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  1. My 19 day in April was cancelled today as well. Considering the fact I've had numerous cruises cancelled I've decided to hang the 125% extra and 250.00 onboard credit option. Best to cash out and I assume if they are still in business when cruising is an option they will reach out to us for our business. As for comps in the future I think it will depend your level of play. I'm guessing high level players will continue to get offers but Lower level to mid it may be quiet for a while. Scott.
  2. I think a mask with a built in straw will be invented for us.
  3. I booked a 19 day Panama Canal for april 2021 hoping it happens. No risk really just another credit for later if it doesn't 620.00 cad for 19 days couldn't help but book it.
  4. Thanks for the info. My last mailed offer that expired sept 18 doesn't state that. but I'll be sure to look closer from now on.
  5. I did one one in Europe last year from Rome a 14 day it was great. Casino staff were great. Wine, champagne and gifts were sent to stateroom a few times.
  6. Happy to report I got my first Holland casino offer since March in the mail yesterday. Unfortunately latest sailing is April 2021. And I'm booked with NCL already for March and April next year. Happy to see an offer though 😃. Scott
  7. I find sometimes I don't get a lot of email or mail offers but as others have said. Call them and you may get a variety of options. I have been comped up to 20 nights cruises and mailers are usually for way less.
  8. No they actually never did. Also surprised a Casino rep never phoned back book me a 16 day cruise for next March.
  9. It's a good idea for us all to email them and put a bit of pressure to extend a year as every other company I deal with automatically did. I will email them now. Scott
  10. i currently have 2 offers that expire April 30th. I've been home slightly over a month and haven't received any new email or regular mail from RCI, HAL, NCL. I think us junkies just need to wait it out. Since the lines aren't sure how long they will be unable to sail sending offers is not a high priority unfortunately.
  11. I play both, slots, roulette, BJ mainly.
  12. I got the email today and snail mail a week ago. I will either do 7 day roundtrip Vancouver Alaskan or the 12 day Mediterranean Rome . Sounds good.
  13. Just curious if anyone has done a Holland America Prestige Red Carpet Experience comp ? I've done the VIP offer which was great but I'm curious about the red carpet apparently specialty food and beverage experiences and shore excursions is included. Thanks, Scott
  14. Here's a number maybe only for VIP Offers, not sure but call. 1-800-330-2249 and hope you get results. They're system is hobo. Scott
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