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  1. 1 each per reservation. But, you can go as many times at specialty restaurants if there are cancelled reservations. You just show up at the Maitre D desk on the evening you want, and maybe you will get lucky.
  2. Not a problem. Bring as many extension cords as you need.
  3. Did they drain the pool after pulling his body out? How long was the pool out of use for PAXs?
  4. Yes. Ask Stewart to provide you with Riedels in your cabin. Ones for your whites, and ones for your reds. Stewart will replace the glasses daily if requested. Just ask, or leave a note. There is no need to hide your glasses in a drawer. LOL ๐Ÿ˜
  5. I have not sailed on NCL, but considering trying it out. Iโ€™ve sailed on Oceania, Celebrity, and Princess. Each with different levels of dress code. Thinking of a Med cruise Italy, Greece, Spain When you say the aft MDR is more Ritzy with cruise casual dress code, compared to the mid-ship is almost anything goes, what do men and women PAXs typically wear at either for evening dinner? Examples? Dress code for dining in Specialty restaurants? Thanks.
  6. Your hard side (closed) may fit under the bed But, you may have to leave it open. Good luck.
  7. Stewart does not care. Can you and wife share the pull out sofa bed? Or your two kids? Or adult and kid in one bed? And other adult and kid on sofa bed? Re: Riviera Deck cabin. Bring ear plugs to cruise if you are sensitive to noise. BTW, let Stewart know on embarkation there will be 4 instead of 3 in your cabin. Why? You will need life vests for all persons in cabin. You do need to carry them for Mustard drill. Good luck and enjoy.
  8. Never. The seas are always quite calm in the Med. Good luck.
  9. Euro/USD if service from Steward is exemplary. Otherwise just the pre-paid grat is enough.
  10. The video that was displayed when we saw it was really a bit terrifying. VERY dark skies, rough seas, and it did appear the ship was out of control. [Marine experts, kindly correct me if needed.] Hopefully this was before they got one engine working again. This might be the section of water where we experienced *very* rough seas almost exactly 1 year ago, during a truly fantastic Hurtigruten cruise. We could not stand up; furniture was moving around. (We had an aft suite, high on Deck 8, so no surprise we felt it!) The Captain had predicted the severe seas and warned everyone. We crawled to the bedroom, got in bed for safety, and stayed there til we woke up in the morning, and all was calm. *IF* I had seen this beforehand, there's not a chance in the world I'd have been able to sleep! Hope all continues to go as smoothly as possible with the rescue! There are mixed reports now on Viking Ocean section of CC about current status. I'm glad that we have another month-plus before we get on a ship again. (OTOH, I was in a major train wreck the year before my first cruise. Train derailed and overturned in a remote area. It took me a few years to get on a train again. And yet... here I am, although that wasn't clear for a thankfully short time.) I just hope everyone remains safe! GC Did you crawl into bed and sleep with your life vest on?
  11. Write a letter to the C.E.O. of RC. Include with your complaint letter, photos of your injury, Dr. report, all medical bills. Explain you have been mentally traumatized, and physically scared for life. You may get reimbursed by C C for the bills. Maybe you just might get a full or partial refund of your cruise, or maybe an offer of a free future cruise.. And if you do not get a satisfactory response or remedy, contact your lawyer. Good luck.
  12. If you have buyers remorse, or dissatisfied with your cruise, write a letter to the CEO of RC. You may get a full refund of your cruise. Take lots of pictures and include them in your complaint letter. You will stand a very good chance of getting a full refined or credit for a future cruise.๐Ÿ‘ Good luck.
  13. A shopping stop๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„. Get some good prices on larinar? So you walked around independently on your own, then? And felt safe. Near the port, where the jewelry stores/kiosk? Or go into town/downtown to shop? Did you stay out late? And you had no concerns about your safety? Yes, Oceania is expensive. And that is also why I wondered why they would make a port call in D.R. if it was unsafe for tourists (cruisers).
  14. What is it that you like about the D.R. to make you want to go back?Did you walk around on your own? Where? Downtown? Or, if you took a shore ex. What shore ex did you take, and would you recommend.? Iโ€™m looking at an itinerary offered by Oceania. Stops in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
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