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  1. Probably. it really did say it. The future cruise person was a tad dis-believing when I told her about it so I found the page in the book. Highlighted it and dropped it into the drop off box. 🤤
  2. Well that’s interesting. Thanks everyone. I’m a bit of a detail person so when I read something I want to know what it is. Maybe the enhancement is a ghost. LOL
  3. Oh that’s funny. We noticed that too. Every single time you’d turn on the travel channel it was a bout a ghost!
  4. Just off the Zuiderdam and the only thing I can complain about was the lack of TV programming. ( well, and maybe the fact that the sleep timer didn’t work on the remote)😉. Under the TV series it was all HAL programming on ports etc. No Half hour comedies or hour series to watch. In in the Cruise Brochures from the future Cruise desk it says under amenities for suites something to the effect of “enhanced TV programming” but when I asked the future Cruise person they said no, all the same programming. Anyone know now if you do get a more diverse choice in a suite?
  5. Favourite spot! Love this location of these cabins. No noise. Very quiet. And SO close to the coffee!
  6. Oh wow. Thanks for that. That takes away the “oh we will wait and decide on the boat option”
  7. We will be on the Zuiderdam and have the beverage pkg, but are not sure that the wines that are included in this are what we want. To upgrade to the Elite pkg is an option, but if its only for the wine, we are considering adding on the Cellar Master Package and have a few questions, that someone may have the answers to... - from what Cellar # are you picking your wine from? - does the price go up to buy this on board as opposed to prior If anyone has any thoughts, guidance or information, it will be appreciated.
  8. Thanks all. I know I was being nit picky but I hate surprises. I think you’re right Kazu old wording in the fine print. But I have asked my TA to get clarification.
  9. it is a tad bit confusing....cruise confirmation says $9.00 including 15% Service charge, which if I read that correctly it would mean that the price of the drink would have to be under $7.82. and their website says..... Our convenient, affordable Signature Beverage Package allows you to select from a variety of wine, beer, spirits, cocktails (including non-alcoholic), sodas, bottled water (sparkling 330ml or still 500ml) & coffee! Includes any beverage priced at $11.00 or lower (up to 15 beverages per day). Prices are per day at $44.95 if pre-booked online compared to $54.95 if purchased on board. A 15% service charge will be automatically applied to your purchase.
  10. No, never heard from them. The cheque arrived, no letter, no hello, no want to take another cruise....just a cheque.
  11. Well amazingly enough, our travel agent called today and we are apparently being refunded the $. They have still yet to ever reply to me other than our very first email in October when they said they would investigate. I purposefully did not post on any social media, until last Friday. I phoned them, emailed them and had our travel agent do the same with no results. Then coincidentally 3 days after posting on social media they have concluded their investigation and decided to refund us. I am happy for this but sad that as Shipswap said above, "that Avalon failed to achieve the ultimate goal of securing return customers over poor follow up in customer service." It really was a simple mistake, but in this age of seemingly unlimited choices, my choice will be to sail with others. Thanks all for listening and your sound advise.
  12. Love your reply. Where is common sense these days? I think it has deserted us. It was almost humorous with their reply that we MUST have taken the tour as there were no NO-SHOWS. When I replied that all that meant was that "someone" took the tour and that "someone" wasn't me, they said, and I quote verbatim " Kindly notice that if clients pay and then don't sow up, they're not entitled to a refund" Of course the obvious answer is that SOEMONE did show up, which proves at the very least, that there is a wee bit of confusion over this issue. The last that I heard from them was November 29th, when they said that they needed more time. And yes, as one poster suggested, this was a lesson and not a terribly expensive one in the scheme of things, but a lesson certainly to me, that I thought I would share.
  13. Yes, they do but not the excursions. We paid for all of our excursions in advance in Canadian $. The typical bill did come for laundry/drinks etc. This was totally separate, and we received no paperwork whatsoever. It wasn't until we were home and checked the visa and saw a charge on the 2nd day of the cruise and a charge on the last day. That is when we called Avalon and asked them what it was for. So the minute I saw it I called. They were the ones that said they needed time to investigate.
  14. Good point - but it wasn't part of our overall bill. We got that, for the bar etc., at the end of the cruise. This actually hit our visa the 2nd day of the cruise. So I am not sure if it would have been posted there. But....I will definitely check from now on!
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