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  1. Thank you for the great photos and happy belated birthday.
  2. it faces the bedroom, bedroom is off balcony with a door to balcony, deck 11 is the opposite bathroom faces the balcony no access to balcony from bedroom/bedroom. this is for 12306 and 12906, 12304 looks like a balcony cabin on the port (left) side of boat
  3. 9318 and 9918 the largest 12306 and 12906 next largest we had 12906 and were very happy with this cabin.
  4. CVA34

    EZAir & 737s

    Does anyone still manufacture 707s? Or fly them? John Travolta flies one.
  5. Hi all, we are a party of 14, I went through First Choice Minibus Service Ltd. Have a 16 pax minibus for £369 for all of us LHR to Southampton. Its the first time out of the Western Hemisphere for 10 of them. Thought it best to keep all the ducks in a row.
  6. Without a doubt. The larger ships (Breakaway, Getaway and Bliss) all Feb. Caribbean cruises have the Haven Restaurant with inside and outside seating, and of course the courtyard with a lot of seating. We were on the Escape this Feb. there were numerous scooters and walkers, so I wouldn't worry about those concerns.....Have a wonderful cruise.
  7. Probably by the next day, unless you want to take a chance on the " Polar Bear Plunge"
  8. My FAA time was 1974-2010 with a 16 yr break from 1981-1997. NAVY 1966-1970. Great careers. Thanks for your service. We are planning a cruise next Feb partial canal 12 days.
  9. Roger, did you work in RADAR? I grew up in the area too, my step father worked for AAL in the 60's. Had a cousin who worked in Arkansas that came to LA and took us kids to the LAX TWR looked like this.... .... https://waterandpower.org/museum/Aviation_in_Early_LA_(Page_3).html..the photo is down the page quite a ways
  10. How crowded does the lounge get during the sail away and through out the cruise, can all aboard use it, and finally, how noisy is it at night?
  11. Thank you, now the choice for me, bigger bathroom or bigger balcony. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  12. Thank you for the responses, now would there be any difference in the size of the bathroom shower?
  13. Anyone know the h6 suite configurations on the bliss. Thank you
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