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  1. Sorry but I'm on Brilliance now as I write this and after about day 3 or 4, the 3 of 4 bars I frequent the most dont even swipe my card or my wife's anymore. I offer them our cards and they just wave it away. I'm just mentioning this beacause apparently they do not have to scan cards, and if they know you, it looks like it is easier and more efficient to enter it themselves rather than scan your cards. But the first few days, I just gave them our 2 cards and we never seen a slip to sign yet except at vintages when we order wine that is above the package allowance. dp
  2. AFAIK this would effectively turn it into an auction and the information and analytics collected by rci would not be as useful to them. dp
  3. I have not read about anyone with a booked Interior being offered a chance to bid on a Star Class Suite. Not saying it's impossible, I just have not seen it. I had an Interior and my Royal UP possibilities were Ocean View, Ocean View Balcony, and Spacious Ocean View Balcony. I think there are too many levels to jump to be offered a bidding chance on a star class suit from an Interior. dp
  4. This gives RCI options if any of those suites cancel at last minute. there will be extra revenue for them instead of a loss with an empty room. If no one cancels, then everyone gets a decline email, but if there is a cancellation, then there are several revenu streams created from 4 or 5 levels of rooms being upgraded from one suite cancellation. I won my bid from an interior room to a balcony, I assume the previous occupants of our balcony won a bid for a JS, and the previous occupants of that JS won a bid for a GS and so on, and so on... dp
  5. Well, in all fairness, I just look at the ppd of the package as it already reflects the discount. If it is lower than when I previously bought it, then when all is added in the checkout page, it should be lower than what I paid before. If so, I cancel and repurchase. I save the receipt in my google drive and ad the price I paid right in the filename. Makes it easier to reference next time there is a so-called sale. I did that 4 times for our upcoming cruise. dp
  6. $786? Is that for 2 people with grats in? Because I'm quite certain that the OP was quoting price for 2 people. My 12 night next week cost us $1536 CAD, including service charge for 2 people. dp
  7. Wrinkles are usually only a problem for me the first few nights. After that, my clothes get so tight, the wrinkles stretch right out. 😁 dp
  8. This week... 508 😏 in 2 weeks... 381 Maybe I should get a MORE demanding job 😉 dp
  9. We are both rooting for you guys 🤞🤞🤞 GOOD LUCK! Oh and BTW Nice puzzle on your other post... Looks like your itinerary but did not want to post the answer and ruin it for others... you know... NO SPOILERS 😉 dp
  10. Well John... I was wrong and you were right. My odds were apparently better than I had calculated. This afternoon I had just finished putting the luggage tags that I had printed a few weeks ago into our plastic sleeves as we were packing for our 12 day Baltic cruise departing next Sunday (one week from now), but we are flying out to Amsterdam on Thursday. I just happened to come downstairs to check my tablet for something and an RCI email had just come in announcing the good news. We had succeed with our upgrade bid from a deck 8 interior room to a deck 7 balcony. Here are the details for those interested. Booked an interior room for a 12 night Baltic on Brilliance on first day itinerary was available (607 days out). At the time, Basic Balcony rooms were just over $2000 CAD more than an interior. This was our first time booking an interior but we wanted to get the most out of our cruise with excursions and all so we decided to try an interior. I figured maybe I'll get lucky and be able to upgrade during a sale or something. As time went by, I kept checking and prices kept creeping higher and higher. About a year out, interior rooms were sold out and balconies were over $3000 CAD more so my hopes of a balcony were quashed. 85 days out, after final payment, I got the email with invite to Royal UP. They offered me a chance to bit on 2 rooms. An Ocean view, Ocean View Balcony and Spacious Ocean View Balcony. I waited a few days and about 83 or 82 days out, I placed a bid only on Balcony and spacious Balcony. I did not bid on Ocean view. So we got a regular Balcony, close the hump at the aft end of Brilliance but a slightly obstructed view I suppose is better than a 100% obstructed of the room we had booked. Both bids were just a few notches above the weakest bid. Total cost for upgrade was $800 CAD (About $605 USD). This cruise is for our 25th anniversary but we got the news today... the actual date of out anniversary. Extra reason to celebrate 🥂 . So John, if we get a chance to meet up one day, I owe you a drink. Cheers dp
  11. Well, I agree your thinking is just as valid as mine, so I do wish you best of luck, and may a whole bunch of other suite cruisers be too cheap to bid so that you get yours 😉 🤞 dp
  12. Have a look towards the end of this tread dp
  13. Well, just for the sake of argument, I think some people, such as myself, are thinking of the odds. If for example, Oasis was sold out for a particular cruise, and I had and inside cabin and bid on a regular balcony, there are almost 700 other inside rooms that might be able to bid on a balcony, and any cancellation from balcony & up can trigger a domino and liberate a balcony for 1 successful bid. But many of those inside cruisers may be first timers and might not even bid so a greater chance to get a successful bid. But, from JS on up, the numbers reduce greatly and the number of percentage of bidders increases, and the prospect of a successful bid probably decreases substantially. If 1500+ balcony cruisers have access to bid on the entry level suites, there aren't that many suites that can be cancelled and can be fill by any one of those bidders from all those balconies. I'm not sure of the exact number of type of rooms, but I think I'm in the ball park, and close enough to guess a trend in the odds. I'm sure most do not think that there is no chance at all, but rather very slim chance. Not sure if that came out as clear as it is in my head English is not my first language so... even if it was...as I'm not much of a writer anyway. Just take my word for it, this all really clear in my own head 😁 dp
  14. When the OP stated that they made a "Mock" booking I was assuming they had not yet paid a deposit. But just trying out where they could select a refundable option. dp
  15. AFIK, suites are NRD only. For other stateroom bookings, Refundable is only accessible after you have entered all passenger info. dp
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