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  1. My daughter wants to get married on a cruise stop in St Lucia. Royals, Destination I do wedding package will plan that for you. I was hoping someone who has used this could let me know how it worked out for them. The package is expensive and does not include much. Also if anyone can suggest a wedding planner on the island that they have used, Thank you
  2. Mickey22

    Barcelona Industrialist Strike

    Where did you see the list of strike dates? We arrive on the 18th. Jane
  3. Mickey22

    Happiness is..........................

    Glad to hear you are safe and back in your home. The damage can be repaired.... Jane
  4. Mickey22

    Sun transfers

    We used them twice last year. Airport to hotel and cruise ship to airport. In fact there was a large group of us waiting for our cars at the end of the cruise as we were off the ship early. All cars arrived on time. No problems. We are using them again in October. Jane
  5. Mickey22

    Barcelona airport transfer

    We use Suntransfers and have never had a problem. Jane
  6. Thanks for the update....I booked my excursions this morning for my October cruise! Jane
  7. I also emailed customer service and got the same response. Very disappointing . We have a Royal Caribbean cruise in November and we were able to use our OBC to pay for unlimited internet . Perhaps Bonnie can look into this again. Jane
  8. I called this week to check on availability for the land discoveries I would like to book. I also asked about a date for using OBC to book on the website. He couldn't give me one, my travel agent also called and was not able to get a target date. Bonnie, I think it is fair to say that if final payment is due and has been paid, then we should have the ability to book now and cancel and repay using OBC on the ship. It is actually a win win situation for Azamara as they fill up the tours and get to charge us a higher price onboard, but at least we know we will get the excursions we want. Jane
  9. Mickey22

    Anyone used Bonappetour in Barcelona?

    Hello, Have not heard of Bonappetour, but we will be in Barcelona in October and have a cooking class scheduled with Barcelona Cooking. http://www.barcelonacooking.net Jane
  10. Bonnie, What is the fix date scheduled to be? We are on the Quest in October and have just made our final payment. As most of our OBC is for land discoveries only, we would like to be able to book excursions.Sorry to say this is not a great first impression of Azamara for us. Jane
  11. Mickey22

    Post or Pre Cruise Tuscanny and Venice

    Hank, We too, are going to rent a car between cruises (from Civitavecchia) and drive to Florence where we will be staying for 8 days. The plan is to take some driving trips to other towns. Originally I had wanted to drive to Pisa for the tower and then stop for the afternoon in Lucca before the return drive. I just found out there is a large comic convention in Lucca during this time period (late October, early November). Can you suggest any other places to stop between Pisa and Florence? We hope to do Volterra and San Gimignano on another day. Thanks Jane
  12. Mickey22

    Excursion prices

    Since our cruise is in October we also have to wait to book land excursions. We very rarely use ship tours preferring to use private guides but don't want to waste OBC designated only for excursions. What I don't understand is why the price would change. Would Azamara actually contract with a tour provider without a firm price?
  13. Mickey22

    Cooking Lessons - Ravenna Port of Call

    The guide we found through tours by locals met us and accompanied us to the restaurant, stayed awhile and then came back to take us on a tour to see tbe mosiacs while meal was cooking.
  14. Mickey22

    Cooking Lessons - Ravenna Port of Call

    We did a cooking lesson arranged by Tours by Locals. It was in a restaurant before opening, we made homemade pasta, sauce, bread and meat. While it was cooking we went we did a town tour and then returned to eat our meal. A great day