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  1. I've been away from booking cruises for so long now, I though I would feel like a newbie again on this site... The very first thread I see: Beverage Package price increase. I guess things haven't changed all that much 😁, I feel right at home 😎. dp
  2. 12 night Baltic Cruise on Brilliance August 2019. It was our first 12 night cruise and we LOVED it. We had a March 28th 2020 western Caribbean booked but of course got cancelled. Nothing booked yet 😞. We really liked cruising the Baltic. Makes us look forward to more Northern Europe cruises. dp
  3. Not specifically today, but last weekend (Easter Weekend) was a busy weekend at the sugar shack. This year has been pretty poor around here for maple producers. Way too warm and some maple trees have started to bud. But we did get a pretty good run this weekend to keep us busy. Sap buckets were overflowing. This is Dexter sulking in his bed. He is pissed at me for not bringing him to collect sap. It is way too muddy at this time of year 😞 (Formatting is off) Click to see it full width. All weekend boiling for this Keeps my mind busy
  4. For those interested, I combined all the songs proposed in the email into one spotify playlist. While making the Ranger cookies recipe i suppose 😉 https://open.spotify.com/playlist/19SAdxpXAwxUPzEbDoffET?si=OI66aYvFQpO6rDiLGejKEQ dp
  5. I know we are not talking the same amounts, but NCL lost my $210 prepaid gratuities. I purchased the cruise through a travel agency. Late Feb, I purchased 2 soda packages and prepaid the grats on MY NCL. March 9th I cancelled all 3 and was told they would refund my CC. March 18th, my CC was refunded for both soda packages, but not the $210 for grats. Today I called and was told by 2 different agents that NCL decided to issue refund of my $210 to my TA instead of my CC. So I called my TA, and as I suspected, they have never heard of such a thing. My TA assured me that any purchases made dire
  6. I did cancel our pre-paid amenities and was told it was going back to my CC, the agent even gave me the last 4 numbers of my CC to confirm what card it was being credited to. I did get an email immediately but I had not opened the email when still on the phone. When I did, it was a blank .pdf with only a bunch of gibberish at the very bottom of the page. Since this was only 2 days ago I don't see the refund yet on my CC Statement, however those amenities no longer show up in my cruise summary. dp
  7. My wife and I are scheduled for a 7 day Western Caribbean departing Miami on March 28. Sadly, we are probably going to end up cancelling. Just waiting a bit in case something changes for the better (I doubt it). We are both not at all worried for health reasons, but our kids would be staying home by themselves for the week for the first time, and we are OK with that, but if for some reason the ship were to be held up (quarantined) or we are held up, I would not want our kids home by themselves for maybe up to 3 or 4 weeks. I work in a hospital, my wife in the school d
  8. Plus, they always serve Corona with Lyme 😉 We are booked on Escape for Western Caribbean on March 28th. Monitoring situation but still have no plans to change anything. dp
  9. Thank you for your write-up. Well done. We are boarding on March 28th for a Western Caribbean 7day. Looking forward to our first NCL cruise. Done several RCL and one Disney in the past. Cheers dp
  10. Thanks for your review and observations. I'm from eastern Canada. I've just booked my first Norwegian cruise. Have done 1 Disney and 3 RCL cruises before. I see from reading up on the Norwegian threads that many of the perks are somehow included, but I don't think the Bev package is included in the cruise we purchased. Is the Bev package pricing for NCL in the same ball park as RCL for those who did both? Thanks dp
  11. Hey Andrew... You gonna go see the Ford VS Ferrari movie? 😉 Pretty safe bet that you are I'm thinkin. dp
  12. I clearly remember that my high school guidance counselor never mentioned that being a Craft Beer masterbrewer was a possible career choice 😞 I'm sure brewing beer on a cruise ship must be a great job. dp
  13. I do believe there is extra work and liability issues for TAs when clients participate in Royal up. Many times the royal up is awarded in the last week, even just days before the cruise. The client may have already left their home. Luggage tags have to be reprinted, (Because clients insist on them) New SetSail print outs for check-in. In our case, we had communications from purchased activities that did not make it to our room, we assume it is because we had a last minute room change from our successful RoyalUp. Some clients would take this opportunity to complain to their TA
  14. 3 weeks ago on Brilliance Baltic cruise sailing out of Amsterdam, the Ship announcements were in English, and Spanish. Sometimes also in Italian, depending if the announcements were entertainment related or more official ship business related. But the Morning show on TV and other announcements, the CD Andrea did them in English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German and probably a few more I'm forgetting. I also agree it would have been nice to hear the messages from the bridge in the cabin instead of having to open the cabin door. dp
  15. No problem whatsoever. Let me know if there is anything else. I just wish we would have had more time in Stockholm. I'm sure a leisurely drive in the Swedish countryside would have been amazing. dp
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