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  1. Any recommendations for a family of 14?
  2. CVA34

    choice of car services

    We are staying one night at the Embassy Suites and have elected to take a car to the MCT. Seems like the easiest way to go for us old folks.
  3. CVA34

    choice of car services

    Do they transport to the Manhattan terminal?
  4. CVA34

    choice of car services

    What transportation service does the Embassy Suites provide?
  5. CVA34

    Southampton Transportation

    Any recommendation for a family of 14, can be split in half LHR to Southampton and return? Looking for 1 or 2 vans.
  6. CVA34

    Priority boarding in New York?

    Is there a separate security area entry for Platinum, Platinum Plus and Ambassador prior to checking in for boarding number?
  7. Might try your email that NCL has for you when you first placed your bid, they usually send a conformation letter for your bid. There is a link to modify or cancel your bid
  8. CVA34

    Bliss Haven 2 bedroom suite

    You can also check on youtube "NCL Bliss haven H4" this link shows video of 18102: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YabI7JiYOR4
  9. The Oriskany was in Port Arthur prior to the sinking. Thank you for your service.
  10. Yes it is, but, actually its CVA 34, westpac 1968-1970. Now its a fish habitat off Pensacola, FL in 200 feet of water. The A was added after the Korean war, the removed sometime after 1974
  11. 70SS350, orange camaro?
  12. Are flights available from MIA to your destination? Maybe a better choice?
  13. Nice review! HowEVER, give us more photos, inquiring folks want to see them. Looking forward to your next cruise review. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  14. CVA34

    Manhattan Cruise Terminal to LGA

    Thank you navybankerteache, disembarking sunday 9am and flight at 1pm out of EWR, hoping 4hrs is enough
  15. CVA34

    Manhattan Cruise Terminal to LGA

    Would the same be for EWR this Feb?