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  1. I am very surprised that RCCL did not require all crew members to get the vaccine long before June. Any new crew members should have given the vaccine on shore and kept on shore until they were considered clear.
  2. 2nd test was positive but none of the passengers who had contact tested positive in a second test. I am sure their case will be researched. The vaccine is only 95% effective so you can get cases but at least for this cruise because all the passengers had the vaccine there was no big issue other than passengers who had contact had a short quarantine while they were retested. I think for now all passengers should be vaccinated and am very disappointed that the Florida Gov who I like has not given them an exception to require it. I do know that I would not take a cruise if I was not vaccinated. The restrictions would be a pain and if somebody tests positive who knows how long you might be in quarantine. i
  3. I would love to take one of these but the air fare is crazy. It appears that even if you use celebrity air they just use the airlines. I don’t see how they are going to find enough seats to fill whatever capacity they are using. Seems like Celebrity should set up a charter flight out of Orlando day of the cruise and then bring back those coming back.
  4. I expect for FLL to allow the Coral to disembark they will have to file and have in place a similar action plan including the travel arrangements. It will take time to get it in place. That said there is a if difference between the Holland ships and the Coral. In Holland there was a clean line between sick and healthy. The healthy passengers had been in quarantine for over 15 days so they were likely still healthy. Somebody probably brought the virus on board in Argentina 2 weeks ago and people are just getting sick and they just started quarantine in the last week. That will make FLL nervous so I expect they will require the same charter rules.
  5. The truth is the Healthy Holland Passengers who are probably terrified over getting the virus wearing masks are probably the least threat in the whole airport. I would say common sense would dictate nobody sitting next to them. With air travel so doubt that is an issue.
  6. They had asked for a detailed plan and that is what that got. The way I read it once the Charters land in Atlanta and CA the passengers will then be driven home. No commercial flights. It does not say if Carnival has hired drivers or buses to take people home or if the passengers are arranging their own pick up.
  7. It has been almost 2 weeks since Holland tried to get the passengers off the ship. I am glad that between Carnival, Trump and others were able to convince Florida officials to do the right thing. One day I expect this might be a move. Let’s hope the transfer goes well.
  8. The politics of this makes me sick. Somebody explain to me what the big risk their us to FLL and Florida? The passengers with mild sickness stay on the ship until well, the 10 passengers needing hospitals will go to a hospital that Holland has made arrangements with so nobody is being dumped on the Florida Heath are system. The healthy passengers will be checked for fever and leave the ship wearing masks by charter bus To the airport and get on a plane and leave. I just don’t see the issue.
  9. Florida and Ft Lauderdale need to do the moral right thing and let those passengers off. Ft Lauderdale was the intended Distination. The US is not a country that turns it back on those in need. There is no reason the passengers cannot be out is gloves and respirators and moved to quarantine safely. I am betting Carnival can find a empty hotel to put them up in. All of that said I think a case could be made to take the Zaandam to Port C. The Orlando hospitals might have better capability and you possible Medivac some out of Patrick AFB to hospitals around the country.
  10. I agree the Cruise line generate lots of US jobs and taxes. Maybe not on the ships but in the ports, at hotels, restaurants, airlines etc. We all know the ships are flagged out of the US because US labor laws would make it impossible to offer cruises at a price people could afford. We will see how the cruise line survive this massive lost of revenue but I am not sure you would see much change. RCL , NCL and Carnival pretty much control it all.
  11. I would love to buy 100 shares of RCL because long term they should be good. The question is can stay afloat until they can start cruising again?
  12. Not that at I know anything but you never mentioned your husband having a fever. Everything I have read on Corona Virus is the #1 symptom is a fever. If he has no fever after 3 weeks odds are you have something else. P
  13. Interesting that they decided to axe the amped work. No doubt because of the cash flow issue it is not the best time to spend millions but they probably already spent much of the money buying what was needed to do the work. It might be with the Virus situation in Spain they have no workers to do the job.
  14. I would call Coco Beach Shuttle. We have used them several times. Another option is just do a one way car rental. It is pretty cheap. We have used Budget several times for this.
  15. I don’t see any issue with the short ad. Seems like they are just trying to show Eden in a different light.
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