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  1. With the Carnival MC, the redemption value is better when redeeming for Bar cash rather than Cruise cash. That's one reason why I plan on putting some Bar cash on the next cruise rather than general cruise cash.
  2. Does NCL have luggage only delivery to the Honolulu airport? If so, how does it work? Do they let you know about it once onboard or does it have to be pre-reserved somehow? Flight leaves at 2:20 and would like to walk or sightsee around a bit before heading to airport. What time would you suggest to arrive at the airport? Are Uber, Lyft or taxi readily available at the port to go into town and where would be a good place not too far away to spend a couple of hours? Not so much into shopping, but wouldn't mind seeing something else interesting even if it's just a nice boardwalk area on Waikiki beach, Hawaii museum of some kind, or just an early lunch at a popular spot.
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