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  1. You could stop in Michael's for a pre-dinner drink and take a glass of wine from Michael's with you into Luminae. We saw more than a few people doing this on our cruise.
  2. Your question is interesting, given this string of responses. We've had drink packages on our last couple of cruises. I upgrade to premium and my DH stays with classic. On our last cruise myself and our son had the premium package and my DH had no package. I order Pellegrino every night at dinner. When we eat in a specialty restaurant the bottle has never been left on the table. It's usually in an ice bucket near the table. The waiter fills our glasses when they look low. Sometimes the waiter automatically fills both glasses and other times they don't. When we ate in MD the waiters tended to leave the bottle on the table so we could self fill our glasses. On our last cruise where there were 3 of us, the waiter made it a point of telling us not to worry about sharing the bottle with the 3 of us.
  3. Shealea, the same situation has happened to us on past cruises. Maybe we're just lucky, but we've been able to switch to Select Dining as soon as we get onboard. There were 1 or 2 cruises where we were asked to stay with the original seating for the first night and then received a note in our room that our dining assignment was changed for future nights. I've also seen people who showed up at the Select door be accommodated on a space available basis.
  4. Thanks for the chart. Interesting info, especially regarding suite pricing.
  5. I appreciate your clear, detailed response! Thank you
  6. Ive booked through the big box TA that I believe people are posting about and know they didn’t participate in the prior phone call dependent program that required the TA to pass on a message indicating eligibility for a paid upgrade. However the current move up program addresses that problem by booking the move up directly through the passenger and not the TA, unless I’m missing something.
  7. I'm a little confused by some of the posts in this thread. I've received move up offers directly to my email and I book through a range of TA's. However, I haven't bid on any of the offers to date. For those of you who received an offer and booked through a TA, when you submitted your bid did the system involve your TA in any way? From what I read on the Celebrity website, you place a bid online (not through your TA), if your bid is accepted then your credit card is automatically charged and you get notified of the move up and new cabin. How does this impact the TA and is the TA even notified that you moved up and changed cabins?
  8. We've been on quite a few Celebrity ships, including the Silhouette and have never been disturbed by disembarkation announcements. We always try to leave as late as we can and there were times where I needed to open the cabin door so I could hear what number they were on from the hallway speakers.
  9. Oops, you are correct, no extra points when booking as a move up.
  10. Yes as long as these are non-alcoholic drinks.
  11. Yes, the cabins on the slant have larger (deeper) balconies due to the slant. The cabins on the hump that have a straight front have normal sized balconies.
  12. This is just my opinion. We've been in Aqua and in the hump cabin several times each. For $200 total we'd absolutely go for the Aqua upgrade. There's a reason why those cabins sell at a higher price than the hump verandas. First, the humps have deeper balcony's but some feel like they are more like a tunnel than the larger balcony they expected. We like being in the shade, so enjoy the hump balcony's. For us eating in Blu is more preferable than eating in the larger MDR. The service is better and breakfast is enjoyable. Aqua gives you open access to the Persian Gardens room. If you are sailing on an S class ship the Persian Gardens room is a nice amenity to have. If you are sailing on an M class ship then it's an interesting spot to visit. I haven't heard if this space has been altered on ships that have been edgified. Also, if you plan to join the Captain's Club then the Aqua room gives you more cruise points.
  13. A qualifying purchase is any purchase paid for using the credit card.
  14. Hi cheeseheads4ever, our TA books the cruise, but our credit card statement shows that we paid directly to Celebrity via our TA.
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