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  1. I really have to agree with the suggestion that if you like the onboard tribute band, make sure to see them in both locations. The vibe IS in fact very different in the Music Hall, and 270. When we were on Anthem, the Aerosmith tribute was performing. They were great. After reviewing some of the videos I took, the lead singer was some times a bit off key, but nothing major. I just want to point out that the bass player was probably the most impressive. I know bass players don't get enough love from the fans, so just giving credit where credit is due. I'm sure that none of the tribute bands are crappy. It really all depends how much you like the original band. Have a great cruise. dp
  2. If you need to safely charge multiple devices: From Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Charger-PowerPort-iPhone-Galaxy/dp/B00P936188/ref=sr_1_4?crid=TGFE1CGP3TJ2&keywords=usb+charger+multi+port&qid=1556199574&s=gateway&sprefix=USB+Charger%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-4 The reason I suggest the Top image charger instead of the following white one, is that in some locations, the plug is recessed or too close to a desk and prevent the charger to plug in. I know it is more compact and easy to carry but does not always fit.
  3. You are probably right. I've only done Disney and Royal. Might have seen that a while back when just peeking over the fence 😉 dp
  4. I think the Select package had beer and wine but no liquor. But I seem to remember for a short time there was a Grain package (Just beer) and a Grape Package (Just Wine). Not sure... kinda foggy dp
  5. And... If the guys do get a little "Too Happy" with their bev packages... you can literally make them bunk together, then others can get a good nights sleep 🍻. I'm not in any way criticizing here as I always get "The" package myself 😁 dp
  6. Alsop Bumper Cars is a good time as soon as you board. It will have the shortest lines of the whole cruise.
  7. Solarium Bistro or Café Two70 Gets my vote 😉 dp
  8. If I remember correctly, I found the fridge on Anthem wasn't quite cold enough so I'm pretty sure I was able to slightly pull the fridge out and reach behind and was able to reach the temp control and "Adjusted" it more to my liking. Either top right or bottom right if I recall, but this was back in March 2017, so it is getting foggy 😉 And we thought the bed was quite comfortable. Not Disney Dream comfortable, but, then again, nothing ever has been after that cruise. dp
  9. On our upcoming Baltic cruise on Brilliance I chose 8025. It is an interior (Our first) because a balcony room was SUBSTANTIALLY more expensive. But The location is just forward of the forward stairs. We like this spot because of what you said, stairs are less congested, and we are just in between floors of our favorite spots. This is also our first 12 night cruise and an interior one at that, so we'll see how that turns out. But I suspect that on Brilliance, with so many great views from so many public spaces, it will just push us to spend even more time out of our room. dp
  10. APDMOM, thank you for your great review. I'm sorry I'm a bit tardy to thank you, but the maple trees have finally started to run and have been busy all weekend getting the sugar shack up & running. Pictures are great (I'm a medical Photographer, I'm not much of an artist but I know my way around a camera.) An you have a great eye for bringing life to your pictures. Your writing is just as great and I've enjoyed every post. Thank you as well for taking time out of your vacation to answer all those questions. Our next cruise being on Brilliance made this review all the more appreciated. If we ever cruise together, you can expect a drink of your choice on me. Looking forward to your next one. Cheers Dennis
  11. Nice picture. We already have our Vasa museum booked 😉 For SPB, we are following following in the roll call and probably will join in on Relaxed 2 day tour with Best Guides. After reviewing most of the offerings, this one seems to apeal to us the most. I already have a Google Docs page fore every port and taking notes and adding stuff to them as we go. Thanm for the info dp
  12. That smoked fish looks awesome. We a scheduled to leave Helsinki relatively early, around 2:30pm I believe. They might do the same again, but that is the day we booked our Chef's Table, do I'll have to be sure not to over indulge. Or perhaps Chef's table will be 5 courses of 5 different smoked fish 😱 dp
  13. I'm sorry, but for me, you perfectly demonstrated what "What Small Minded" means to me. Someone who thinks of themselves only. As long as they are comfortable "Who cares" what happens to others. Being on vacation is not an excuse to not be considerate and compassionate. I do care when I see the selfish actions of some inconsiderate people affect the well being of others. Sorry I guess I'm just small minded like that. Perhaps that is not what you intended to say in your post but that is how I read it. dp
  14. I am usually an early riser and not really into the late night life anyway. If I can get an after diner drink, sit and relax while listening to a good jazz band, then call it a night. Probably try to catch a show before diner if I can. We do have late seating diner for this cruise, so I hope I have time to digest a bit before going to bed. dp
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