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  1. I received this today in my email. Any body else asked to do the survey? Allstate Rewards: Member Survey Your Opinion Matters! Dear Jeff, Thank you for being a loyal Allstate Rewards member. As a valued member, you've been selected to take our special member survey because your opinion matters to us. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing ou
  2. We received the insurance checks in the mail yesterday. All in all Carnival Insurance was very painless. They paid exactly what they were supposed to without any problems.
  3. Well I received an email from the insurance company today and they are sending the balance of the cruise less the cost of the insurance. They included the JetBlue airfare as well. I was a little surprised they paid the airfare as well. It has been 13 days from the start of the process until the email. The hardest part was getting the Doctor to fill out the one page diagnosis. The Doctor didn’t fill it out completely, she left out the treatment code and something else. I figured the insurance company would send the form back to me and have the Doc fill it out completely. My hat goes off
  4. Thanks Jenni I’ll do that. Thanks for the prayers. She has good days and the not so good days.
  5. What is reasonable? I have a $542 Carnival gift card we got from someone in our party canceling because of stroke. I am taking it with us so I can cash it out for them, they won’t be cruising in the future.
  6. We cancelled our cruise and American Express debited our card the $100.
  7. We took the Insurance that Carnival offered. We probably could of saved a few bucks using a third party insurance and probably gotten better coverage, but using Carnival Insurance was quick and easy.
  8. The best place to be during an earthquake is on a ship. They probably didn’t feel a thing.
  9. You gave really good advice about documenting who you spoke with including date and time. We never received a policy from Carnival that I’m aware of so I called the PVP and she gave me the phone number of the insurance company to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks! My MIL is now in rehab, but her condition is not improving and maybe getting a little worse.
  11. I received the Carnival Gift card refund via FedEx this morning only 6 days after canceling the cruise. PVP said it might take up to a month.
  12. This is my goal to make it just a little easier for anyone going through this process.
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