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  1. PLEASE post pictures & what happened on all social media sites, send pictures to corporate, Michael Bayley, Richard Fain, get these so called service dogs off ships. Pure BS. Who cares what their C&A status is.
  2. Wow small world. We actually live in Mount Joy. We are originally from northern NJ & retired in PA 10 years ago.
  3. Hoping the island will be ready for our 11/9/19 Seaside Cruise. Will be interesting to see what the YC area will be like. Anyone have any updates on the completion of the island?
  4. My travel agent called & couldn’t get it. The price has gone up around $800 so no advantage of canceling & rebooking.
  5. Thank you. Guess we’ll do dinner, like that menu better.
  6. Is the Rooftop Grill open for lunch every day? If so what is the price for lunch? Is it the same menu?
  7. They did increase my booking for Seaside YC balcony over $800 for the 11/9/19 sailing. Thought of canceling & booking another date but was told when I called that WiFi is not included & I would lose my $100 for booking within 2 weeks of my return home from previous YC cruise so savings was not worth it. Also the cruise before isn’t scheduled for their new island & the 11/9/19 is, if it’s progressing on schedule. I know it’s been delayed twice already. Have a RCL cruise booked & need to book either before or after that cruise.
  8. Unfortunately the 10% discount doesn’t work for me. Will keep what I have. Happy with the cabin we have also.
  9. Curious was the cruise pricing the same as when you booked it. Checked my current pricing & it’s up $800.
  10. I just checked & my Seaside YC went up over $800 for 11/9/19 sailing. Will have TA call though & try.
  11. What about 49 years of cruising (since 1970) with Royal. Have to admit though haven’t been that loyal, we cruise on many other lines otherwise would have made Pinnacle a long time ago. Making Pinnacle has never been a goal of ours.
  12. Great comparison. Also did Haven on Breakaway & YC on Seaside. When we got off of the Haven we said never again, not worth it. Got off YC & booked the next day for November 2019, can’t wait. Best cruise experience ever & have been cruising since 1970.
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