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  1. Seen and heard it all... Just like Farmers.
  2. Hope you have a great time. Please post when you return and tell us about it. Worth it or not?
  3. Been there in Oct. Port Antonio Did not love it but it was hooked up with 4 days in Cuba which was great. Also a day in Nassau which was O.K. Let's see what they do next year.
  4. With other cruise lines it is one or two of many other good stops, Not Mexico, the murder capital of the world or DR where many people get sick from the food or drink or San Juan where there were demonstrations in the streets. Just a very bad choice of ports for them. Hope they get better next year as we really want to try the ship.
  5. Sure don. Don't need them to go to Bimini. A quick boat ride or a plane ride will get us there if we want to go. I guess only time will tell. For us hope they put on some better ports.
  6. Most likely an error. Be too hard to transfer luggage off and in with a tender.
  7. If they don't get more creative with the ports than they may be out of business pretty soon. Would be too bad.
  8. The ports suck. No place that we would want to go. Too bad as we were looking forward to sailing with Virgin. Hope next year will have better offerings.
  9. We love to do a crossing in a OC since we will spend a lot of time on the ship. On a port intensive trip a PH is enough for us. The price difference is not worth it for us since we are off the ship most days. But an OC is great so you should go for it if you can.
  10. We use miles to get BC from Miami to just about anywhere so O Life works for us. Everyone's travel is different. What works for us may not be good for you. Apples vs oranges.
  11. Agree. Never fly in the same day. Use miles and arrive a few days early.
  12. If you scratch too hard you may bleed. May say included, but you pay for it in the O Life up charge. No free lunch here. Thought you of all people would know that. I learn something new each day so no big deal.
  13. Warnings out for Halifax as well as Sydney and Corner Brook. I would leave early too. Can't control the weather
  14. Been discussed on this board forever and O still does nothing. Not right but they do not seem to care and we keep sailing with them. Guess not a big enough deal to change.
  15. Wonderful city. We loved it when we were there a few years ago. Hope they all get thru this O.K. We got lucky in So. Florida and hope they do as well.
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