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  1. I was looking at this for my family. My daughter is 11. do you think it is interesting enough for her to enjoy it?
  2. I would just do a beach day in barbados. There are a lot of great beach clubs that are kid friendly. St Lucia - i don't have a recommendation there but i would check the port boards. They should have some good options.
  3. yes, I did it 2 years ago. We had the greatest time. They will customize to whatever you want.. example: we had my 10 yr old and we didn't want to go to a tequila factory so we went to the chocolate factory instead.
  4. I'm looking for all of them if possible. you would think they are easy to find but apparently not. My friends want to do unlimited specialty but I need to make sure they will have adequate items for her to select from. She doesn't eat fried food which is common on the kids menu.
  5. She is 11. I'm looking to see the kid's smaller portion menus and which restaurants offer it. I did a lot of searching online and I cannot find much on the menus.
  6. I'm looking to get information on what is on the kid's specialty dining menus. I know there is an up charge which I have no problem with..my struggle is finding what is on these menus to determine if my daughter would actually eat the food. Anyone help? We are harmony of the seas.
  7. They aren't going to carry that.. maybe they can expand to frozen drinks
  8. I took my daughter there when she was 9. It is definitely like lake swimming but she did have a good time. We played jenga, she went in the kayak and she loved the 2 resident dogs. honestly, i wouldn't take her back there. I would agree with others look at Native choice-everyone I have spoken to have said they had a good time.
  9. When did Maya Chan get a pool? I wasn't aware of that.
  10. You can drop your bags after 11:30. You can get on and get off immediately... rooms aren’t ready until 1ish.
  11. Unfortunately no. The middle of deck has a stage instead.
  12. You can see a lot of devastation outside the tourism areas. Most islands said they were recovering and were optimistic about things to continue to improve. The rainforest area of PR was were you saw the most devastation.
  13. There were no mailboxes at the rooms. They just placed that above your room tag number. Another shocker for me on this boat was the doors are not metal! All our magnetic door decor didn't work 😞 As far as passengers, it was very disappointing but that isn't Carnival's fault. I'm guessing it was just bad timing. We did our best to ignore it and enjoy ourselves. The hardest part was explaining the behavior when I enforce kindness and respect with my daughter. She kept asking why people would act that way.
  14. Elegant nights were the sea day and the port of St Lucia. Ports: St Thomas - we rented a car from Paradise rentals (100 for a Jeep). We started by going to Paradise Point then we went to Drakes Seat. From there we took a scenic route to Sapphire beach. Sapphire beach was almost empty. We spent about 2 hours there in a cabana for FREE. Then we had lunch near the port that brings you to St Johns. On the way back we drove to 99 steps (not worth going to IMO) and Bluebeards. Barbados: Went to Copacabana. Got there early (10am) and got front row
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