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  1. I agree completely with AtlantaCruiser72 ... I just reviewed the detailed aerial view of Marghera ... No facilities to support Eurodam are visible in the port area.
  2. To jwattle ... that is a lovely picture of Ovation of the Seas.
  3. She is back at Pier 91 at the east berth with MS Nieuw Amsterdam at the west berth.
  4. Yellow status means the ship has met the threshold for CDC investigation because the ship has met one of the following criteria: at or above the investigation threshold for crew COVID-19 cases, at or above the investigation threshold for passenger COVID-19 cases; or state or local health department notified CDC of passenger COVID-19 cases occurring within 5 days of disembarkation.
  5. She may be on a frolic ... but she is also CDC CSO "YELLOW" ...
  6. Ooops. MS Majestic Princess just went "YELLOW". Come on Jan.
  7. Just in my humble opinion, IMHO, I don't personally like the idea of ships sailing in a "YELLOW" status. Either the ships are "clean", or they are not. If the new "normal" is that ships are "sort of clean", I am having second thoughts about all of this. I do see a number of ships sailing in "YELLOW" status, including Serenade of the Seas. It looks like Majestic Princess is in "ORANGE" status, not quite so bad. I have to ask myself, why should I sail aboard a ship that isn't "GREEN"? Can you imagine about to depart the gate for a flight aboard an aircraft that was "sort of safe"? A ship or an a
  8. So, we can expect the status of the ship to be updated several times a week as needed. So, if the ship is "GREEN" by Saturday, we should be able to see it as so.
  9. As I have said earlier, if I were Gus Antorcha, I would do whatever is necessary to get the status for the ship to go "GREEN" by Saturday. If not, I would not sail the ship until it is.
  10. If I were Gus Antorcha, I don't think that I would sail a "YELLOW" ship, unless I knew with absolute 100% certainty, that it could not or would not go "RED". The PR media response to a "RED" ship is beyond my comprehension. Also, I can not imagine Mickey Arison's response to a "RED" ship in his active fleet. No, I would only sail a "GREEN" ship. We shall see.
  11. I assume that MS Nieuw Amsterdam can sail in a "YELLOW" CDC CSO CSC status. But, of course, if the CDC investigation resulted in a change to "RED" status later on, then voyages would be canceled until such time as she is returned to "GREEN" status. What would be VERY bad for all concerned, is if she sailed on Saturday as "YELLOW", became "RED" on, say, Monday, and had to terminate the voyage and return to Seattle. What then would the Port of Seattle, the city of Seattle, King County, and the state of Washington do with a "RED" ship. Here we go again!
  12. As someone sailing on July 31, I have suddenly become VERY interested in this CDC investigation of MS Nieuw Amsterdam. As usual, I am sure that HAL will tell us nothing.
  13. More CDC info ... What happens if there are cases of COVID-19 reported on board a restricted passenger voyage? CDC will investigate cruise ships that reach the investigation threshold for COVID-19 cases among crew or passengers. As part of the investigation, CDC will obtain additional information from the cruise ship, such as case exposure histories, details about close contacts, traveler vaccination rates, and medical capacities. CDC will work closely with the cruise line and consider multiple factors before assigning a “Red” status to the ship.
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