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  1. Sorry, check out the last sentence of the terms: If the qualifying booking is cancelled, points awarded will be removed. Activity Terms: Offer applies to new individual bookings. Captain’s Club Members receiving this email are eligible to receive 100 Power Up Points when they make any new booking in The Retreat® between 7/1/2020 and 7/12/2020. The offer applies to each Captains Club member in the suite. Power Up Points to be awarded once per eligible booking. To qualify, booking must include member’s first name, last name, date of birth and loyalty ID. Once the booking is complete, the eligible member must complete the form at the ‘Enter Booking Details’ link above and enter their first name, last name, loyalty ID, booking ID, ship name and sail date. Details entered in the form must match those on the booking to qualify. Power Up Points will be converted to Club Points and temporarily added to a participating member’s Club Points balance within 14 days after the month’s end. If the qualifying booking is cancelled, points awarded will be removed.
  2. See this article from AARP Face Shields better than masks
  3. When the original Cruise with Confidence offer was made, the cruises weren't cancelled. The reason for the policy was to calm everything, and let people know they had until 48 hours before their cruise to cancel and get the FCC. Of course, some people, that were still planning on taking the cruise, noticed that there were cabins opening, and prices were lower. So they wanted to cancel, get the FCC, used it to pay for the same cruise, and maybe get an upgraded cabin, or other benefits. I believe this statement was there to stop, or avoid this practice.
  4. We were also on that cruise. At the Top Tier Party, the CD said that they hadn't scheduled Aquanation for almost 2 months because they know the seas are rougher during these months. But the crew practices for the show, and that's why they performed a part of it for us. So it sounded like they plan on doing this again at some point.
  5. We did the Edge to the Royal's Adventure of the Seas, last March. We talked to the Diamond Lounge Concierge, who said they would make arrangements, and when we got off, to simply ask anyone in the terminal, and they would have a special area for us to meet a shuttle. But, no one in the terminal knew about it. Getting off the Edge was so efficient, we did the facial recognition, and we were done. Finally, someone outside said we had to walk to the far right, to get the shuttle, so we did, and when we got there, we were told that all we had to have done, was to walk a little but to the left, of the exit, and cross the street to the parking deck, where we could catch a shuttle to any of the other ships. So, we walked all the way back to the exit, crossed a driveway, crossed the street, and saw a shuttle with Adventure listed in the front, and it took us there. So, long story, short, just use the parking shuttles to move between ports. But you do have to be able to wheel your suitcase for a little ways.
  6. We stayed at a small hotel, right across from St Peter's, based on a recommendation from out TA. From the Terrace, at night, you can see St Peter's all lit up, and they say you can see the Holy Father if you are there for a Sunday Angelus. We were not there for that, but they were able to get us free, last minute tickets to a Papal audience, held right up the street. Great location, if you plan on spending time at the Vatican, and St Peter's Residenza Paolo VI
  7. DING_on.wav royal_caribbean_ding.mp3
  8. Also try the Solarium Bistro for dinner. The dinner is complementary, with a few upcharge items. You have to serve yourself, but the items are already plated, except for a few items. The flank steak was freshly sliced, and you can upgrade to lobster, or filet, for way less than any specialty restaurants. For example, the Filet was 9 oz, they said it was the same item served in Chops, and it was only a $12 (+ 18%) upcharge. You can make reservations, but on our recent B2B, we ate there once each week, and there were a lot of empty tables, so they take walkins.
  9. This article mentions Coronavirus effect on RCL stock
  10. They only offer a limited number of tables at the lower rate. We tried to book months before, and none available online. Called Captain’s Club, and they said we could book onboard. Went to dining as soon as we boarded @ 11:00 am, and only 9:30 pm was available, and they were only offering a 20% discount. So depending on how popular it is on your sailing, if you’re considering, book early. You can always cancel.
  11. We just booked a cruise, and they didn't "add" the $14/day, $98 total for 7 nights. Instead, our cruise was offering a $400 savings offer, and when we chose the Classic Beverage Perk, the changed the savings "discount" to $302 per person. I know same end result, but new creative way to invoice it.
  12. For us, this will mean we probably won't be selecting any perks, because only one of us drinks alcohol and coffee. So we would be paying an extra $28 per day, or $196 extra for a 7 night cruise. If we select BP and the $300 OBC, paying the extra $196, for a total of $496, or $70.85 per day for the drink package for one person to drink. That's exactly the same as one person paying the current $59 + 11.80 gratuity
  13. Now I understand why Celebrity has discontinued their 14 night southern Caribbean cruises. Since the perk for Tips, is the same if it is a 4 night or 14 night cruise, we always chose the $150/person perk when less than 10 days, and the Tips, when greater than 10. So, what's next, charging an additional $14 /person if tips perk is chosen for cruises greater than 10 days?
  14. I posted this in the other thread about the end of free movies, but wasn't sure how to quote it here, so I'm just pasting it in... We used to sail exclusively on Royal. Then we took a Celebrity cruise, loved it, and started sailing mostly on Celebrity's Solstice class. When others have asked us to compare Royal, and Celebrity, we always said, the entertainment on Royal was better, but, it was the little things that made Celebrity special. The pads on the deck chairs, instead of the vinyl straps on Royal. The included Mast Grill, on the pool deck, so you could grab something in a wet swimsuit (Remember when Celebrity tried to charge for this?). The Martini Bar (Don't care for the new Edge Class Martini Bar). The 14 night Southern Caribbean cruises (Alas- No More), and We always mentioned the free, on-Demand, movies, that you could start, stop, and resume later. While on some Royal ships, there was a movie channel, there wasn't a guide available, and you never knew what was on and when. On Celebrity, we would start a movie before going to bed, watch a little bit, and continue over multiple nights. It was a nice relaxing way to end the day. The end of the free movies is disappointing. If they are planning on using the showing of these movies to replace paying for entertainers, that will also be disappointing. I know for years both Royal and Celebrity's Cruise Directors have boasted about how they support live entertainment. Little by little, the little things that made Celebrity different are being taken away, and the prices have been rising. The games with the Perks and Non-Refundable deposits, have made us start to look at other lines, where in the past, we wouldn't have considered it. We booked a number of future cruises while on-board, and have stopped doing that, so we can take time to consider other lines. We know things can't stay the same forever, and I know that this is why Celebrity is targeting new cruisers, as they have little to compare to.
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