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  1. The 3 basic smoothies were also on the room service menu when staying in a concierge on up cabin. Anyone with a premium bev package can get the special smoothies from the Spa Cafe.
  2. According to a recent webinar, Celebrity will provide the test free of charge to all passengers on the ship beginning 2 days prior to disembarkation. You'll receive your results via email.
  3. The Apex webinar from last month indicated the MC would be used as a restaurant and tender platform.
  4. I believe that Celebrity has a TA incentive program where passengers who book within a group can receive extra OBC per cabin that is non-refundable. This would look like extra OBC from a TA, but it's from Celebrity so non-refundable. In the past we've booked from an online TA who gave 10% OBC that was refundable.
  5. Something similar happened to me. The ship I was booked on was eventually redeployed and the itinerary cancelled. Maybe you'll be lucky and end up with a longer cruise than you originally booked.
  6. Regarding the OP's 2nd question: If staying in the same cabin could all your belongings stay put? If not in the same cabin can you pack up and have your suitcases delivered directly to the new cabin so your belongings don't go off ship? If staying in a suite cabin, can you have the butler manage some of the packing and movement of your belongings. For example, keep whatever is hanging in the closet on hangers and have these items moved to the new closet?
  7. molemaui, you may want to consider having your full group downgrade to regular verandas and then apply the savings to daily reservations at specialty restaurants. You may save a few $ and will have a nicer and more varied dining experience.
  8. It's my understanding that the CDC is tracking all vaccinations, including those given at local pharmacies, medical offices, and National Guard sites. Celebrity has indicated they have a plan to verify vaccination dates for potentially fraudulent cards, although they haven't said what that specific plan is.
  9. I received an email about this from Celebrity about 2 hours ago.
  10. There's supposed to be a big announcement from Celebrity tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if this is it.
  11. .Thanks for forwarding the article. You must have posted as I was typing. This certainly is good news!
  12. I interpreted the announcement to be that Celebrity has a range of options for Celebrity tours. The notice doesn’t say you can DIY in ports.
  13. Although the first night reservation is assigned to you by the "system", you can change that reservation by talking to anyone who sells dining packages onboard or going to speak with the maitre d of any specialty restaurant. Be aware that the best times go to people who pre-book individual reservations and those who board the ship early.
  14. I agree, the cruiselines will need at least 8 weeks for inspections, test cruises, more inspections, before resuming paid cruises. There's no way Celebrity can meet this criteria before the summer season. Celebrity isn't cancelling now so they can use deposits to stabilize their cash flow.
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