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  1. New to NCL … when do online dining res open for booking … how far in advance of sailing? Are the MDR choices included as well, or just specialty? Thanks for the info.
  2. We also were aboard from 7/6 to 7/13 Boston to Montreal. We thought that the ship was in good condition and that the staff were excellent. Capt. Chris Norman is very professional as well.
  3. Yes … OBC went from $25 to $125 per person.
  4. OK … new pricing is in for revised Nov 6 itinerary … very fair at market rate … we are happy and will stay booked. Hope everyone else is satisfied. Should make interesting dinner conversation in the MDR.
  5. I may have slightly misstated the price for the Lanai S/R on the Nov 13 Veendam sailing … it just showed as $879 on the HAL website … much lower than the $1699 still showing on our account for a Lanai S/R on the Nov 6 sailing. I would expect then, that the Jun 21 pricing for the Nov 6 sailing should decrease accordingly. Or, will HAL add the additional OBC of $100 and offer $979 to offset the supposed compensation for the itinerary change. This will be interesting to watch as it unfolds.
  6. I misstated the ex Cuba Veendam voyages earlier …. Oct 23 is the 1st, Oct 30 is the 2nd and Nov 6 is the 3rd. Since our booking is the 3rd voyage … Jun 15 (today) does not seem unreasonable for repricing as originally promised. Jun 21 is an unreasonable delay, given HAL's 146 years of experience in the passenger services business.
  7. A few details … we have a Lanai S/R at $1699 … premium price for the Nov 6 Cuba itinerary. The same S/R is $849 for the Nov 13 EC itinerary. HAL knows that the Market price for a EC/WC itinerary in Nov is $849 for a Lanai. So, … we are being "gamed" to see how long we wait at the double Market price for 7d on Veendam in Nov. I don't like being "gamed". (PS Oct 23 is the 1st Cuba sailing … Nov 6 is the 2nd. Not too much work for a repricing by Jun 15.)
  8. We are not happy with HAL … just received an email that says no new pricing until June 21. So, …. we know the revised itinerary, but not the new pricing. This is a change from the promise of both by June 15. My patience is wearing thin. Orlando is going to risk making the loyal customers unhappy. Not good!
  9. Yes … I see the new itinerary for the Nov 6 sailing … Key West replaces Havana and Half Moon Key replaces Cienfuegos. Not bad, but not worth a premium price. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
  10. Good advice backed up by an interesting experience. We are continuing to wait for HAL but have Island Princess (10d) or Caribbean Princess (14d) also sailing PEV on Nov 6 as possible replacements. So, 3 options that use existing DL to FLL on Nov 5 ... would have to "eat" DL from FLL on Nov 13 … then purchase new EZAIR DL from FLL for either Nov 16 or 20. Does anyone think that, under these unique circumstances, Stein Kruse (Group CEO) might "help"?
  11. Good points … I understand HAL's reasoning. However, it does put the guest in an uncomfortable situation. Perhaps Orlando is trying to share the "pain" with the loyal customers on this one.
  12. Thank you for an excellent answer to my post … I guess Orlando has had an interesting week. My main annoyance with HAL right now is that they have already decided not to help with direct booked non refundable airfare to/from FLL in any way.
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