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  1. This was something I put up for someone else a while ago--I just took quick photos with my phone, they're not properly scanned. Otherwise, check out the past photos on the cruise website, where they've posted some shots from all of the major events. That doesn't give you everything, of course, like no one took any pictures of Dr. Noor's talk, but it should give you a general feel for it. In terms of what's happening in 2022, well...a lot of old stuff will be brought back, I imagine. The old script readings they do are very popular. We'll see a game show or two, the science talks, the costumed theme nights, celebrity-hosted yoga, (unofficial) craft swap, door decorating, a make-up artist who can do make-up for you, karaoke, celebrity excursions, a gift shop of ST stuff... This year, we all got to vote on what one of the costumed theme nights was going to be, although we don't know the results yet.
  2. I had my Star Trek cruise in March, which was one of the last sailings, I guess. July (not solo) was off. My non-cruise trip in August was off. My amazing 16-day cruise in a spa cabin in November? Off. New Year's, off...although that hasn't actually gone through yet. Next year's Star Trek got moved to 2022, so the next thing on the schedule is August of next freaking year (unless my family reschedules for next July).
  3. I'm in Texas. Our cases surged after the governor largely dismissed it and tried to reopen early, so...yeah. The numbers have dipped a little over the last week, but it's not enough to really matter yet. We're under a mask order (warning, followed by a $250 fine). Of course, my perspective is from the city, not from the state. I know a lot of the border areas have been slammed badly. There was a back-to-school event today in the city, and I know most/all districts are opening online initially, under the circumstances.
  4. I've signed up for the trial, although I haven't gotten the vaccine/placebo yet because apparently, the shipment from the manufacturer hasn't arrived at the clinic. So yes, I'll get the vaccine, given that I'll get it when it's not even finished trials.
  5. I've volunteered for the phase III trial in my area, which should be...fun? It all sounds pretty promising.
  6. If Covid-19 had been the only thing going on, I'd have been making out well financially. Alas, the cat needed surgery, to the tune of 5 figures, so...that's gone. On the other hand, I could have had a year without Covid-19 AND a sick cat, which would have been far worse. I guess I'd be bailing on my November cruise either way, but I feel less bad about it knowing that it might not happen, anyway, or be as nice.
  7. I'd seen they were doing this credit but hadn't even thought that this might be why. How funny. I'd probably already hit my credit (I forget when it goes through).
  8. I can't say whether it'd be a good idea to book right now or not. It'd sort of depend on whether I thought I was getting a good cruise at a good price and all, not just the virus. While my July cruise is off (and I'm bailing on a non-cruise in August for financial, not viral reasons), I'm still scheduled for November (and then December/NYE, Star Trek, August 2021, and October 2021). I booked it many ages ago, well before Covid-19 was a gleam in its mother's eye. My view on it is that I'm not touching it until I have to. I really want to go on that cruise, hardcore. I don't know what I'll do if I can't...I'm thinking I'd trade it for October's next year, but I got such a good deal and prime cabin real estate that there's no way I could truly replicate it. (And I have all my PTO booked, and my cat sitter. What am I going to do with all that time? Sit in the chair I've been sitting in almost entirely non-stop since early March?)
  9. I'm just going to wait and see. I have a cruise in July, so we'll see where we're at then. I didn't book it, so it's not really my problem apart from canceling my flight there. I've booked a Cancun resort in August for my birthday--again, we'll see. I'm particularly anxious to go on this Panama Canal cruise in November, though. But right now, if one or more of these things is axed, I guess whether I go somewhere else or where I go depends on how things are broadly--is it just the cruise that's off but it'd be OK to go to, say, Vegas or something? Then there's that. Or is the cruise off because the whole country's collapsed? So...it just depends. I'm not losing sleep over any of it, apart from mostly that Panama Canal trip.
  10. Every update to this story ticks me off more, and I've beyond had it with these people. I assume they're just going to keep going and try and get anything they can, even if it's just Royal settling for a small amount to make them go away. It's probably at least as much on their lawyer's head as on the family's. I have yet to see any way in which Royal would be responsible in the slightest (barring any failing in their response after the event or something, but I don't see anyone suggesting that), whatever version of the story is floated.
  11. I use my CSR card. I know they're increasing the fee, but it's still OK for me. We'll see how it goes, as they say. This is my quote of the day. It demonstrates so well how one anecdote can lead to learning entirely different lessons. Maybe the lesson here isn't that credit is bad, it's that Ramsey's bad with credit. 🙂 I've seen ads/adverts for cashback cards via UK television, I think. It's coming! But yes, this can be deliriously complicated if you want it to be. The most serious and committed engage in credit "churning", but even I, who have less than no life, don't have time for that. 🙂
  12. 27 days, and every day is longer than the one before it. This is the Star Trek cruise, and I started planning and preparing on the last one, in January 2019. I've done very little else since then. I'm actually calming down a little and have been working on next year's. Then after this, I'll have another countdown to July, one to November, and one to December (a much shorter interval, obviously).
  13. The odds of a massive infestation going unnoticed seem...not high? Of course, stranger things have happened. I guess I won't be surprised if this turned out to be a scam or just a misunderstanding about what bit them, but maybe they're telling the truth? Interesting case.
  14. If you do tolls a lot, that's a useful thing. I know some people pretty much have to pay tolls to get to and from work every day. My dream is that they one day consider my pet sitter a travel expense. I mean, the only reason I'm paying the woman to watch my cats is because I'm *traveling*, so... But I doubt I'd get anywhere with them on it. 🙂
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