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  1. Please post a review about your experience afterwards. thanks,
  2. I give greengos a second. Easy walk from the pier. Great margaritas. Stop at the rooftop bar across the street at Hotel Milano for a mojito and a view of the harbor before watching the game. The Brickhaus may be an option as a well.
  3. Better Margs at Greengos
  4. Done this flight time many times without problems. Must do self disembarkation. Usually, we are at the airport before 8am
  5. Easily. Just make sure you do the self-disembarkation and walk off the ship at the earliest opportunity. I usually shoot for a flight at 1030am. Usually we are at the airport no later than 8am when doing this. Minimal traffic that early and plenty of taxis. Make sure you send your bags through the ag inspection machine as soon as you enter the airport. I am always mentally prepared to spend an extra day if there would be some rare problem with the ship returning on time or not clearing customs for some reason.
  6. I have eaten wings a couple of times at the Brickhaus in OSJ after midnight.
  7. We usually stop at Lupis for some chips/salsa/guacemole and sit out on the sidewalk. I'm not certain if it survived the hurricaine or not. We also like to hit Greengos for some Mexican food and great Margaritas. Go across the street to Punto de Vista on top of Hotel Milano for some Puerto Rican food and great Mojitos plus a nice view of the port area. It's a great afternoon spot in the sun.
  8. I have done numerous cruises out of san juan and have always had a passport. Most cruises stop at other countries before returning to the US. We always go through immigration getting off the ship. Technically, you may not need one but if by chance you need to take an emergency flight home from one of the islands, you will need one. Better safe than sorry.
  9. I was there last February. Awesome place. La Factoria will probably be pretty quiet in the early evening. We like to hit Greengos for Margaritas. We like the Douglas Pub for total dive bar. Have fun
  10. I've stayed at the Milano. Comfortable bed and hot water. It's quite worn but I'd rather spend my money on other things rather than expensive hotel rooms I just sleep in. It was safe. Check out the Casablanca as well.
  11. We have stayed at the Sheraton OSJ numerous times. Great location. We have also stayed at Hotel Milano which is much cheaper than the Sheraton but not as nice. We shoot for a flight home about 10 to 1030. It is earlier than the cruise line recommends but we also do the self disembarkation and are always at the airport plenty early. Plus the crowds are much less and shorter security line first thing in the morning.
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