank you for posting and following up on this for the board!
  2. Select dining shows as 6-10pm in our cruise planner. However, we typically arrive around 5:45 and have been promptly seated and orders taken. When we want to go to the 7pm show we let our waiters know and we skip desert. We've been successful with changing to anytime while onboard. As others recommend, request to be waitlisted. We were switched to anytime via the waitlist on at least 1 cruise that I can recall. On another occasion we went directly to the MDR upon boarding to check on our request to change and were informed they'd need check to see if this is possible and to please keep the current seating for the 1st night. By the 2nd night we received a notice in our room telling us we were switched to select. I've met more than a couple of people who say they just showed up on the select side of the restaurant to ask to be seated and they were accommodated. There are always people with specialty restaurant reservation, making those tables available.
  3. What happened to the morning paper was a question asked when LLP had her recent Q&A here on CC. Morning Newspaper: Please bring back the Daily Newspaper that was published in multiple languages at Guest Relations. It is a very small item that always brought me much pleasure. I always looked forward to picking it up in the mornings and reading the current news over a cup of coffee. I like to disconnect from the world and prefer that I do not have to carry my phone with me while on board to keep up with daily events on board. If cost is a factor just add it to my fare. I will gladly pay for these small pleasures. Response from LLP: Hello. Thank you for your comment. We have had a strong initiative to avoid printing when possible as part of our environmental efforts on-board. If you would like a particular Daily in a specific language, please let Guest Relations team know and they will be able to assist. Have a great rest of your day!
  4. Not technically, but you can ask the bartender for each of the drinks in a flight, one at time, until you have completed the full flight. 😁
  5. I think the introduction of the "Premium Plus Package" has some people confused. - If you selected the Classic Alcohol package as a perk you Can pay to upgrade to the Premium Alcohol package. - If you selected the Classic Alcohol package as a perk you CANNOT upgrade to the Premium Plus package. - If you selected the Premium Alcohol package as a perk you CANNOT upgrade to the Premium Plus package. - If you paid extra (not via a perk) for the Classic Alcohol package then you CAN pay to upgrade to the Premium Plus package. - If you paid extra (not via a perk) for the Premium alcohol package then you CAN upgrade to the Premium Plus package. Hopefully I have this correct! It's very confusing.
  6. Same for us at the Martini Bar on the Eclipse. Also, my DS and I had the included drink packages, but my DH (light drinker) only had the Elite+ drinks on the card from 5-7. However, the bartenders just kept giving my DH refills even outside of the 5-7 hours saying not to worry about it. There were no drink charges to our cabin. We tipped well at the end of the cruise, not earlier, so I think they were just being nice.
  7. I agree with you, X underestimated the response to what they considered to be a minor cut.
  8. I've used the celebrityonetouch email a couple of times. Once to ask what I should do if I don't hear back from the Special Needs dept and recently to voice my concern over the movies removal. I did not give my phone # in either email and received emailed responses within 48hrs.
  9. I guess this article needs to be updated!
  10. Yes, the reunion cruise and president's cruise are different sailings. We were on the Dec reunion cruise, and same as a prior poster, didn't realize it was a reunion cruise until we after we booked. We were given a list of reunion cruise events in our cabin on embarkation day. These included several CC specific events and entertainment, but seemed like everyone on the ship could access these. There was a decent free excursion for CC members only. There were also for CC members only pay excursions and dinners. We thought these were too expensive so only accessed the free events. We received a nicer than usual bag in our cabin, plus a souvenir wine bottle opener kit. Overall we had a nice time and would book another reunion cruise if it was a cruise we had planned to take anyway.
  11. lol, my response from Celebrityonetouch.com had my name spelled correctly with Dear Ms. xxxxx, but then it was incorrectly spelled further in the email.
  12. As an FYI, when this happens you can ask the moderator to merge the two threads so neither loses any posts.
  13. Yes, similar scenario for the Brazil side. The Hotel das Cataratas is a Belmond property, located inside the park on the Brazil side. It's similarly priced to Melia. It's a beautiful hotel, but the big draw is the inside the park view of the falls, which is why this is a preferred hotel for those who head home via Brazil rather than Argentina. We visited Iguazu at the start of our trip and needed to return to BA. Some of our fellow cruisers planned a visit to Iguazu post cruise, so flew from BA to Iguazu, visited the Argentina side for a day, then went to the Brazil side and flew back to the US via Brazil airports.
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