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  1. If the Airline changed the flight and it has a 34 min layover they feel it can be done. These days they often sell connecting flights with a 35=45 min layover. Remember in this era of airlines having on time records tracked they have all added big pads in arrival times. Often you arrive 10=15 min early. That said if the airline rebooked your flight with the short layover and you miss the connection it is on them. They will book you on the next flight out no charge. Flying the day before you have some time to play with. Check to see how many flight the airline has from your change flights point to your port.
  2. We took the took the train option from NYC to Newark. Not that difficult. Took Uber from hotel to Penn Station and the train to Newark airport station. You then take a short Tram from station to airport. We found it cost less than crossing the tunnel on Uber.
  3. As other have said the Harmony is so large and 1000 out 6000 is not a high percentage. It is doubtful they will take over main areas. In addition this type of group does not seem much different than the Harmony winter demographic. We were on this a large group once. One advantage is the group does events together and that makes the other events less crowded.
  4. It is possible the Azopod issue made them a little late into Miami. But more likely just delays in getting turned in Miami to head to FLL They probably already loaded some provisions in Miami so the turn around in FLL should go smoothly.
  5. You are this close to sailing I think I would just try to get some kind of cruise credit from Royal and take the Ferry. Not the best deal but why give up a weeks vacation?
  6. I have made an 11:00 am flight out of MCO with no issue but missed a 10:25 flight on another trip because the Freedom was late getting back and we could not walk off until 8:15. in general the ships let you walk off by 7:15. In your case you cannot walk off so you need to set it up with the ship to get sone of the earliest luggage groups. If you get that you should be off and through customs by 8:30 easy. It is a 45 min drive to MCO on a good day. We have used Coca Beach Shuttle. If you are really tight set it up as a private trip. Not a bad price if you have 4 people. If you use a group shuttle remember they stop and multiple airlines so that takes time. I would try 11:40 am if you can get the early tag and book a private shuttle. Final note is MCO has lots of flight to most cities. If you miss it you can usually catch another flight at some point on standby.
  7. Not many picture in dry dock. I was hoping to see the Azopod work but I guess u like Freeport no pictures from Spain. I will assume u like Captain Kate on Celebrity that this Captain does not post like of pictures on Instagram.
  8. Are you talking docking during the cruise at a port?
  9. I will be happy with just another bar and just threw the sports bar put because. I never heard that 20% thought X used before but I can see what they were thinking. i think where they missed is that when people are spending there 20% on the balcony enjoying the fresh air and ocean view the are doing what they cannot do at home and it is why they paid for the balcony. The other 80% of the time many people are in their cabin they much if the time they are sleeping, cleaning up or change for another activity.
  10. I still believe they should try pulling replacing the bifold doors with a traditional sliding balcony glass door and adding curtains. That way cruisers who enjoy a traditional balcony cabin could just keep the window down. Maybe just do this on several decks to option of what type of balcony they get. Glad to here about more shade especially the Sunset grill needs more badly. I also think they need to rethink the Martini bar layout. Having people sit in chairs for half the bar makes it hard to stand and order drinks. Eden is a lot of space. Does anybody think they maybe they should consider taking the 3rd level and making a different bar out of it? I would love a sports bar but just any kind of bard for another option might be good. Finally hoping someone in Celebrity purchasing goes to the lounger maker and says lets make that the back slots 4- 6" longer so people can actually sit up in the pool lounge chairs. Seems like a no extra cost solution to a dumb idea.
  11. When you consider the fact that they fabricated for replacement balcony decks in the time since the incident I would believe fabricating a frame to hold the outdoor Video board could be easily done. Outdoor video board in general on just panels that match up but they are usually made to order. I have no idea how much they are backed up but like most things in life it you are willing to pay the price needed you can make it happen.
  12. Sailing the Oasis class is easy with at least 3 ships sailing in the US the Quantum Class is more difficult with only one ship the Anthem sailing out of the US. It would be nice if Royal would port another out if the US instead of send all of them to the Far East. I do think they are using one in Alaska this season finally.
  13. I think people worry to much about the dry dock. U less there is some new below the waterline issues caused by the crane accident the drydock work work is really just replacing the bearing or replacing The Whole Azopods. They weโ€™re going to replace the bearings in 3-5 days in Freeport even using the coffer dam set up and they replaced the whole Azepod on the Summit in 4 days. I expect they they will do some painting on the side of the hull in the dry dock as well. Sure seems me the major work repairing the balconies and other work is the bigger project. Also crew living on a ship in dry dock is not an issue. Cruise ships do this every day. The Summit crew was on the ship working for 5 weeks just 2 months ago.
  14. I believe those steel pcs on the helipad brought from Freeport are the replacement balcony support frames.
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