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  1. I was pretty vocal on boards about my disappointment regarding this policy with NCL- enough so that we stuck them from the list. I did get a bevy of 'drink tap water' responses . I frankly question the water supply on a ship and drink bottled water in hotels etc. so my feeling is -offering a drink package, charging me an exorbitant gratuity for the privilege and then taking away bottled water is a rip-off. To add insult to injury I had the cruise booked and bottled water was included in DP. Then they dropped it which I felt I could live with because they allowed you to bring on bottled water cases as luggage (admittedly a huge hassle) Then they eliminated this option. They did 'allow' you to buy a case of water for something like 50 bucks plus adding their 18% grat. No thanks. I agree with you voting with your feet and commenting loudly on CC is the only way to combat our dissatisfaction with cruise line policies.
  2. Point taken... it seems to happen this way sometimes. I had started a post on drink package availability on another line and saw it turn into multiple reply's regarding types of wine offered and who drinks what at home. Appreciate your comment but at the end of the day I trust we all benefit from the civil exchange of info even when we veer of topic.
  3. We are saving so much money booking MSC YC we will soon be wealthy according to my wife.
  4. We had solid food on the Seaside YC this year also. We like X but also and for fun checked a Sky Suite for Jan. 2021 Carib cruise and it was 2x our booked YC on Meraviglia! I remain impressed with the YC value.
  5. Thank you for responding and the info. The drink package is important to us (not that we drink so much) but it adds to a relaxed feel for the vacation and fixes costs. This was a big reason we have gravitated towards the all inclusives and the MSC Yacht Club. HAL sends us mail on their select or private (whatever it is) sales but I know in the last year nothing included a drink package or I would have noticed. Maybe they need to direct their marketing more accurately.
  6. We are (were) pretty avid cruisers (2x a year for past 15 years) but have changed things up a bit the past few years. We have started doing some all inclusives as a good (in our minds) alternative to cruising and have written off a few lines due to issues (Princess and NCL). Our last cruise was on MSC Yacht Club which we have booked again because of what we fee is tremendous value. When we look at X an old favorite, the prices seem out of whack ( Apex one week AQ 6,000 plus???). Anyway where this is going is that we have enjoyed HAL greatly and we would like to book another cruise with them under the right terms. They used to have an Explore 4 package that we did a few times that included drinks. I don't check things as often as I used to but when I saw this offer more recently there was only something like a 25 or 50 dollar drink credit. Has HAL abandoned free drinks promotions or should I keep looking for these? Would love to try one of their newer ships. Thanks in advance for any info.
  7. Just trying to help you spend some of your money ! We will be on Meraviglia for first time also and are looking forward to it. Looks as if you got some great fares. Happy Cruising.
  8. Hello. We have something in common (seniors insisting on a drink package and many mainstream cruises in our past) . I am also very value driven. That said we have stopped cruising a bit because in general pricing has gotten somewhat out of hand in my opinion. We like X but saw a one week Carib 2021 cruise on their newer APEX in Aqua Class balcony with drinks etc. was over 6000. We have actually booked several all inclusives and are leaning towards these trips for many reasons but value is on top. I digress however-my point/suggestion is to look hard at MSC Yacht Club. I think the value proposition of this category is hard to beat. After a Seaside cruise in YC this year I don't think we will look back- I will keep looking at offerings from X and HAL (our previous faves) but the price value ratio just doesn't compare with YC. You can always do a YC inside which saves significant dollars. As we enter into retirement in a few years we are certainly going to enjoy are hard earned dollars while our health is good enough to travel freely and when we cruise in Carib YC ticks the value boxes (only caveat being on Europe 'port a day ' cruises the on board amenities mean much less and we would vote for cruises with best itineraries. JMHO and Happy Cruising
  9. We are resigned that we will get little or no 'extra' when we book MSC. It just becomes a consideration when you compare final cruise prices/value between different cruise lines. Maybe in a way it is better to not have extravagant 'extra's offered ie from other cruise boards....'we got 500 dollars in OBC and tips paid, etc.etc.' Makes you wonder about the other cruise line pricing policies and perks thrown out to travel agents. At this point what I know is that our one week YC balcony is about 3000 less than cheapest Haven suite (and even less than an X aqua class on their newer ships so am thinking this represents a solid value. Happy cruising.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yes, we were aware of this and looked to do this during our last cruise. We were unsure of our future travel plans and had difficulty 'hooking' up with the rep. I know it is supposed to be easy and they (she) would come into the YC lounge at certain times but we found ourselves waiting for other passengers who might take a 1/2- hour or more with the rep. This happened a few times and because we did not have specific booking in mind we finally gave up . Not knocking 200 OBC but if we don't have a cruise in mind probably won't do this. I know some lines let you change a cruise booked onboard and retain the credit, etc. for another booking.
  11. I worked diligently to transfer my YC booking after making it directly with MSC (I had no issues with MSC booking process and had a delightful person assist) but wanted some OBC, etc. as I was used to receiving when I book with the big box store in the NW (they don't handle MSC). I searched for reputable MSC agents and several told me that they would not bother offering anything after I had booked. Some of these agents had won awards from MSC! I was directed to an agent from a post on this board (a large well known cruise 'outlet') and the agent fooled around for a few months blaming MSC and I finally told him to forget the transfer. So sorry I am not imparting any real knowledge, just sharing that my efforts were fruitless and I have (I guess) given up trying to find an easy way to make a transfer. Personally on a YC booking if I could not net over 200 OBC or equivalent value I can't see chasing things down.
  12. Thanks everyone! It is hard to beat the CC members help in getting solid info. Pics and video are great. I did just change our cabin to a balcony to reduce any travel drama. I did notice (and I will certainly educate myself more in the coming days) 3 or 4 decks of YC cabins compared to what I thought were two on the Seaside. Trust there are not appreciably more YC passengers on the Meraviglia. Anyway, on positive note the YC (inside or balcony) has to be the best value at sea.
  13. Well thank you! That is a deal breaker for us. Could not find any pics just a layout which makes the bath look 'similar' in size. We may move forward and book a balcony to 'have' and see what develops. I know YC books up fast- a testament to its popularity.
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