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  1. RJB


    We have been booking with the same T/A for many years and she always in on top of things for us. There is a lot of good T/A 's out there. Keep trying and you will come up with a good one pretty soon. Much better than booking directing with the cruise line.
  2. Garage right across the street from pier that O usually docks at.
  3. Great idea. We are all for it. FDR is just trying to keep all of us as safe as possible. Both passengers and crew.
  4. O must be spending all their time trying to "screw" that guy. How do they find time to do anything else. Lets take a breadth and get on to some important stuff.
  5. Good news for all of us. Will let us cruise and to stay as safe as possible. Nothing is 100% but the vaccine gives all of us the best chance.
  6. RJB


    That is the way it always works. When our butler is off which is not often a second butler will answer his phone and take care of whatever we need. Good system.
  7. Sure hope that O dos not change their mind and will still require vaccinations from everyone to cruise on their ships. Keep us safe.
  8. If my memory is correct when we were there about 10 or 12 years ago they told us no pictures down in the subway in SPB. Am I wrong?
  9. We have used Alla twice and it was great both times. Also have heard that SPB was very good. A private tour is the way to go to get the most out of your visit to SPB
  10. Hi, Right now we have a Regent booked in Dec. and an O T/A booked next year. Still looking.
  11. Can't wait to see the new ship and book a cruise. Might even be the same one as you, and you and Susan can play cards and I can just roam the ship which I love to do. Also would play paddle ball if they put the court in the right place.
  12. What do you mean by saying the second bath is a 2pc. rather than a 3pc. We are looking at an Oceania suite at the rear for a T/A and do not understand the difference. Thanks in advance.
  13. yes I think we all miss their posts. Gave us a lot of good information. Rest in peace.
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