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  1. If you google it, you can see videos others have taken.
  2. I noticed on what's in port that only 3 ships are going to castro this year. So not many can answer this question. You can check out trip advisor.
  3. We just took the public bus and it worked out well.
  4. Or does anyone know a way to ask staff on the ship?
  5. We were on the NCL Sun 10 years ago and my husband volunteered to point out various things in the sky. We might be doing that trip again in February but are concerned that the dark viewing area on the ship he used has been replaced
  6. About 10 years ago we really enjoyed looking at the southern sky from a very dark location on the front of the NCL Sun. Can anyone tell me if that area is still dark at night? Or is there a lot of light pollution with the refurbishment.
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