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  1. Took us about 3 weeks or so until we got our money back. Not too bad for this time.
  2. Need to go somewhere. Quite a few still docked in Miami. Lets see where they go next as it does not seem cruses will start till at least the end of the year.
  3. So right you are. All of us must work together to solve this.
  4. To fly for 20 hours to FP is not the way to go for us. Could be sick even before we get on the ship. We will pass on all flights until thee is a vaccine or a cure. Might be willing to stay in the Carib. where we could drive to the ship.
  5. + 1 from a former first responder.
  6. Just what Mr. FDR did a number of years ago to start Oceania. Be intresting.
  7. Seems to me that wearing a mask makes everyone a little safer.
  8. I was very happy to go anywhere in my Jaguar even commute. Great ride for a road trip that even might go to Connecticut. I do get your replies even thou I do not always agree with them. Still, stay safe and some day we may meet on a cruise and have a great chat.
  9. I know exactly what I am missing but I do not miss it at all. Different strokes. You enjoy.
  10. Sounds like you are really getting the shaft from Oceania. I think everyone should take their cash back and not rely on Oceania to do the right thing with FCC.
  11. Been there done that and I agree 100% with this post. OC is the way to go.
  12. Seems to be no choice for us. When they get a vaccine we will re look at going. Hope pretty soon.
  13. Too bad. They should get a little free time ashore after all the months they have been cooped up on the ship.
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