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  1. I enjoy all the ships on Princess and haven't run into any real problems on any of them so I'd have to say that my favorite one is whichever one I'm on at the time! I realize that probably doesn't help you much but, it's the truth. Tom
  2. Well said! And the nice thing about the doubled salaries here is that they're all non-taxable! 🙂 Tom
  3. Hmm, you want to pay for something, get your money back in full and then when the company has to cancel the item you paid for through something that is absolutely no fault of either the company or the customer to get one of the benefits of the item that was under contract? That makes absolutely no sense at all to me. Unbelievable. Tom
  4. Yep, you don't want to use up all the numbers. That means that the supply section has to put in another "Numbers Purchase Request (NPR)" and those higher numbers cost more because you have to buy more digits, you know. Ah, ya gotta keep those expenses down. Tom
  5. Is that an opinion of yours or something that you have read somewhere or something you have heard from someone who got it from a reliable source or what? I'm referring to your "Princess was the hardest hit by COVID" comment. Tom
  6. It's something to aim for in the future! At least you can build your cruise numbers quickly by living in Seattle! You ought to join us working at the pier, it's an enjoyable job, of course this year was a heck of a change from the normal season! The Alaska trips are very popular. I've had many people going on their 10th cruise and even had one gentleman who was going on his 20th Alaskan cruise. I told him he either really like going to Alaska or he had formed a habit! Tom
  7. You sound like you might have been the lady I checked in a year or 2 ago at Pier 91 in Seattle. I tried to give her a map of the ship and she said "No, I don't need one of those, this is my 4th Alaska cruise this season!" Ah, a nice benefit of living in the Seattle area! 🙂 Tom 😄
  8. Just to clear up something you wrote here," if one of you is a veteran you can get OBC + if you have at least 100 shares on Carnival Corporation stock you will also get some stock OBC. For a cruise 15 days or longer that’s $250 each for $500 of OBC. " The Carnival Stock OBC is on a per cabin basis, not a per person basis. So if Mr & Mrs Barton both own stock, you will get one OBC regardless of whether you own it individually or jointly. At least that it was before the covid problem. However, the Veteran's OBC is on an individual basis, so if the Mr & Mrs are both former military with honorable discharges and are on a 15 day cruise, they would have a total of $750 in OBC for those 2 benefits Mr would have $250 veterans, Mrs would have $250 veterans and one of them would have $250 stockholders for a total of $750. (That may only become a problem if each person pays their own charges otherwise everything is combined on the last day before payment.) I'm attaching two text files that provide more info on both benefits Tom Shareholder form 2017.pdf Veterans OBC Info.txt
  9. When I first saw the title of this thread I was wondering "There is a suite on a Princess ship named the Law Suite? Is it only for those in the legal profession or for someone who has been sued?" Then I finally figured out it was just a typo. Got my attention though! Tom 😁
  10. The quickest and easiest way to tell which side of the ship that you're looking toward when you turn away from an elevator is to look at the drawing of the ship that is on the wall out in the hall. The bow of the ship in the drawing always faces toward the actual bow of the ship! At least it always has on every one of the Princess ships I've been on. Bow of ship: : Stern of ship Tom
  11. This has nothing to do with being in a suite or not, but I believe that you will thoroughly enjoy your traveling to and through Alaska as it is a very popular cruise. I work at the pier in Seattle and have met many people who were going on their 10th trip to our northernmost state and one gentleman who was going on his 20th! Even had one lady in 2018 from Seattle who was going on her 4th cruise to Alaska that year alone! One advantage if you go toward the end of the season, August or so, is that by that time most of the shops in the ports will be selling most of their wares at 50-75% off so you'll be able to save a bit of money if you're in the market for things like that. Hopefully, there will be an Alaskan cruise season in 2021! See you at the pier! Tom
  12. I fully believe that any decision as to when cruise lines will begin to cruise is completely beyond the ability of the lines themselves to determine and is wholly dependent upon the various countries around the world and the impact that the virus will have on each one. Heck, the way it's going in the US right now, we may be the last country of all to open up! Tom
  13. That is correct. I researched this subject quite a bit a couple of years ago and have uploaded a text file with this message on what I found. Basically, Cunard and Princess offer OBC and they are the only ones but a number of cruise lines do offer some military discounts at times. Tom Military benefits on various cruise lines.txt
  14. I''ll be darned. Learn something every day. Thanks for the info. Tom
  15. If you don't know for sure, it's always better to ask and find out later that it would have been okay and missed out. Sometimes something that you don't believe could possibly be true actually is. Tom
  16. I have known a young lady for almost 25 years now who was the daughter of a neighbor of ours know a lady who does work for for Princess and has been working for them for a number of years now both on ships and on land and, yes, she was furloughed within the past 3+/- weeks until right around the end of the calendar year. I don't know how many have been furloughed or when they are all due to return or any specifics only that she has been. Tom
  17. CCL is certainly doing well in the recent past, having gone up just under 25% since the start of the month and just under 20% this week. Hopefully, it will continue that trend! Tom
  18. Just out of curiosity, where did you cross the Tx-LA border, on I-10, between Newton & Merryville or further north at Shreveport? Tom
  19. No, that was a typo. <g> Sorry 'bout that. Should've read only the minority get drunk. Tom
  20. Not everybody is part of "a bunch of drunk people doing what they shouldn't" . In fact, in my experience, the minority don"t even get drunk. Tom
  21. I would have sworn that a couple of days ago I saw another another thread by the same poster that started out this thread and with the same data as shown in message #12 here. Do we now just keep repeating a thread until we get somebody to agree with us? Tom
  22. Regardless of how much cleaning Princess or any other cruise line might normally do, you wouldn't expect them to do some "extra cleaning" after a NORO or other unhealthy situation occurred during a cruise? Personally, I believe that the ships are kept pretty clean all the time. Of course since you apparently believe that "all this talk about cleaning" is done just for appearances sake to fool the government and future passengers, maybe they're just using plain old water with a small amount of Clorox or something else to make it maybe just smell like "real" cleaner. All part of some grand conspiracy. If that's the case, then you'll probably never go on another cruise with any cruise line again since the ships are so unclean and unsafe. Me, I don't feel that way, but perhaps you're right and I'm wrong. Who knows who is right?? Tom
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