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  1. I'm getting that I am not connected on my Android phone. When I go into my Profile, then My Journeys, I can see two Bookings that are not mine and with the wrong Captain's Circle level. Both of these bookings have me embarking in May of 2019???
  2. I have the same issue this morning. Can't access Ocean Ready because it is not recognizing that I am connected to the Internet and wants me to connect to Medallionet.
  3. This morning I submitted 3 Requests for Shareholder Benefit on upcoming cruises. In 45 minutes the benefit was posted to each cruise! You can't ask for service any better than this. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  4. In my signature are links to various Princess World Cruises we have taken. There are preparation items and notes along the way. Curt πŸ˜„
  5. We recently did a B2B on the Ruby Princess. When we arrived in the room there was not a barrel chair. Tried going a couple of days without the chair; however we found it to be very uncomfortable to watch any movies On Demand or any thing else on TV. Additionally, sitting on the bad was hard on the back and not pleasant. After a couple of days we asked our Stateroom Attendant to please see if he could find us a chair (any kind of chair). He came back later with a barrel chair, one of a handful that was still on board. He assured us that if we return to any Princess ship in the future, chairs will not be available for any stateroom. I truly hope that Princess Cruises reconsiders their decision to remove the barrel chair from the staterooms.
  6. We tried exactly what you recommend on our two B2B cruises on the Ruby in the Mexican Riviera recently. Our cabin attendant told us that on the cruise prior they had dumped all the stateroom chairs and there were none available on the ship. This situation of not having a chair in a balcony stateroom made it a very uncomfortable to remain in the stateroom and one of us having to be seated on the bed. I do not understand how removing the chair in anyway enhances the customer experience or safety.
  7. Wow....So much for booking early! Looks like Princess has again rolled out a new policy without letting passengers know anything. We just got an email from our travel agent this morning about this situation.😑
  8. Have been on b2b cruises where the crew knew for many days that some executive or executives from shore side was coming on board, whether it be from Princess or Carnival. Those that dined in Anytime dining had a reserved table, with flowers and wine at the table prior to them being seated. So much for surprising the crew!! When I was in the corporate environment, we never told anyone about a surprise visit and used our "Secret Shoppers" on almost a daily basis.
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