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  1. Too bad. Both used to be very nice city's. Not now. Never get me there again until they make it right. If they ever can. Both may be too far gone.
  2. It is their problem. Plenty of other places to go. Will not miss it at all.
  3. Sounds like you are on the right track. Will be a long time until enough of us are vaccinated to make a big dent in the virus.
  4. It is the younger ones that get to do it now. Most of us are too tired to do it again. It is O.K. I know they will get it right.
  5. You have something against old people? They are who made this country great.
  6. Yes, a good time frame to shoot for.
  7. Am I missing something here? You should call him Mr. Proper thing to do.
  8. Not saying anything bad about Key West but after an hour or so in Truman's winter white house just shopping. Hemingway's house in Cuba much better if we ever get the chance to see it again.
  9. Key West can never be a home port so this answer makes no sense at all. Key West is just another shopping street. Like it a lot but if we miss it no big deal. Better to stay a few days.
  10. Stay where you are. We need every ones opinions even if we do not agree all the time. That is what makes this country great. We do not always have to be alike.
  11. Vaccine the only answer long term. We are told to take a flu shot every year to keep protected so what would be different about this?
  12. Best way to stay safe and healthy. Try to do the same in Florida.
  13. Big setback for future cruises. Only 53 passengers on this cruise. What happens when there are thousands? Must have vaccine the everyone must take. ONLY WAY
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