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  1. Great. Have you checked the deck plan? Are you OK with your BA GTY location? For me, it’s like real estate. Location, location, location. 😜 Enjoy your cruise.
  2. Why not just refuse the OM, and demand Princess issue you only an β€œold school” cruise card? Good luck, enjoy your cruise, and hope you prevail. πŸ‘
  3. Oh brother. LOL. 😁. Pass the popcorn. Kettle corn preferred.
  4. True. It’s SOP if you are working with a TA.
  5. Do you carry your passports now on your most recent cruise? I was told if one never intend to go ashore, a passport is not needed.
  6. Yes. I always bring my passport. You?
  7. Because my cruise and Club Class Mimi Suite stateroom was comped?πŸ‘
  8. Two 36 ounce Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Prepared Black and Blue. Cooked to perfection, and delicious. Ate both, and I did not leave hungry. Only the bones left on plates. Crown Grill.
  9. Straws now on board are made of a biodegradable combination of processed kelp, shark skin, and wood fibers. Adds a very mild fishy taste to liquids sipped through them.
  10. Once you are issued your cruise card you can board.
  11. Yes. Usually on 2nd night. Consult Patter to be sure.
  12. You might get lucky and get a reasonable upsell offer to a mini. Good luck.
  13. Yes. Great that Javier is still on the Golden. I was told he had been promoted to MDR Maitre D’. πŸ‘
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