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  1. I just got off from NCL Escape on Dec 9, 2018, from 14-day Western Caribean. I placed a bid of $51 pp (for 2) and received an upgrade from a balcony room to a mini suite. So, I think it was a great deal!
  2. I don't know. But I would think it would be allowed as it was just like some guests come back late from sight-seeing and then catch up the ship from the next port?
  3. Hello everyone, just a little update for my situation: I was able to check in at Orlando, FL with the $778 fines paid to the government. Luckily, I did not check in at the Bahamas as according to Captain Nicolas, there was no planning to port over there at all. Anyway, it was a great cruise and my family and I enjoyed it very much! Thank you very much for all the information concerns and many pieces of advice provided here. I felt all the love! Until the next cruise, take care and I will see you all around here! Arthur
  4. So, here is the update: I called NCL and discussed my situation with another lady while requested to speak with a supervisor. She told that I must call on the sailing date to obtain an approval. There is no way they can give me any "pre-approval" on the violation of laws. She sounds very logical. If the cruise company gives me a "pre-approval," it means they are encouraging the customers to violate the law. She also told me they couldn't give me the "pre-approval" as they cannot predict the weather. So, I asked her given the climate is good, how likely would I be given the clearance to go boarding in Orlando under this situation? She told me: "yes, there is a chance." She also told me she saw my conversation record from my last call-in and wish me luck for my oral defense before we ended the telephone conversation. So, I would stick with my plan that I would still fly to New York with my family and take the tour in New York. I will help my wife and my children to check in on the 25th, call the NCL and fly back to Los Angeles to have my oral defense, then fly to Orlando on the 27th and catch up with my family and enjoy my cruise as the celebration! Hopefully, I will see you all on board. Thank you very much for all the enthusiastic responses and helpful assistance provided here. Please give me your blessing and pray for me. Wish me luck, and I will see you all on board NCL Escape on the 27th!
  5. No, I will not check in at New York, only my family will. I will fly back to Los Angeles and finish my work with school then will fly to Orlando and check in on the 27th.
  6. What I want to do here is to embark the cruise ship from Port Canaveral (Orlando) instead of from NY. I am not trying to go to Orlando from New York.
  7. I was under the same impression before I read all of the responses from here. I was thinking that as long as I have not checked in from NY, and the cruise ship has not left the US, I am not in a violation of the law and I just need to deal with NCL I will try calling NCL again tomorrow and see if another person can give me clear and direct information.
  8. Thank you, Pam. I called and the lady who answered my phone told me to call back on the "check-in" day. So, my plan is to go to NY with my family and talk to the NCL people at the port while my family is checking in then will fly back to Los Angeles and work on my school then hopefully, can fly back to Orlando and catch up.
  9. In fact, many older servicemembers with overseas deployments or had stationed at friendly countries would have better awareness about passports. For the younger ones, they might not aware of it until later on their careers.
  10. So, I cannot catch up with my family at Orlando but in the Bahamas even if I am willing to pay for the fine?
  11. Thanks. Here is the itinerary: (NCL Escape) We will be departing from New York then to Orlando & Beaches (Port Canaveral), Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas, Ocho Rios, Jamaica George Town, Grand Cayman, Harvest Caye, Belize, Costa Maya, Mexico, Cozumel, Mexico, New York, New York.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I hope you feel better now. I know for sure there will be no problem for passengers board a cruise ship from a foreign country. However, in my case, due to my situation (changes caused by school), I have to fly back from NY to Los Angeles after having my family embark first, then I will fly to Orlando two days later to catch up. So, I don't know if the Passenger Vessel Services Act would still apply to me.
  13. Will Passenger Vessel Services Act still apply if I miss the embarkation at the Manhattan Port, NY and fly to Orlando, FL 2 days later and catch up? Any thoughts? Thank you.
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