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  1. Thank you. Will have my TA try & remove.
  2. Have a FCC on an October 2020 cruise which most likely won’t sail, want to do a L&S but don’t want that FCC to stay on that booking. I have read that if you have a FCC & the price goes down RCL considers the FCC as a discounted rate & not to apply it until close to final payment. Has anyone removed a FCC from a booking & just kept it to use eventually?
  3. TU. That’s what I thought. I already have a few FCC & don’t want any more.
  4. For a FCC I thought I needed to wait until RCL cancelled & that most likely will be after final payment. They are both NRD
  5. I’m not either. Most likely will make final payment on my B2B & wait a few months for a refund. Have non-refundable deposits on both & with my third-party insurance will have problems if I do a L&S.
  6. What are the chances of Oasis October cruises leaving out of Bayonne?
  7. Decided just to make final payment on 2 October cruises then once they cancel eventually will get back a cash refund & hopefully a FCC with maybe with a later date then 2/28/21.
  8. Can you move a FCC from one cruise to another?
  9. Sorry just telling someone what I experienced. Maybe your timing was different.
  10. We were on the Anthem in January & the DL was packed. The expansion into Music Hall was a total zoo. At times it was difficult trying to walk through the Music Hall to find a seat. That was a joke finding a seat. You had D’s, D+ & P.
  11. Unfortunately not much. RCL has slowly taken away D+ benefits.
  12. My October cruise from Bayonne looks like we’ll be sailing alone. Have never seen so many cabins available so close to final payment. Patiently waiting for it to be cancelled.
  13. I’ll find a new hobby, no mask on vacation. I wear to grocery store & that’s it.
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